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  1. core is hardcoded. you would have to create a new firmware and flash it to the system. but that wouldn't be enough to get it to run. Brad is the one to ask on that.
  2. "final update or until releases appear" what does that mean? you failed to mention your update is password protected. I'm seriously over your goofy ass and hope people here figure it out sooner than later. a google search will show how to recover a zip archive password. lmmfao.
  3. yeah, you always say your done talking. But, I'm not filpping out. I'm frustrated is all, man. I don't think its "plagiarism" I cut and pasted a lot of peoples 70s sci fi art in this current pack im working on. I don't "own" any of these images. I would PM you if I could, it says your not accepting pms. we talked about that before. while its true, you can "just google" for the box arts, that's not all there is to it. you need to make two images. you have to rename and resize them all. I adjust the black and white levels, hue and color saturation. if they are crooked, I rotate them, if they are off centered or something I fix them. if the box was damaged and shows in the scan, I touch it up, if the edges are fucked, I touch them up, if its washed out and faded, I fix it. If its blurry, I sharpen it, if the background color isn't uniform, I strip it out and fill it solid. ill remake text, ill remake missing parts, if anything is fucked up I retouch it pixel by pixel with the pencil!! I mean, I spent so many weeks on this stuff its unreal. Some stuff I made like "dojo tournament" I really like. some stuff like "A duck game" sucks. "Harbor rescue" is like hard to spot as a homebrew, I like that box. "I love bacon" is a pig eating bacon, "I. lowercase I" is Ms. I from the Letter People, I had them in Kindergarden. Bottom line, every single box art I just fabricated for fun, shows up in your list. There are so, so many. You stripped EVERYTHING unique from the last pack, again, I thought we were going our own directions, I didn't strip out of your 960 game pack in the AFB9 thread, now did I? Now imagine how I must feel, knowing that if I spend more hours and hours on stuff and post it, you'll repost it all. So, why would I share anymore packs? I think its awesome that you adapted the games list for Brazil and South America, that is truly epic. The descriptions you add to the games is superb and your knowledge of Atari is greater than mine. The images however are mostly ones I processed. I know that, and you know that. A simple "Thanks Draxxon for art" would have went a long way with me.
  4. mamebr once said to me: "This will reach 6000 games. Additions to games that already exist with their real name and not even own boxart, creations using Atari boxart for games that were never Atari. I find time lost and very ugly. I understand creating boxart for official games that don't have real art available, for pirate games I can't understand. I'm going in the opposite direction, removing all pirates without original art. Redoing all Atari art being used for non-company games. " This is what kills me the most. The last time we spoke you said this, but you didn't do any of that and just kept on copy/pasting+borders. Its not a huge deal, but, we already went thru all this in the old thread. If you're going to continue to use my stuff, just give me a "thanks" or something, dude. lets keep it civil for the rest of the folks here. About the silver boxes, some I never created. Also there are many games with no box art, sometimes I use a telegames template, sometimes I use the cooper black "new" box, sometimes its the silver Atari box, just to mix it up. When I keep talking about your pack, and the cropping and stretching here is an example: this is a silver Atari box art for a game that's not Atari. I didn't create this box art, its a googled image. the other is one I suspect you edited. I personally prefer the orginal one that is someone elses art, than a cropped stretched one.
  5. I definitely wouldn't say I use your images a lot, as most are stretched and scrunched, or have "prototype" pasted over them. I mean, it's clear that your stripping everything from my packs and just adding borders. there are very few official box arts you found and added. there are many, many I created. 100+ maybe. I don't feel like listing them all. 15 racing, acid fish, adventure enhanced, black, hot air balloon, 6 dragons, arctic landtran, blah blah blah. plus I have touched them all up pixel by pixel. hundreds and hundreds of them. My problem now is, I don't feel like sharing anymore packs because your just biting off of my work. literally just cropping and stretching stuff and adding borders. I'm seriously trying to be civil. I know I don't own this art and once I post it anyone can bite off of it, but I spend hours and hours a day touching stuff up. And then having someone just strip it all out just to repost it is super frustrating.
  6. @mamebr Why would you just strip out all the thumbnails I take hours to create only to stretch them all out and add borders and re-release. Would it be too much to ask that you create your own box art for titles with missing art? It's very frustrating.
  7. I'm surprised it was only one. However there is a set of art (0NoArt.a26.png & 0NoArt.a26.s.png) that says "Atari Flashback Classic" that I included if someone wanted to add games and didnt have any box art, so maybe you're refering to that. I'm at 1100 games now. I know there are a couple issues yet with the new pack. I need to sort the rom folder and look for mistakes before I release it. Mostly added noteworthy homebrews, the stuff that was unique in the South American FB9 pack and the EURO FBX pack. All the Good Deal Games that I could find were added. I also revamped a lot of the artwork. Removed borders, adjusted levels in the remaining washed out box art, translated the foreign games titles and just generally touched everything up. I also found a few official box arts and could swap out the generic home made art. It looks a lot better now. I should also mention, I have a usb 3.0 sandisk flashdrive. It takes about 30 seconds to boot all the games up now when you power it on. I'm guessing the system is loading all the boxart thumbnails. I'm not sure what everyone is willing to wait at power on, so I'm not sure how many games should be added in the future. I would be interested to know how long it takes a 2.0 device or an SDCard with adapter. Also curious how long it takes to load up on an AFB9. On a side note, I added some games from the South American pack, like Galagon and Mappy, but those games don't work on the FBX. I'm not sure why he added them to his pack, maybe they work on the FB9? I have no clue as I gifted my FB9. At any rate, the next step is to start working on the all-games.ini file and adding game descriptions. And, all the games need to be tested for compatibility. So some of these games may get removed in the next update. To be frank, I don't know why they were added to the other pack or if there is a way to get them to work that I don't know about at this point. Feedback and help from you guys is where I'm at.
  8. only a second or two. windows 10 blocked the drivers when I did it. I had to use an older windows pc to mod it.
  9. I'm not sure, but I know you don't have to enter the UID to gain access to the firmware updates in atgames firmware portal anymore.
  10. You shouldn't have to hold the button down but for a second or two. I had a similar problem on my windows 10 machine. I can't remember what the specific issue was but it was driver related. I think windows 10 was blocking it. I then tried it on an older PC I had and it all worked. I never figured out what the problem was but I know people have gotten it to work with windows 10. So, I just don't know. Did you install the drivers to your PC? driver_assitant.rar
  11. I put together a theme pack for all the themes made so far. I keep this "theme" folder on the root of my USB device so that way I can just swap themes in and out at the PC when I want to. I made a new theme called "Light Fiver" that uses the remaining custom bezels that were once Atari 2600 RetroArch overlays. So this new theme pack makes the old bezels packs obsolete. All the old bezels are here now in one theme or another. Theme_Pack.rar
  12. Here is the newest pack, A.T.A.R.I. v0.X.1. There are now 1000 game entries. Over 100 were added. Only homebrew titles were added. Many of them had no (or I just couldn't find any) box art. So I had to create even more placeholder images. A lot the homebrew "box art" I created for the last pack has been tweaked or changed in this update. There were a few fixes to the old pack, like the 3 missing games and broken art. And, as always there were I don't know how many touch ups to the existing box art. There were just a couple clone games added. Mainly so certain games in a series would show up on the same page together. I stopped sorting them somewhere around page 70. I'm guessing the next update will be the last large update from me. I'm going to push to include all the titles that are in the flashback portable 1001 pack in this pack. then its just gonna be small update "patches" of a few games here and there. If you see anything wrong or not working, let me know here and I'll fix it. If you see a homebrew title that was added that has generic box art I created and there is "official" box art available, again, please let me know here. ATARIvX.1.rar Here is an INI file for a family friendly game list. (No XXX titles) all-games.ini
  13. besides having different backgrounds and menu elements with the gold, you get a different set of bezels and actually one more bezel for a total of 5. (the regular only has 4.) On the left hand side menu where it has a section for Atari games, that will become a section for activision games instead. the pack was made with the activision titles in mind, im sure the Atari games are far from correct to appear in the Atari section. The extra games on the gold are also hidden/locked away in the regular 9, so all you have to do is flash the gold cfw and its a gold, you don't have to do anything extra. all the files your running now will still work exactly the same. only thing you wont get is wireless joystick support. (that I know of, there looks to be a Bluetooth receiver on the regular 9s board, but I don't think there is a way to get wireless sticks working nonetheless.)
  14. you can flash the gold cfw onto a regular 9 and it will become a gold unit sans wireless joysticks.
  15. I am here now working on the AFBX, but, its the exact same thing as a AFB9HD so you can also use the new pack (901 games) with the old AFB9HD units. I'll have the new pack out (1000+ games) in a couple weeks.
  16. 21 Blue, Burning Desire, Bachelor Party, Bachelorette Party, Beat Em & Eat Em, Cathouse Blues, Custers Revenge, General Re-Treat, Gigolo, Harem, Jungle Fever, Knight on the Town, Lady in Wading, Philly Flasher, Westward Ho and X-Man have had their entries edited out with ";"s. If you want to remove more games just edit them out like I did these games here. swap this all games ini file with the one that is in the rom folder of the ATARI pack. all-games.ini file with XXX omitted: all-games.ini
  17. you don't HAVE to delete the roms and art but you can. what you can do is open the all-games.ini file in the rom folder with notepad or notepad++ and and delete the entries in the ini file for the games you don't want displayed. or you could add ";" in front of each line of the games entry but you will need to remove one of the brackets "[]" from the display name. I'll make you a ini file without XXX games and post it in a few.
  18. Thanks to you guys with all the know-how and Atari knowledge. I just touched up box art. The Atari community is pretty rad. the pack wouldn't have been half as nice without the work already done before I showed up and the help and feedback.
  19. @Wizzard, I just re read this thread and realized I never answered your question about resolutions. If there is a way to hack the system to change the resolution I don't know how. Or if it is even possible. There is no in game menu settings for video modes. Your TV settings is all you really have. So, I took my vacation from work for the next three weeks. I'm sure you can all guess why. Anyways I hope to enjoy it and mess with Atari stuff. Maybe finish this Flashback project of mine. I'll be around.
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