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  1. Hello everyone, I was given a atari 2600 light sixer Sunnyvale console. It also cam with a grayish atari power supply. When I try to connect the power supply it seems like its to small for the port and can kind of jiggle around. Is this the wrong power supply for this unit? Are the power jacks on the heavy sixer different size then on the light sixer? Or is it possible that my power port needs to be relplaced? Thanks you for any help.
  2. Hello I was wondering if anyone has a working pitfall for the atari 5200. I am not concern with the condition of the label or cart. Just if its working. I have a very good cart of this game currently but im 98% sure that its fried. So im looking to find a working one so I can replace mine. Pref a bad condition cart on the cheap vs a nice expensive cart. Thank you for and help.
  3. Looking for a Authentic dreamcast av cable for a reasonable price hopefully.
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