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  1. To anyone who wasn't watching our normal updates on FB/Aetherbyte.com/our blog... the game went up for order but it already sold out so we're sticking everyone else on a waiting list for batch #2. You don't pay til it's ready, so if anyone wants to order, go for it!
  2. Yeah, I promised the pc engine forums the rest of the batch we have here, and we're basically going to just start firing more off of the printer, and the funds will go into more supplies for the cards. It basically just takes time. We can make as many as we want unless they suddenly stop making the eeprom that we use, which isn't likely, so, don't worry! I am not a fan of the whole "oh, hahaha we're all out, sucks to be you!" setup, or the "oh here is "edition two. it means edition one is worth more!"" thing. It's a homebrew game I made in my basement over the course of 3 years. It's basically meant to be played and enjoyed by as many people as possible instead of horded and flailed around about on the internet! I am entertaining the idea of selling the ROM for like 15$, and then when you go to buy the card, I'll knock the 15$ off the card price, so people can at least play it on a flashcard or emulator while they wait. I'm sure that will go well when it ends up on every ROM site ever, but, that's inevitable really.
  3. Yeah, that's me with the perm. I only worry about eBay because some knob on the PC Engine forums took my signed Insanity and sold it for like 300$, meanwhile, I have a stack of them sitting here. I don't think my crappy autograph is worth anything! We're taking care of the rest of the PCE Forum people who helped get the project to where it is, and then we will be opening the flood gates for people to order. Bear with us. We're 3D printing everything and hand assembling them. Oh. Use the warp button. (Start button, or button 3 if you have an Avenue 3). You're temporarily invulnerable when you get drilled, so try to get away ASAP when you die.
  4. That'd be nice. I would have assumed that the one C compiler targetting 6502 based CPUs would. I am not sure if it does or not, because I don't use it. I know PowerC for C64 was a disaster, and HuC for PCE is pretty awful too with respect to efficiency.
  5. I finished up the new Tomb Raider and thought it blew extremely hard. so now I am playing Tomb Raider II on my PS3. does that count?
  6. I am playing the new Fire Emblem. I was playing Glory of Heracles also, but that isn't a 3DS game.
  7. It's easy and dopey. I'd say Fire Emblem is more of a system seller with the current state of things. The thing has has system sellers for awhile now, though. You have Kid Icarus, Metal Gear, Star Fox, Code of Princess, and a few other decent games that make it worth grabbing on by now.
  8. Gimme a break. I crashed the shit out of OSX all the time. No OS "just works". They all crash, they all do stupid crap, and they could all be better. My favorite was Windows 98 SE + DOS.
  9. It sounds like someone's poor recollection of MagMax, honestly.
  10. Yeah, that stuff is all old news. 2005-2007 wasn't exactly recent. Also that kind of stuff isn't what you'd yknow, spread around and fire up on your Apple IIs and show off to people. ... and the fact that this is basically what you get out of Google demonstrates my point. There's not much out there.
  11. If you ask me, its because the Apple II is less well-documented than say, the C64. There also seems to be less of a dev community presence, and less of a community presence in general. There are some decent Apple II programming books you could use to make goofy little games, but I've noticed most Apple II users seem to be content just yammering about hardware and dicking around. You don't see much of anything for the Apple II. No demos or anything. If this stuff is out there, they sure have done a great job of not being forward facing about it.
  12. Holy crap. Someone here who liked my game! Thanks! If only there were more of you! anyway I'm disappointed in the Ouya. What was originally marketted as some sweet indie dev console that I was looking forward to getting into is now just as good as those goofy things you buy at walmart that plug straight into the TV. It's like they didn't even pay attention to the finer details of a console with respect to making the thing good. It's shown nothing so far that really sets it apart from playing games on just about anything else that supports Android. ...aside from problems.
  13. They also have some big shoes to fill as far as music goes. Flashback's soundtrack was bitchin. Conrad's Memories was awesome. Either way, I am still excited to see how this turns out.
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