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  1. That is great news!, I just sent you a PM with interest
  2. Great idea! Thanks for the bump of your thread! It just seems that i'm two years too late. So, I'd be interested in two sets if you happen to order a new batch.
  3. Hello Peter & WUDSN-IDE Users!, i'd be interested in the new Pascal syntax highlighting (for use with MAD Pascal) in WUDSN 1.7.1; unfortunately I did not succeed: I got the 'Zero Install Download' from Peters Website and then used "Help -> Check for Update " Option to upgrade to WUDSN 1.7.1 Unfortunately I don't get any highlighting with .pas files nor do i see Mad Pascal options in the preferences section. I'm sure the mistake lies on my side - i am a newie here - maybe someone can point to what I missed to set it up correctly.
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