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  1. correct. you must be new here.
  2. Your a kid and dont get it. youre all babies, and whats wrong with the world. shut up and go play barbies, bud. Im GenX, miss me with your baby boomer shit. that was my dad. Im also Pro FGC. No one fucks with soulja boy, for a long while now. I guess you babies didn't get the memo.
  3. Homey, I realize everything. You think all press is good press, and I disagree. Nothing I said was directed at you personally. If you're online clicking instagram shit, you're a teeny bopper. fucking little kid shit. IDGAF if you're 30 yo. Go play fortnite, or barbies. miss me with your bullshit.
  4. Its damage control because he is a scammer and a liar. A THIEF. That's not something you want your business associated with. He is the laughing stock of the game community for awhile now. Who gives a fuck about his 8K teenie bopper fans. You think those people are going to run right out and buy a VCS? Fuck twitter numbers, they dont mean shit. It was just the stupid ass story of the day yesterday. 4K people went to atari twitter or instagram or what the fuck ever to see if the bullshit was true and 4K soulja boy/rap fans clicked a button on their phone is more like it. If he is involved with decision making at Atari, look for far more than 8K people to dis-a-fucking-pear. Don't believe me, go look at the reaction videos on youtube and articles written yesterday, he is a joke. No self respecting Gamer would support this fraud. But, to be honest, most people are complete morons. Most idiots forget what TV show they were watching as soon as the commercials come on. Nothing surprises me anymore.
  5. no way, man. thats damage control. fuck soulja boy. throw him under ALL the busses. then throw it in reverse and get him again.
  6. Listen, this mutha fucka just said he signed two deals with Atari and now he is CEO. Not, he bought Atari. I mean, he is going to sell soulja boy games and Atari sniffed his future money out and loved his clone consoles? lol. How old is this dude to be lying like a 12 year old on the twitter-space? but here is the thing? If you were going to lie, why Atari? Thats like lying and bragging that you banged your cousin. How 'bout Capcom, Namco, IDK... shit, EA for kicks? Oh, I know all about this clown. He is basically a one-hit-wonder with "crank that". What? "Kiss me thru the phone"? No one knows any other songs. Only props I'll give him is he made crank that on his own, and got famous by himself. Mofo sells watches, soap, all kinds of shit. I ain't mad at him, but I don't fuck with FAKE FRADUELENT GAMERS. If he is CEO, I will bounce from Atari brand shit, no problem. Also I think it's funny that he seems confused about how much he is selling Soulja Boy Games for. "Like, um, 140 million, yeah". It seems to me you would know exactly how much your company was selling for. Scam-Ass-Mothah-Fuckah. He rebranded cheap clone consoles, tripled the price and never shipped them out. Ate his own words and Nintendo shut his shit down. Did I miss anything? Example: this is $300 Amazon.com: TRDR Pocket (Fireball Red) | Soulja Boy Edition : Toys & Games this is $100 Amazon.com: 3D Pandora Games Supretro Mini Handheld Game Console - 2006 Retro Games Installed, Search/Save/Hide/Delete/Add Games, 3.5 Inch IPS Screen, Support 3D Games, Bluetooth/WiFi Function, Can Play on TV : Toys & Games At least people may leave @Tommy Tallarico the Hell alone now. G4TV was a good ass station.
  7. who knows? if it isnt some home arcade bullshit all we hear is crickets. last year we got the AFBX 2020 with reset hole on the bottom but we never got an announcement or the firmware update released. Basically AtGames doesn't GAF and it's probably some old stock. What more could I think based on their actions?
  8. If this shit is true I'm bouncing. This dude is a fraud of the highest order. I hope to God it isn't true.
  9. I was like that until I found SFII in arcades. I had played SF1 but didn't think much of it at the time. After SFII, and Fighting Games in general, I never went back to just playing a different genre game to beat it, with a few exceptions. I have all kinds of different old retro stuff I play for fun, but its the same old stuff over the years. I'm talking like newer games. I only owned two games for XBox One, and that was Killer Instinct 3 and Mortal Kombat XL, if that tells you anything.
  10. Legends Ultimate Flashback V.0.6.3 (Update Only) Here is your 32X Update. You have .32x support with the picodrive core. Speed seems a bit slow when I tried Primal Rage. I don't see any picodrive core settings available anywhere. I also sorted the Genesis all-games.ini file. BTW, I went back and played some more TG-CD CastleVania and I didn't notice the audio ticking anymore, just that first time. So far, so good. Anyone else try any tg-cd .chd files? (nevermind the typo, lol. I'm on a roll these days) Ultiamte_Flashback_V6.3.rar
  11. yes you will want /rom and /emulator folders. It may take a very, very long time. If it doesnt work fully and you get corrupted files, just delete the dumped folders and start a new.
  12. you go to /rom_alt/data/retroplayer.ini and edit the file with notepad. Under [Rewind] add an entry for the game you want rewind disabled for. example [Rewind] RiverRaid.a26=0
  13. you can disable rewind in the retroplayer.ini file. [Rewind] VideoChess.a26=2 Amidar.a26=0
  14. Legends Ultimate Flashback V.0.6.2 (Update Only) This is a TurboGrafx-CD, PC Engine-CD, SuperGrafx update. The Mednafen SuperGrafx core was added. The file type supported is .chd files. Since these games are large you have only one example at the end of the TurboGrafx-16 list of games. The game speed feels good. There is a slight click in the audio. Have fun! Ultimate_Flashback_V6.2.rar
  15. Legends Ultimate Flashback V.0.6.1 (Update Only) This is a Virtual Boy update. I added the missing mednafen vb core. The key mapping in /vb/data/retroplayer.ini is just a generic setup reversing A and B buttons like the NES. You will have to tweak the buttons for certain games and some may not work out at all because of the difference in controllers. But, there are less than 30 games so it won't be hard to figure out. I tried some Mario's Tennis and VB Wario Land, seems to be "okay". A bit slow and the sound is not good, but, IIRC there are other VB cores. Let me know how it goes! Ultimate_Flashback_V6.1.rar
  16. Lots of stuff is close to perfect. Its the 6 button SFII layout that's the monkey wrench.
  17. There are enough, quality 4 player games that people will undoubtedly have a lot of fun with it. Cramped or comfortable. It will get a lot more mileage than a tron stick, IMO.
  18. Bill, has there ever been any talk of a Legends Ultimate Bartop cabinet, or a mini pinball table? I for one think a mini pinball would be very cool. I feel like people who don't have all the room or money for full size versions may pick up a smaller version. It would get even more people on ArcadeNet. It would also give people the opportunity to take them to a friends house. Just some ideas, bud. Now, to be negative nancy, 4 player CPO? WTF? 2 players barely fit as it is. So.... some big ass panel on that small, home cabinet? Oh GOD! whose idea was that? Someone who has looked at too many MAME Clusterfucked CPOs and never actually played 2Player Simul Arcade games? Like, Bill, you're shoulders are as wide as the cabinet. Where will everyone else stand? Maybe instead, focus on a nice racing wheel and procuring some more light guns. 4 players is nice for games with just a couple buttons. I would say have the center 2 players have 6 action buttons and the outside players have only 4. Multiplayer Arcade games a lot of times were a lot larger than a LUA.
  19. It feels like we are getting to that point of the year. Summer is winding down. What products do you think we will see this holiday season?
  20. It is a work in progress. I still need to do a lot of stuff, but this way everything is set up and moved around so I can just upload updates. Your all-games entries with descriptions are in /emulator/tools. I haven't forgotten about them. I know that the built in games still need their button mappings moved to the proper folders. Also, some of the exit and start menus still need to be swapped to the AFB9G ones. So, thank you for not pointing out all the short comings. From here, I want to fill the sections, add Lutro, Tic-80 and some other things from Nexus. I am working on it slowly but surely. Yesterday I had an opportunity to upload while the family was out for the day. So, more to come!
  21. ok so, the mount_sd.ini file AND the startup.sh file is used to get it all going. I'm thinking this setup will only dump the /rom partition. We will also need the /emulator partition. here is the mount file from the AFB9 CFW. Maybe it will work to dump both partitions? mount_sd.ini
  22. Upload failed and I hit submit reply. Imma dumbass. Here it is: Ultimate_Flashback_V6.rar
  23. Legends Ultimate Flashback V.0.6.0 (Full Version) New system theme. The IntelliVision section is finished. The built in games have been moved to their proper folders. Lots of other misc. updates. Stay tuned. More to come soon.
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