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  1. Somehow I had never played Robotron before. I was working out east and had a big block of time to kill in between appointments last summer and found Billy's Midway Arcade in NJ. Had a great time playing and spent a lot of time on Robotron which is awesome. Really unique experience with the control set up. Billy was a cool guy and spent a lot of time talking about the machines and the hobby. He keeps his machines in great working order and I hope to get out there again when traveling.
  2. First time viewer live. Thanks for the show, was fun. Really looking forward to the release of Robot Run 2600. I just recently ordered an Edladdin 78, but I think I need the twin 78 for this. Any confirmation the twin 78 double joystick will function on this to replicate the arcade setup? Or do I need two twin 78's to play the coming 4 player sports games that were mentioned haha. How far off is that quadtari that was shown? So many big drops in this episode! Also the key code was great. Finally a solution to stopping my kids from taking my games!
  3. Thanks for posting your score! I need to practice as I'm well off that mark haha. Agreed addictive! Did you clear all sectors in a quadrant with that score?
  4. Haha that pic is great! Exactly what I think of when using the term Backyard Football. I'll send you a message on RC6.
  5. The positive is if you're on the goal line the next snap is an automatic qb sneak touchdown. I run out of bounds prior to the inches situation or make sure my pass target doesn't leave me in the inches situation. Once in awhile I'll have luck putting the receiver out wide and selecting the down route in the inches situation.
  6. Thanks, I've had a blast playing and look forward to playing someone head to head.
  7. Now that the field is marked in brown numbers the rich kids with white numbers painted on the field comment made me laugh. Now you have an average kids field too haha. We'd take our cleats or shoes and kick up the grass to mark yards or boundaries. So I'm visualizing those brown numbers as cleated out grass. Not sure if it's a bug and would be extremely difficult for me to replicate, but I threw a deep pass and was brought down on the goal line. Next play I snapped the ball and it immediately signaled touchdown without doing anything. Is this going to be released on a cart? Thanks for the game its fun!
  8. runningtouchdown+longpass.mp4 runningtouchdown+longpass.mp4
  9. I have a spreadsheet color coded I can send over. A page for each team, each team having columns listed by position and appropriate candidates. Cells color coded if a candidate ranks in the top 1-10, 11-20, 21-30, 31-40 all-time of their respective position. I kept players limited to one team. I really focused on the the oldest teams and the Mariners and Jays since you had them as popular requests. Also some position adjustments (I.E. Tigers Cabrera has played more games at 1st then 3rd, but the game is more fun to put him at 3rd so Hank Greenberg can play 1st). Come on now, do your Red Sox really need Babe Ruth? haha. They already have a potential rotation of Pedro, Clemens, Smokey Joe Wood, and possibly Cy Young (he should go to the Indians). Actually I think it would be fun to have Ruth represented as a pitcher with Red Sox and hitter with Yankees, and each team should have one fun throw in. Happy to work on attributes if you decide on the final players and what attributes you want.
  10. Yes. And when you cross the goal line the screen will flash indicating a touchdown. In fact as soon as you release the ball as the quarterback you can start controlling the path of the receiver. I find it's best to lead the receiver for a successful deep pass. Meaning roll out to pass, then when he is starting to break free hit the space bar. which allows you to then move the target. Put it further down the field. Then release when timing is right. Do not wait for him to get to the target, it is most likely a dropped pass if you wait for him to arrive at the target before throwing. He catches it better when on the run to the target.
  11. Hey Chewy give my approach a try in the post above and I'm sure you'll be putting up some points soon. My best game is winning 10-3. I was up 9-0 and I thought I was going to shut them out 10-0, but I fumbled on the next attempt.
  12. No not to easy, I think i've just found a good pattern to beat the computer. I place receiver on the outside route, send him deep, and immediately start rolling opposite way. If my defender goes to help on receiver I keep going with the roll and run on the diagonal to the sideline and can pick up 15-20 yards. If he doesn't help, rolling to the opposite side of the receiver leaves a cross field lane open to nail the receiver with the fast pass and pick up half the field. Need to change the side of the field the receiver is on every time to not get sacked. I just go with what the defense is giving me. That approach seems to work well and key is running on a diagonal as much as you can as the defenders can't catch up as well when running on the diagonal. Thanks for giving scheme 3 a try. I love the look of the field that way, but with the white football it makes me feel like rugby or soccer to much. So I"ll go with the scheme 2, lighter grass, dirt numbers, and leather brown football.
  13. This is great! This version needs to be named Billy vs Sidney haha. It makes me think of White Men Can't jump at the beach scenes!
  14. I appreciate you explaining the constraints as I'm learning and impressed by the constraints you have to work in when designing a game choosing what to cut and what to keep. When you are using numbers and teams are taking 256 bytes does each digit take a byte? What if a player is #32, is that 2 bytes or still 1? So bytes are 256 minimum up to maximum 512? Or are numbers always 1 byte no matter the size while characters are a byte for each letter? Would TC on Detroit be an option for a player if the player represented by TC never had a jersey number? Could Home Run Baker be represented by HR? Or is that to close to using names? MLB is running an all-time team bracket right now which is strikingly similar to rosters I formed using research. MLB's rosters present a few problems as they have multiple players on multiple teams (Arod on Yanks and Mariners, Jimmie Foxx on Athletics and Red Sox) which mine corrected for, and they have some silly ommissions like Addie Joss not on Indians. For those that don't know the all star game was started as a benefit for Addie Joss as he died young and was one of the top pitchers of his time.
  15. I think going all time greats essentially accomplishes both goals in this instance. As only jersey numbers will be used, only those with baseball knowledge or those interested in determining who is who will know which players are actually represented. Those people really want the real teams and characteristics of the players as part of the game. Others solely interested in game play will just know it as "hey this number 3 guy can really crush it on the New York team." Or "24 on Oakland is really fast and good at stealing bases". Or this New York Team can really slug and the St Louis team are speed demons. Timeless.
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