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  1. Did anybody figure out how/where to apply the {$define basicoff} ? Couldn't get it work neither in a project of mine. (using the latested MP build taken from tebe's github page)
  2. FYI: i guess there's an 'end;' too much in lib\zx0.pas zx0.pas: [..] to_exit ldx #0 @sp equ *-1 end; //end; commented this out, compiles & works great then. end.
  3. Hi, I use 'franny' for exchanging files in ATR Images in my (windows enviroment) development scripts: http://atari8.sourceforge.net/franny.html -- e.G: REM add Data Files rem franny.exe -A -i disk\BRIT.DAT -o BRIT.DAT ULTIMAV.atr REM remove old .. franny.exe -U START.COM ULTIMAV.atr REM ..and add the new build franny.exe -A -i U_LOADER.XEX -o START.COM ULTIMAV.atr
  4. Funny, i never saw that it's RETRO instead of ATARI I think he's already selling Amiga versions, with an additional USB drive https://www.ebay.at/itm/Fur-AMIGA-PC-A500-USB-Stick-mit-Anhanger-Modell-16-GB-inkl-Emulator-RETRO/283933954963
  5. To answer my own question: There actually is a XIO call procedure in MP, unit CIO ! procedure XIO(cmd, chn, ax1, ax2: byte; device: PByte); assembler; Thanks @Tebe
  6. Hello Mad Pascal Community, in my project i'd like to - at some certain conditions, for initialization purposes - start another binary located on the disk; like a binary load. Could this be done easily in Mad Pascal? Currently i'm using the xBootDos by @XXL, which by description should support such a call - like XIO 40, #1,0,0,"D:FILE.EXE" (btw, thx again for xBootDOS, gives me so much RAM i don't have to despair ) Best regards to everybody - and thank you very much @TeBe for that great great compiler!
  7. Got it! i forgot to add xBDext! on my xboot disk,, that's why FilePos/Seek always returned 0 ! (see https://xxl.atari.pl/xbootdos/ ) Thank you everybody for your explanations & help!
  8. Thank you very much TeBe and XXL! I (theoretically) get the concept now; but i couldn't put it down in code; my assembler skills - an knowledge of the OS system calls - are to little yet. Maybe equivalent implementations of the BASIC POINT and NOTE commands - or some set/getsector() functions - would be a nice future addition to the MAD Pascal library
  9. Hi! I'd like to load data from a rather large file at certain positions. See example code. Unfortunately the "seek" function seems to only work in SDX (I tested with xBootDOS and DOS25) Since I have no experience yet on what alternative method could be used to set a file handle to a certain position in a file, I'd be grateful if somebody has an idea how to manage that. procedure seek_map(chunk: byte); begin buf := pointer(TXT1+40); //Test: Point to text area //buf := pointer(TILES_BUFFER); // Open file Assign(fil, 'D1:BRIT.DAT'); // Read data Reset(fil,1); Seek(fil,chunk*256); // SEEK does not work? BlockRead(fil, buf, 40); // Test: show 40 characters at TXT1 // Close file Close(fil); end;
  10. That is great news!, I just sent you a PM with interest
  11. Great idea! Thanks for the bump of your thread! It just seems that i'm two years too late. So, I'd be interested in two sets if you happen to order a new batch.
  12. Hello Peter & WUDSN-IDE Users!, i'd be interested in the new Pascal syntax highlighting (for use with MAD Pascal) in WUDSN 1.7.1; unfortunately I did not succeed: I got the 'Zero Install Download' from Peters Website and then used "Help -> Check for Update " Option to upgrade to WUDSN 1.7.1 Unfortunately I don't get any highlighting with .pas files nor do i see Mad Pascal options in the preferences section. I'm sure the mistake lies on my side - i am a newie here - maybe someone can point to what I missed to set it up correctly.
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