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  1. That’s great, thanks! i will definitely want one, however I won’t be able to until early next year (I’ve just gotten Wyvern Tales so my Lynx budget is now in recharge mode! 😆 ). Thanks for all the hard work
  2. Oh, and thanks for putting the effort in to make this - it’s a great machine and good to know people are still supporting it. 👍
  3. Great thanks for your quick reply! (Any ball park of a price pls? I have no idea 🤔😃).
  4. Hi. Great job! How much is this please and could you put me on e list? I have a Lynx I (UK). Thanks!!
  5. Hi. Are you still making these? How much are they please and could you put my name down on the list? I have a Lynx I but would still like the cover for when I eventually get a II. (UK) many thanks
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