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  1. Legends Ultimate Flashback V.0.6.16 (Update Only)

    Atari Home Computers Update. The Atari 800 section and Atari BASIC section are gone. They were replaced by this new Atari HCs section. Also added were all the Atari 800 games and error fixes that were processed by Fred_M from the AFNexus Project v9.

    ***Before you copy and paste this update to your sd card, delete your old /abasic folder from your card. It was merged into this new /a800 folder in the update:


  2. Playstation core settings


    pcsx_rearmed_frameskip = 1 @[Core] (RW)
    pcsx_rearmed_region = (NOT FOUND)
    pcsx_rearmed_multitap1 = (NOT FOUND)
    pcsx_rearmed_multitap2 = (NOT FOUND)
    pcsx_rearmed_negcon_deadzone = (NOT FOUND)
    pcsx_rearmed_negcon_response = (NOT FOUND)
    pcsx_rearmed_analog_axis_modifier = (NOT FOUND)
    pcsx_rearmed_vibration = (NOT FOUND)
    pcsx_rearmed_dithering = (NOT FOUND)
    pcsx_rearmed_neon_interlace_enable = (NOT FOUND)
    pcsx_rearmed_neon_enhancement_enable = (NOT FOUND)
    pcsx_rearmed_neon_enhancement_no_main = (NOT FOUND)
    pcsx_rearmed_duping_enable = (NOT FOUND)
    pcsx_rearmed_display_internal_fps = (NOT FOUND)
    pcsx_rearmed_drc = (NOT FOUND)
    pcsx_rearmed_spu_reverb = disabled @[Core] (RW)
    pcsx_rearmed_spu_interpolation = off @[Core] (RW)
    pcsx_rearmed_pe2_fix = (NOT FOUND)
    pcsx_rearmed_idiablofix = (NOT FOUND)
    pcsx_rearmed_inuyasha_fix = (NOT FOUND)
    pcsx_rearmed_async_cd = (NOT FOUND)
    pcsx_rearmed_noxadecoding = enabled @[Core] (RW)
    pcsx_rearmed_nocdaudio = enabled @[Core] (RW)
    pcsx_rearmed_spuirq = (NOT FOUND)
    pcsx_rearmed_gunconadjustx = (NOT FOUND)
    pcsx_rearmed_gunconadjusty = (NOT FOUND)
    pcsx_rearmed_gunconadjustratiox = (NOT FOUND)
    pcsx_rearmed_gunconadjustratioy = (NOT FOUND)
    pcsx_rearmed_nosmccheck = (NOT FOUND)
    pcsx_rearmed_gteregsunneeded = (NOT FOUND)
    pcsx_rearmed_nogteflags = (NOT FOUND)
    pcsx_rearmed_psxclock = (NOT FOUND)
    pcsx_rearmed_input_sensitivity = (NOT FOUND)
    pcsx_rearmed_show_other_input_settings = (NOT FOUND)

  3. you just unzip the pack and put it on the root of an SD Card. You dont have/want to move any files anywhere.


    put it in the legends fb and turn the system on. you should see a custom background and menu/list of 35 systems. pick Atari 2600 entry (A button takes you to details page, hit A again to goto the A2600 games list, or hit Start Button to go right to the A2600 games list) and it will take you to 500+ Atari 2600 games with box art via a quick system reset and black screen for a few seconds, the bigger the section, the longer it will take to load the list. Once in the A2600 games list, you can always pick the Home entry to go back to the main menu of systems. It is all set up already. You dont have to load or do, anything really.


    You can add whatever games you want to to the /game folder without box artwork. Add an extra .gme extension to any game you add to the /game folder. 






    If you are picking an entry, and black screen reseting right back to the same main menu, and not getting to the entrys library of games, then, that sounds like a slow sd card issue. If you are picking say, pokemon mini section and see no games, there are none there yet. It is a work in progress. Not all sections have examples, yet. Also, there is a Featured Games section of 10 games each section loads into. Some sections dont have featured games set up yet and look blank at first glance. just scroll down to All Games to see the full list.

  4. Legends Ultimate Flashback V.0.6.11 (Update Only)

    Here is the Karaoke update. Simply put the /karaoke folder with contents on your flash drive. Everything is already set up. You will now need at least a 4GB SD Card for the full LFB Ultimate Pack v6 with all the updates. We are pretty close to what the AFB Nexus Pack has running, minus importing of favorite games and the custom bezels.





  5. Legends Ultimate Flashback V.0.6.10 (Update Only)

    Here is the Arm Linux Ports update. The two Atari Flashback ports were brought over. The extensions were changed to .uex to try to get them working. Space Invaders works, but there is no way to exit the game. Frogger doesn't work yet. I must be missing something??? Fix-It Felix Jr is in there along with VVVVVV and DinoThawr. No sound for DinoThawr? The dinothawr libretro core was added, use the extension .game to add any mods. Some fixes were made in the runcommand.lfb for the ffmpeg and pocketcdg libretro core entries. The various sections folders thumbnail art got an overhaul. You also do now have Karaoke support using .cdg + .mp3 files. No Karaoke folder with examples yet. I wasn't going to add the karaoke stuff here, but I have gotten a couple requests for it.


    ***1st Delete the /ports folder on your flash drive before you copy and paste this patch. Some files were renamed and moved around, which will create cloned/dead files you won't need/use. copy and paste over everything else when prompted.






  6. 1 hour ago, gutter said:

    just a bit more info when i did the update via usb it caused an error stuck in a update loop so it sees the otg but dose not show ext drive on menu

    Just a guess but maybe you used an older/slower USB 2.0 flashdrive? Maybe it had issues with the update. I recommend a USB 3.0 Device if you don't already have one.

    Flashing the system the old/hard way is fine, but, DO NOT flash the Overclock Update that way. It WILL brick your system.

  7. 1 hour ago, Leeroy ST said:

    Holding da devil horns indicate another hoax for da masses. It was edited photo, plane was nevah missing...ATARI STOLE DA PLANE! CNN cova up! Why you gots no brains people's? Hit them with A BAM!


    Soulja Boy sex change funded by COLECO free masonry. Dey call it the bitter truth for a reason. 

    This so called Atari is nothin' but a deception. Ya undahstand? Its some made up shit by the Govahment. No body evah even seen this Atari. You'll nevah get it. I already told you, ITS A HOAX, PEOPLE. Pay Ahttention to this so called soulja boy's shirt. Atari in a red square. That's red for Free Masonry. Pay Ahttention people. It's just an act, fo' tha dumb masses. 100% Fakery. Bullshit, Undahstand?

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  8. Legends Ultimate Flashback V.0.6.9 (Update Only)


    Here is the Media Center section. I added the image, ffmpeg, gme and pocketcdg cores. You have .bmp, .gif, .jpg, ._png (.png is a system file, rename your PNGs with the underscore), .avi, .flv, .mpg, .mp3,  .sap and .vgz support. There are examples of some file types in there, but not all.




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