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  1. Depends if you have others to play with but a good broad range of game types to start with would be: 1. Adventure - basically started the action-adventure fantasy genre. One of the earliest easter eggs too. 2. Space Invaders - The first killer app, brought the 2600 mass appeal. Space shooter. The two player simultaneous mode was always fun too. 3. Ms Pac Man - Maze game and everything Pac Man on the 2600 should have been. 4. Kaboom - Best Paddle controller game, fun and frenetic pace. 5. Enduro - Best racer on the system 6. Missile Command - Crosshair shooter game defending your cities against nuclear missiles. This game never gets old 7. Bezerk - The Curse/Legend/Myth, the game due to it's addictiveness led to death in the arcade? Game 3 or 9 with invincible evil Otto. 8. Asteroids - One more space shooter because it's what the 2600 was known for porting. Must play in difficulty level A for UFO's and satellites, and game selection offering hyperspace or shields to get close to the arcade experience. Multiple Players 9. Combat - One of the originals almost every variation game is fun and different. Must have 2 players 10. Warlords - Best 4 player game. Need two sets of paddles. All of these carts are easy to find and you should be able to find them cheap. I've picked them all up for $1 a piece.
  2. I second this, I want to see a Champ Sports baseball version bad! My friend had a Commodore 64 game called Street Sports Baseball where you got to pick kids with different play characteristics and looks to build a team and play on different sandlot style fields. Was kind of recreated by Backyard Sports and the famed character Pablo Sanchez. Is this possible? Sandlot style (Tree houses, trash can lid bases, wiffle ball style pitches)? I'd say impossible, but you guys seem to specialize in the impossible. If so, just take my money now haha.
  3. First post, so quick background before chiming in. I'm not a programmer and don't know much about the technical specs of games, but enjoy the heck out of playing them. Bought an old Atari 2 years ago to share my great Atari memories I had with my 5 and 3 year old at the time and then found this homebrew community. Please don't stop! My 7 year old's favorite game is Space Rocks, and my 5 year old and I haven't been able to stop playing Draconian since getting it this Christmas (my current favorite). Playing four player Medieval Mayhem as a family is a blast. I look forward to any future projects you decide to challenge yourself with and push the 2600 beyond what is thought possible. AW127 & Thomas Jentzsch The first homebrew I purchased was PAC MAN 4k. Before purchasing I wanted to know what 4k stood for. After reading a little it made me want to purchase a copy more as I like to imagine I could have been playing this version in 1982 as opposed to the one included in my 1982 Atari for Christmas (understanding for other reasons it probably wasn't possible in 1982). I think the 4k label was great marketing. Maybe instead of labeling other games you could label your's as a point of pride? Like 1977 standards (2k) or 1980 standards (4k), or some other label for whatever constraints the game was developed under. My kids can play XBOX, but they still think the game play of Adventure and Combat is pretty fun. I want to thank all the developers for their passion for the system and creating fun games. I currently own and have played: PacMan4k, Medieval Mayhem, Space Rocks, Chetiry, Fall Down, Gun Fight, Draconian I newly own and haven't played yet: Juno First, Mappy, Evil Magician II, Wizard of War, Galagon, Missle Command (Trak Ball), Colony 7(Trak Ball)
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