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  1. There's some disarming honesty in there. "In theory" is said a number of times. In short, it's a pc that will be sent out March 31st, and then "in theory if it works", some people might (no nothing at launch) develop games for it. In the meantime, add a hard drive, buy windows and get pirated nintendo roms...
  2. As someone who is actually French, I accept that overweight gun toting flag waivers have the right to make jokes. You're all just jealous of the cheese anyway
  3. easy, just rent a "suite" next to the ISO Headquarter in Geneva
  4. Agreed This show has outlived its welcome already, should have been a one season thing. There's no new drama that can reinvigorate this saga, can't reinvent tacos forever It's not going to fail less with more time I feel like watching Lost at this stage, (or the walking dead), you keep watching because you just wanna know the end, even if the shows stopped being entertaining seasons ago, half knowing the end will suck, and ... it will (most likely suck).
  5. Exactly, why would you fake that ? If it was fake, they would show: - Atari OS launching something, and looking nice as in their trailer, instead of that ugly mess (imho) - Windows booting fast - Image scaled to the TV -(edit): and you would make a proper video (just tried to film my tv running a computer in my living room with my phone under dim ligthing, it does not produce that kind of blue mess)
  6. If they were at that level of fraudulent behavior, it would be extremely easy to fake such a video (do a video as you request while having a 2nd hdmi from a hidden computer plugged in a wall mounted tv, you wouldn't see shit). So that would be pointless and look silly. If you want to buy that thing, wait until they send a unit to a third party for review
  7. You would find something else, another cable you can't perfectly see. Also that is a ridiculous expectation, no company would do that. There's plenty to mock, they came up with a barebone PC with an Atari OS that seemingly is yet unfinished. That is enough to poke fun at. No need to imagine absurd conspiracy
  8. Hate is a big word. That they make mistakes isn't a big issue. It's the Fyre festival attitude from the start: - Launched the project with a guy known for not delivering. I mean at the time he had already fucked up an atari licenced smartwatch. In what universe was it a good plan to have that guy lead the resurrection of Atari hardware - Claimed to have a prototype from the get go, when clearly the earliest prototype is from last summer (being generous) - Claimed to be on track for December delivery when it was painfully obvious that it wasn't possible. - But most of all, their whole pitch was about a gaming system (lets disregard whether or not it's a "console", that's just semantics), yet they have no game: ==> consistently announced "news soon" about modern games, yet "weeks" for launch, nothing. - Confidence in this things was so low, that supporters are impressed seeing that *weeks from launch*, it can boot in windows ! Still no modern games. The excuse of "can't talk about it because partners" does not make any sense .. unless there's no actually signed deal with any partner - To use the machine as demonstrated at "CES", you need to add storage and a windows licence, adding at least $150 to the price of the setup (yes, yes, you can find windows keys of questionable origin for less) There's nothing wrong about releasing a barebone pc, whether or not there's a market for it at that price point is another question, but that is not what they've been advertising..
  9. Their vocal supporters on the IGG page are pretending that it was always about releasing a pc and not about games. So they'll get that (I mean a BYO OS & Storage PC), say they're happy, Atari will call it a success and resume with their low cost business model of paying a handful of employees to milk old licences. There'll be a few 10 lines articulets in the press because nobody cares, it will never make it to physical retail stores and that'll be the end of it. 3 years of drama for that, and I thought "The Irishman" was too long
  10. So, basically, they reinvented the barebone pc (exemple: https://www.ldlc.com/fiche/PB00263603.html), but with RAM .. (so little storage that it's pretty much equivalent to not having storage at all) .... Why not, if they had marketed it as such: "new barebone pc in cool atari themed shell"). The thing is, appart from the fans on indiegogo and the train-wrecks addicts with morbid curiosity here, absolutely noone cares. There is pretty much zero press coverage, spending 5 minutes to write an article poking fun at this barebone pc that was supposed to "reinvent the way we game, again" must not even seem worthy of click-baiting to any publication. Anyone with a cute cat picture on their facebook account will generate more traction than what we see over all their social media accounts combined... (see their "factory update MEGA thread" on reddit with ... a grand total of 13 replies). I think that explains why nobody's calling them out on their less than ethical practices, there's not enough interest in it to pay for the time it'd take a freelance "game journalist" to go beyond copy pasting a press release and adding one sentence at the end to the effect of "oh grandpa's video game brand exists still, how cute. Reminds me of those phones with rotary dials back in the days, let's touch base again next year to see if it came out".
  11. But What is Blockchain games ? Blockchain is a technology to execute a transaction without relying on intermediaries such as banks and the SWIFT Network. Where and when has Atari ever explained what this had to do with games ? If it's about in game currency, blockhain brings absolutely nothing to the table.
  12. It's not the ingredients, it's the quality of them ... think "chicken" at subway with its fake grill marks. You get a lot of quantity that's for sure, but end up with a greasy mess of non descript flavor. They might have improved though as they have high ratings on google. Or it suits their target demographics, or I'm a snob ... but I quite like junk food in general and there are quite a few options in Paris. In any case, they seem to have a successful business, maybe Atari just needs to add a generous amount of an oily cheesy mess to the VCS to make it work
  13. Don't, it's disgusting. By comparison, McDonalds has quality tasty ingredients ... There is a chipotle on Grand Boulevards though, only been once years ago, but if I recall it wasn't bad. Discovered Taco Bell last week in vacation abroad, damn, how is this a success ? (O Tacos is way way way worse)
  14. So you have to unplug your external storage everytime you want to boot in "AtariOS" ? How does that work if your other OS is on a M2 stick ? What does that mean ?
  15. A PC with no storage and no OS with as much upgradabilty as a laptop (not much), built by an unknown entity somewhere in China with warranty support of unknown quality, without speaking of availability of proper windows drivers for the "sandbox" mode. Delivered by a dubious company who started the project with a guy who couldn't deliver a smartwatch, then switching to a guy branded as the X-Box Jesus, who either was let go for not delivering either or left because he wasn't paid (or a mix of both). Oh, and I should have made a screenshot but the Atari VCS website was showing "available now" before switching back to "pre-order" a few days ago. This really looks like the Fyre Festival of un-consoles..
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