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  1. I'm often on ebay scouring for TV repair books. I've seen the odd request for this on their videos. That must have been amazing back in the day (before the VCS).
  2. That was my whole point, I should have been clearer.
  3. Tanzende Teller, a fun little game (aka Dishaster).
  4. I feel your pain on that one. I've received 5 CRTs damaged in the post, I've held on to two of them which I'd like to repair myself, as there is no one local to repair for me. It's a bit of a learning curve when information is lacking. I did find a video series on Youtube, but my Indian language skills are not that great...
  5. I've got to agree with the above. You've had some very good advice so far based on the little information provided. It may help to search the forum and read up on similar issues to give you an idea of what's involved. Never fear to admit if the scope of the issue is beyond you. It's a case of getting another console that someone else has confirmed as working, which will save you much frustration. However owning a VCS is much like owning a classic car and it pays to understand more about what you have, especially if it has sentimental value. Lets start with the basics first. Has the fuse blown, please check the plug. Are the wires secure on the plug. Is the jack connector visually okay. Does the PSU get warm and how is it buzzing? Is the antenna connection (TV side), okay and is the cable without any kinks? Is the RF lead inside the VCS actually secure on the modulator (the silver box). Tuning, as you've not specified this is your old VCS, or new to you VCS, can you confirm you have tuned it in correctly to the right channel. Please also check the channel selector switch, is set correctly for the tuned channel. I'd rather not jump the gun until we check basics... however when the VCS left the factory that white buildup, should have looked a lot tidier than it does in the picture, cleaning it up should be enough. From the image we can see that the white print on the component is visible, this tells us there is no visible indication of overheating (which would have discoloured the print), of the component so it would be unlikely to be the culprit at this stage.
  6. The trace has corroded, the result is added resistance, you can confirm this with a multi meter. As the trace is now suspect, I would suggest either adding some solder along the trace to re-build it, or as per your image, which I've changed below, a jumper wire can be added between the points as indicated. With regards to the input voltage or amperage expected, you should find those quoted on your PSU as the output.
  7. That's a great pairing. Nice of you to post the images for us to see.
  8. These posts make me chuckle. At one point I owned over 40 atari 8 bit machines. I was hiding them from myself (and you all know what I mean). These days I own an amount I can face. However I've recently started building a set up...
  9. Using Mr Do, as my UK example, it's by Universal, it's been developed by Coleco and published under the CBS label. The label tells the story.
  10. I'm in the UK, and my copies look like the image attached below. I should have explained that one when I listed it.
  11. Wizard of Wor - if I have company Solar Fox - If I'm on my own (usually) Mr Do - If I'm feeling silly
  12. Those wires are fine. Thanks for the image. I've taken the liberty and borrowed your image so I can bring something to your attention. The typical scenario with an image such as yours, is that the video circuit is incomplete. If you take a trip to the link below, you'll look for TWAUG issue 33 (the last one), then go to page 32, for your remedy. http://ftp.atarimania.com/atari-magazine-twaug-newsletter_65.html
  13. Could I trouble you for an image please.
  14. You're asking so I'm assuming you have two CRT displays. The important part as you've said, is you open the consoles see they are both GI's AY-3-8500 and you're good to go. You'll follow the lines back to see which is the -neg, +pos, input line and confirm the wiring matches on both, or while you've got them open you can decide to wire them so they match (if they didn't).
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