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  1. Best to prepare for war with Combat...

    1. GoldLeader


      Lately I've been worried the Soviets might have Tank Pong.

  2. There was a bugged version that was dumped. However, I could not make it bid 8 spades. So if there is a version that does, than it has not yet been dumped. The Burgertime information is interesting. I'm not sure if I knew this before and just forgot. In any case anyone have a link to the interview? Also this could be on a lot of Burgertime carts, but might have a better chance if it is a white label Burgertime cart.
  3. I was considering this for Circus AtariAge, but so far I have enough cycles to just process it with the 6502 while the screen is being drawn. Where this idea becomes amazing though is processing for the trackball. It opens up possibilities for many games.
  4. The force will be with you, always.
  5. Hello CatPix, if you can please post a picture of the menu screen. Also, does it play a tune? Actually a video would be even better. Without seeing it I am guessing it is the existing menu screen we have dumped before. However there are at least 3 variants of it and only 2 have been dumped. I am curious if this is a 4th variant.
  6. Hello Wizzard, I split the files and took a look. I did not find any new dumps, but I thank you for doing this nonetheless. You never know what you will find on these multigame consoles or carts.
  7. If dis_solid is the byte array stored in ram, and that number_to_bit is a rom table, then interchanging X and Y in this routine will save one byte. This is because the LDA dis_solid,Y will compile to Absolute,Y mode which is 3 bytes. LDA dis_solid,x can use Zeropage,X mode which is only 2 bytes. So: tax and #%000000111 tay txa lsr lsr lsr tax lda dis_solid,X and number_to_bit,Y rts
  8. Asteroids Menu Screen. Asteroids Menu Screen.zip Combat next....
  9. Estimated Time to Asteroids (ET2A)... soon.

    1. GoldLeader


      Stargazing tonight? (Whistles Jack Horkheimer theme)...Or maybe you're gonna play a game of Asteroids then?

    2. GoldLeader


      Or...The updated games with menus,  featuring Asteroids?

    3. Omegamatrix


      In a way, both.

  10. Hello James, I have some discussion for the awards, and how it pertained to Venture Reloaded. A year ago I started creating Venture Reloaded with a goal of having a finished game ready for the awards competition. Venture Reloaded was originally a homebrew which was developed to the point of having a Treasure Screen and a new Goblin Room screen. At that stage it was apparent that I would not be able to finish the game in time for the competition. I made a difficult choice to change course and do a hack instead, because it allowed me to finish the game in time and reach my goal. A lot of people have made comparisons of Venture Reloaded to a homebrew. Let me say this. Venture Reloaded is a hack. It was always be a hack, and there should be no discussion that it is not a hack. Please understand this though. Hacks can be great. They can be things that people enjoy, and they can transform a game's experience. Hacks can certainly reach the quality level of homebrews. It is even possible for hacks to be in a conversation about some of the best releases of the year. Overall hacks are still games, and from a games perspective they should be part of any awards ceremony that celebrates the very best of games for the year. Quite honestly, I have poured my heart and soul into creating Venture Reloaded. Words can not describe my disappointment of learning at the end of November that the Hacks category was not only removed, but that my game would not be allowed to compete in any category. That information would have been most useful back in March. That would have given me a chance to make Plan C whatever that might have been. Still though, I could not help but wonder why hacks were not allowed in categories like best graphics, best music, best packaging, and so on... These categories seem like natural fits. For Venture Reloaded let me say this. If a game is compelling enough to be an instant must-buy at release, but can not enter a competition that celebrates the best of games for the year, than something is broken. I am proud of my game. Hey, it is the only port of Venture that has scaling rooms, and that's on the 2600 of all systems! The music too is pretty good for TIA and it was challenging. I spent weeks just on that part. It would have been great if Venture Reloaded had been allowed to compete in best graphics and best music. It would have been amazing if Venture Reloaded had been allowed to compete in an unconditional game of the year. It wouldn't have won, but that would've felt right. The quality of this game is there. This is not a simple 5 minute hack. This is literally hundreds and hundreds of hours of work. This is my blood, sweat, and tears. I worked harder on this than anything else I've ever done on the 2600, and I've done a lot. I feel this has raised the bar for hacks. It deserved a chance. That's all one can wish for. Now though… I'm just trying to move on. I've been angry and upset at this for so long that its made me sick. It's ironic when something created for a purpose is not allowed to fulfill that purpose. I just have to accept that Venture Reloaded will never have a Hack of the Year distinction as voted for by the people, because there was none. When people look back to the best of lists for 2600 games for 2019, this game is missing. It's almost like vaporware, and this feels awfully, awfully bad. Hacks have always been a staple of AtariAge ever since its inception, were featured in Stan's Awards, and were on the ZPH awards last year. Unlike demos there is no other place that is covering them or picking them for awards, and certainly none at the level of ZPH, which is the premier event of the year. Removing them was completely unexpected and finding out at the end of the year came quite frankly as a blindside. Honestly though, I mean no hostility here. I am not posting this to crap on the awards. If any of this is coming out harsh than I apologize, truly. I am trying offer feedback as best as I can. It's just really hard to find the right words with how everything went down, and I'm doing my best. I sincerely hope you put hacks back in for next year. They should belong. Venture Reloaded is done and gone, but I hope that I've made the case for hacks having inclusion. The awards show itself is great, and is the premier event of Atari games awards. You and your team did a great job this year, truly. It was very professional. I feel these awards deserve games like Venture Reloaded just as much as games like Venture Reloaded deserve to be a part of the awards. I believe a path forward does exist, and it can be a beautiful one, which only gets better. Thank you for reading. Please give it some thought. Jeff
  11. Omegamatrix


    Searching for good moves sounds a little bit of like a chicken before egg, or egg before chicken kind of thing, eh? I read you post twice to try and absorb it all. Sorting absolutely makes sense to have a better chance of hitting the best solution early on. Loved the talk of logic deciding how to prune the branches.
  12. From your response I'm still not sure if you are swapping files or not, but basically you do need to replace both "DPCplus_kernel.asm" and "score_graphics.asm" with the versions that I put in post 96 otherwise it won't work. The instructions for usage are in post 96 as well as post 97.
  13. I haven't looked at this in six years, but the way you described the problem makes me think you didn't replace the "DPCplus_kernel.asm" file with the one in my zip file, or maybe you didn't use the switches. Doing so you should be able to use the extra digits without any space penalties. I carved a lot of bytes out of the DPC+ kernel and that is the one in the zip file.
  14. I don't know why the editor messes up and I can't fix the IDE. I would probably just edit the score file manually.
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