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  1. Ghostbusters, maybe i'll be able to finish that thing after a couple of years. And it endlessly loops the ghostbusters music, too!
  2. I was also looking for a good assembler with editor for the 8bit and so far i found MAE ( https://atariwiki.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=MAE Assembler ) to be very good! It's made for the 130XE, but it can be configured to run on 64k machines.
  3. Just wanted to say, i think this is a really awesome project! I always loved this game and the atari needs a good jump n run. Can't wait to see more of this! BTW, you probably already know, but in the player physics demo, when you hold jump, the sprite gets in slide mode... Again, thumbs up to you guys!
  4. What does this do? My entry doesn't reboot aswell, it just gets broken and starts flickering when you hit RESET, so i'd like to fix this for future releases. btw, is there any way to build a hardware reset button for an XE, so i don't have to use the power switch for a cold boot? I think the reset button is already connected to the RST pin, so a real hw reset should clear the memory aswell. did anyone build this already?
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