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  1. I'm currently after an EVGA GTX 970 SSC ACX2.0 graphics card mainboard. I already have the heatsink, shroud and fans, but I need a new board as mine has decided to fry one of it's voltage regulators. I also had to replace a bulging capacitor which didn't seem to fix the cards original problem of no power. I'll be happy if the board is working, or even if it has some capacitors that need replacing (and only capacitors). I'm unsure of the exact model as I bought it second hand and the previous owner had removed the model sticker from the back of the card. All I know is it's the SSC ACX2.0 version, it has a Master and Slave selector switch and that the heatsink uses the four INNER most screws to secure it to the board. Thanks to this virus doing the rounds, I'm low on budget for the card, but if anyone has one, please let me know and we can try to agree on a deal for price. Thanks!
  2. Hi, you are correct that it's labelled FB, but it's in fact FB17 and not FB4. If you see my photo above, it's on the far left under capacitor C52. It's a small green component, like the power-board fuse, but it looks a little bit bigger. Though I think I will have a look at the solder joints and possibly re-flow them just in case it is a dry or cracked joint. Couldn't hurt.
  3. OK, so after many days of working on this, I seem to have finally got it working... mostly by tapping the fuse on the mainboard (not the fuse on the power-board). Whether this was just a coincidence or not, no idea. But if the fuse is on it's way out, I'll need to replace it. The fuse is covered in black though, so I can't read the ratings. Is the same as the fuse on the power-board, as in 1.5a?
  4. I gave them a clean again, I think this is the third time in two days. Also used fine sandpaper and Brasso again. The contacts have come up quite clean but the Mega-CD still refuses to power on. And I've tilted the console in every direction possible, still with no power on. I did try to push the pins out a little bit, but one or two popped out so I had to pop them back in again. I think they're as far out as they can go. Other than that, I've pretty much exhausted all I can do without a spare power-board and mainboard I can use to test with. I do plan to re-cap the mainboard at some point, and install a fresh battery. Maybe new capacitors will help. Ah well... one for the Giving Up pile for the time being.
  5. Had a go at all of these cleaning methods the other day, spent a bit of time cleaning all the connectors on the Mega Drive and Mega-CD. I tried powering it on again the following morning and it actually powered on! So I turned it off and back on again... and it powered on again. I turned it off and connected the CD-ROM drive, and placed it back in the shell. Tried turning it on again and... dead! So maybe cleaning did SOMETHING but it was only temporary. This problem is rather random. Most of the time it won't work, but every now and again.. it comes back to life for a short period. Then just dies again.
  6. Well, I did give it a bit of a clean with WD-40 since that's all I had at the time. I also used a Magic Eraser instead of fine sandpaper to clean the surface of the pins as well as an eraser... which sometimes works. I also cleaned the female connector on the Mega-CD. Again with WD-40 and a soft brush to get inside the connector. Then used some fine sandpaper on both sets of pins. So I have cleaned them a bit, the best I can without having some of the better cleaning products to hand. And I REALLY need to get some IPA in the future. However, I'll give the connectors a clean again and see what happens. As a side note, upon replacing the fuse today, even though I don't believe it had blown, I DID get it to power on. Until I turned it off again... then it was dead. The fuse still shows as being intact when I test it, so I still do not believe the fuse is to blame.
  7. So as the title somewhat describes, I have a Model 1 Mega-CD given to me by a YouTuber that was basically dead. After quite a considerable amount of research, I found out the F1 Fuse on the power board is usually to blame. I purchased and replaced the fuse, however this doesn't seem to have cured the no power issue. I have looked and looked on both of the boards and I cannot find anything that could explain why there is no power. There are no components blown or missing, no capacitors bulging or leaking. There is no water or electrolytic fluid damage anywhere. There are no traces or vias broken. From what I can see, both the boards are pretty much spotless. I shall try to add a few photos of the boards, maybe someone might be able to see something I missed. FYI, I do not have any testing equipment to hand, so no multi-meters or anything. To be honest, even if I DID have some, I wouldn't even know what I'm looking for. For what it's worth, I DID fix it briefly, after replacing the fuse. It turned on and stayed on. However, when I turned it off to plug in the SCART lead and turned it on again... it was dead once more. Out of curiosity, I removed the fuse I put in, and soldered in the second fuse (it was a pack of 2). No power, completely dead. The only life I see in the Mega-CD is when I turn the Mega Drive on, I can see the laser light up for about a second. That means there must be some communication from the Mega Drive to the Mega-CD... at least "some" anyway. So at this point, I'm dumbfounded. Is the Mega-CD dead? Is the circuit that tells the Mega-CD to turn on dead? I honestly do not know what I'm looking for, this is beyond the scope of my ability. Well, I do plan to do a re-cap at some point just because. That I can do. I have made a few YouTube videos about the Mega-CD. Once they're upload, I'll link them here and maybe someone can catch what I missed? Further, if anyone is from the UK and has a broken Model 1 Mega-CD for scrap, I'll buy it off ya, but I can't spare much. Or even just a known working power-board and main board will be good. Anything I can use to test my Mega-CD with. Thanks to all those who read and reply. Replying is not mandatory!
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