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  1. Well i'm just waiting for my JagGD. But i like your way : in the previous message you ask me to do them by myself, and now not to do. Thanks for all
  2. Here is my first release of MRQ files for homebrew games (not tested) Please forgive the mistakes <file deleted>
  3. Someone have the rom of "Do + The Same" because website don't work anymore ? Yhanks
  4. Now if someone can make MRQ files for the homebrew, demo roms. Here is the list of roms i find for free : Cartridges : ARENA Football '95, Asteroid, Atomic, Barkley Shut Up And Jam, Battle Sphere Gold, Beebris, Beebris Tribute, Blackout, Brett Hull Hockey, Bubble Bobble Arcade (ST port), Buggy Boy (ST port), Burnout, Chrismas 2006 Surrounded, Chroma-Luma Colors Picker, Dance Dance Xirius Space Party, Diam Jag, Fallen Angels, gemrace, Gorf 2000, Hyper Force, Impulse X, International Karate plus (Atari ST), JagMania, JagMarble, Jaguar Tetris, JagWorm, JagZombies, Jungle Jag, Native Demo, Orion Jaguar Collection, Painter, Phase Zero, Protector - Special Edition, Rampage (Atari ST), Reactris, Rocks Off, Rtype, Sensible Soccer - International Edition, Skyhammer, SlamRacer, Soccer Kid, Space War 2000, Star Wars Arcade (Atari ST), Thea Realm Fighters, Tiny Toons Adventures - Plucky Duck, Total Carnage, Tube, Ultimate Brain Games, ZzyorxxII. Demos : Arkanna Demo, Assassin Demo, Bad Apple v2 (color), Bad Apple v7 (b&w), BadCode4, Black hole, BLK DEMO, CRZ Demo, Demo 1, Demo 2, Demo 3, FORCE Design - Legion Force Jidai Intro Demo 0, JagFest Demo, JC_demo2005, JDC Demo V3, JSSDemo, JSSDemoII, Ladybug Demo, Legion Force Jidai Intro, Mandelbrot Demo, OJC, PAULA Preview Demo 2, rover v2, rover v4, SFDX, sfdx64, SFDXv1_1. Cd's : American Hero (Preproduction), beebris SE, Black Ice White Noise (Alpha), Brett Hull NHL Hockey (Prototype), Bwin, Caves of Fear (prototype), Demolition Man (prototype), DuckieEgg 1.19, jagcode, jagtopia, Ocean Depths, Orion's Jaguar Collection, SoulStar - Unreleased demo version (US), Tube, Varuna's Forces. I don't have commercials roms : Another world...
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