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  1. Thanks! About what I was expecting, but it’s nice to have some confirmation. Good pictures.
  2. Ahhh damn! You owe us some pictures at least when it arrives.
  3. The bottom two here were me trying to buy it with no luck. Top 1 is someone else having bought it. Likely someone here if I had to guess.
  4. In his most recent message to me he’s saying he’s having major issues with the shipping part specifically so I’m not sure it’s the payment that’s the issue.
  5. Ahhh I’ve been trying to buy this for the past few days and it’s not working out. Seller gave me a shipping estimate to the US, but after requesting an invoice he got a bit confused (I don’t think he knew what it was) Said he would no longer ship to the US and cancelled my order. Someone in Europe want to give it a go?
  6. I did a little research on the word Keral, and I think this is an Indian Aquarius. Keral apparently is ‘Karela’ in English, which happens to be a state in India supposedly. My guess is, like the Kronos Europea, this was meant to market to a specific market. In this case, India. I have to wonder if there’s more market specific Aquarius after seeing this. Italy and India so far.
  7. Anyone know what this is? I’ve never heard of this variant. This Aquarius unit has a ‘Keral’ logo. https://www.ebay.it/itm/MATTEL-AQUARIUS-HOMECOMPUTER/324432555539?hash=item4b89afee13:g:FzgAAOSwC4Jf50O9
  8. Nice to see you back on the forums! Thanks for telling me, I’ll add it when I get a chance.
  9. I think it was just all in one lot? But it has been a few years so maybe my memory is wrong. All I remember is that it was Australian and had an impressive number of rare Aquarius titles. Also, if you don’t mind, which Aquarius titles have you got? I’d like to add to the list to figure out how many copies of each are out there (approximate). I think I remember you having some of them from an older AtariAge thread.
  10. My condolences to you and your family. Wish I'd seen this thread earlier. I can only imagine what you're going through, but just know it will get better with time.
  11. On the topic of Radofin titles, I was wondering if anyone else remembers an Australian auction with about 12 or so Aquarius carts plus systems. If memory serves me right there were *multiple* copies of Space Speller and Zero-In, and there might’ve even been melody chase and chess there. It was a few years back, maybe 2016 or 2017? I tried digging for info about it but it’s all erased from eBay’s archives. Lot picture showed all of them outside on a table I think. Just want to know if I’m going crazy or if a lot of this caliber really did exist, and what happened to it.
  12. Thanks, added you to the list. It’ll be good to have at least an estimate of how many of these are still around.
  13. Thank you! I added you and Stupus to the first post, and will update there. Will quote anyone who replies with their copies to confirm they've been added. I actually think extended basic may be the least rare though, it seems to come up more frequently. Order is in my opinion Extended Basic > Melody Chase > Space Speller > Chess > Zero-In.
  14. Yeah it seems all were released worldwide, albeit in smaller quantities US-side. List Update #1 Melody Chase: EdgeOfPortal [CIB but missing controller overlays] Stupus [CIB] Space Speller: Stupus [CIB but missing 1 controller overlay] Chess: Stupus [CIB] Zero-In: EdgeOfPortal [CIB but missing controller overlays] Stupus [CIB but missing 1 controller overlay] Extended Basic: EdgeOfPortal [Waiting but should be cart and manual] Stupus [CIB]
  15. So, I was thinking and got curious about how many people actually own some of these Aquarius titles. So, I thought maybe we could do a list of some kind, since really info about how many exist isn't available. So, if owners could say what their copies include (box, manual, cart, overlays, etc), then i think we could come up with a starting list to figure out how many of these are out there. Melody Chase: EdgeOfPortal [CIB but missing controller overlays] Stupus [CIB] jaybird3rd [CIB] Intymike [CIB] mvdsteenoven [CIB] cmart604 [CIB] Total: 6 Copies Space Speller: Stupus [CIB but missing 1 controller overlay] mvdsteenoven [Cart, left keyboard overlay, missing 1 controller overlay] cmart604 [CIB] Total: 3 Copies Chess: Stupus [CIB] mvdsteenoven [CIB] Total: 2 Copies Zero-In: EdgeOfPortal [CIB but missing controller overlay] Stupus [CIB] cmart604 [Cart only] Total: 3 Copies Extended Basic: EdgeOfPortal [Waiting but should be cart and manual] Stupus [CIB] Intymike [CIB] Total: 3 Copies Most Owners: Melody Chase Least Owners: Chess
  16. Yeah, I can try to get you some. I’d like to dump it soon eventually as well, I just haven’t really gotten around to it.
  17. Yeah I used to see them pretty often a couple years ago but they don’t really appear anymore. Good that you got one!
  18. Geekvintage as a whole is no longer being maintained by top dog. That being said, the entire serial number database is archived on the Wayback machine here: http://web.archive.org/web/20190112215714/http://www.geekvintage.com/mattel-aquarius-serial-number-db.php I personally have had plans for a while now to attempt to make a “database 2.0” that would include these archived SNs. If I ever get around to that, then I’ll post here about it. Though, I do know someone who’ll probably end up getting around to it before I do.
  19. Yeah... I'm kinda kicking myself for not going after it. Would've been a very nice addition to my Aquarius Collection.
  20. Oh! That's some unreleased software that was supposed to be accompanied by some special hardware. So, it doesn't really do much. The intended purpose is for it to allow your Aquarius to control other electronics in your house, like for example, lighting. Someone modified a TRS-80 Plug N Power device to work with the other, dumped, prototype, and it actually functions!
  21. I joined AtariAge specifically to talk about the Aquarius because as you know, there aren't very many communities for it. It's also my personal favorite system to collect for. So, I think it's about time I show off my Mattel/Radofin collection. It's not a complete collection, but it's got quite a few rare and obscure pieces. I am, however, only missing three more carts. First off, the Aquarius computer it self. This particular Aquarius is the Mattel variant, but I've also got a Radofin variant (not pictured). Next up, my Aquarius related literature and the Aquarius value pack. All of the items pictured here took quite a bit of time to find. With those out of the way, here's some more hardware. The Mini-Expander is practically brand new, which is always nice. Pictured are also two Data Recorder variants. The standard Mattel recorder, and the Kronos Europea variant. Now, we'll get to some more of the exciting stuff, starting with the 4-Color Printer (and of course, the regular printer). I looked for this printer for many, many years, and I finally won an auction back in December! Very happy to have crossed that one off my list. It's mostly complete. It's got the printer itself, manual, and (obviously) the box. It is however missing the styrofoam, printer connection cable, and pens. I'm not too pressed to get those though given the rarity of the actual 4-Color Printer. Next, my Aquarius cassette tapes. This is one of my favorite parts of the collection. The artwork on these are very nice, and they're quite a challenge to find (though, not as hard to find as some of the cartridges). I've got most of the Add-On Electronics tapes. I believe I'm only missing a few of that companies releases. For me, the star of the photo would be the Diamond Mine cassette. I only know of one other copy (which I believe belongs to Stupus). Of course, we did also get a new Aquarius Homebrew (Aquariworm), which is nice to see more life in the system. Anyway, here's the group picture. Next, the Memory Modules, and the big-box Aquarius software. The 32K was extremely difficult to find, similar to the 4-Color Printer. The big-box software also has a Radofin-variant of FinForm. I know technically the Modem isn't software, but it's box is a similar size to the others, so I figured I'd include it in this photo. Next up, the games and misc. software. The most notable pieces here are Zero-In, Melody Chase, and the Command Console prototype. Everything is CIB, however the Zero-In and Melody Chase are missing controller overlays (Keyboard overlays are present though). I'm alright with that though. Also pictured are the excellent Aquaricart and Unofficial 32K Memory! As for Radofin variants, the Astrosmash duplicate is a Radofin variant. So, that's my Aquarius collection! I'm far from done with system, and I'm always looking for more Aquarius items. My goal is to have a complete worldwide Aquarius cartridge set (currently missing 3 carts), and as many cassette tapes, hardware, and literature as I can find. Let me know what you think!
  22. Anyone know what the deal is with this Aquarius’s serial number? It appears to just be a 0. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vintage-Mattel-Electronics-Aquarius-Computer-in-Original-Box/274411888173?hash=item3fe4391e2d:g:rQwAAOSw3e1e-Qjg EDIT: very rare Aquarius, it’s the 6th one made now that I look at it closer. Also, the keyboard is red, but that maybe a user modification.
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