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  1. In addition to the suggestions above, it's worth checking out the store for some great home-brews too.
  2. Nice game, a bit like playing roulette, you could add bonuses like an extra life.
  3. Ignorantly I gave mine away (two of them) so can't confirm, but back then the standard stereo mod churned out in the UK was the "Gumby" stereo mod. It should be a variation of that.
  4. Back in the 90's in the UK, Gralin International, were putting out a few modified XE's with 320K, the Ramrod XE upgrade and the upgraded PIA (6522 VIA) mod for the printer interface. It appears you may have purchased one from them. I've borrowed an image of yours and highlighted an area of your XE that shows good colour performance. I'm pretty certain if you look at the XE where the colours are not performing the difference in that area of the circuitry will be evident. For info if you look at post #12 of the thread below you may find your solution to the colour issue: From memory I'll explain it as, the electron beam has a frequency which results in the colour/intensity and if the timing circuit is not giving the colour circuit the ability to keep the frequency constant the colours on the screen are not constant so vary pixel by pixel (in a horizontal path) and in the case of the XE, it will not reproduce the desired result if the colour tuning circuit is not complete.
  5. If I was in the states I would be thinking that too. I'm of the opinion that an Atari Pong Doubles unit would have had the top case removed and switched with a Tele-Games Pong VI and shipped to Sears, with the Atari Pong Doubles top Alamogordo'd (just kidding). I'll be interested to see the board on this unit, to see what's been done even if it's not a Pong Doubles conversion, just curious.
  6. Great news! Pretty much covered by Keatah. That the VCS 2600 was once cutting edge has been replaced by the memory of it being a low end consumer item and so the current offerings are precisely that. The Noac (NES on a chip) has been used in VCS 2600 remakes, so if you get into coding the NES you can fix those ports. It's ironic that Nintendo should look to Atari to sell the NES and decades later the NES is sold under the Atari banner as a Noac for their VCS 2600 remakes.
  7. Currently there is no new offering which gives the complete experience of the actual console. I've just recently (since 2018), been getting back into the physical side of using the VCS 2600. There are still plenty for sale. You can opt for a cheaper VCS 2600 Jr as your daily driver and keep the Vader safe. Thanks to CV19, prices are lower than usual, so there are some cheap deals about and you may want to pick up more than one to nip your fear. Do also keep in mind that whilst a console can fail, that repair is also an option so please keep your console safe should that happen. There is a small developing cottage industry in the retro gaming scene and assistance is available, it's also a patience game finding parts and getting the know how to do a repair.
  8. Should have added that with a little work it would be possible to disconnect the built in potentiometers and add connectors so you can plug in external controllers. You could also then make your own controllers and use "B1M" type potentiometers.
  9. That depends on your skill level. You can open up the potentiometers and clean/oil them and reset the wiper arm for good contact. You can just squirt some oil into the potentiometers and have a play on the console and wait until the jitter settles down. You can believe the words of many and replace the potentiometers altogether. You'll need to find a compatible set, similar to the ones in the Pong Console. You may be able to find ones like in the paddle controllers for the VCS 2600 and adapt them to fit.
  10. Thought some more and was wondering if a bonus missile is feasible, where a tanq shoots a bonus pop up and an off screen missile is fired at the opponent, would be like getting some air support. Was also thinking if more than one random mine could be implemented as so far I've not hit a single mine during play testing and another one may change that.
  11. Megablast! by Thorsten Karwoth. It pushed the hardware to where slowdown is visible during big explosions. That's pushing the hardware to its' limits, more than pulling off clever hardware tricks.
  12. Whilst looking at ebay listings I came across the following: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Atari-Pong-Console-Model-C-140-With-Instructions-c-1970-039-s-Parts-or-Repair-/402830178350?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2047675.l2557&nma=true&si=56wSaQrrYUfT40zCyMF0OMtKi6o%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc It's clearly Super Pong, however the ninth image is visibly a Pong Doubles box. Shame about the condition though. As a note the battery lid indicates the console is factory reconditioned. Would be interesting if this was a Pong Doubles that was converted to Super Pong (pure conjecture).
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