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  1. Are the pieces moving or static? I think 30Hz flicker will be okay. If you have a black screen keep the luminance low to make it more tolerable.
  2. I tried installing a few different types of 32 bit linux using VirtualBox about a month ago but couldn't get anything to work. From what I read it might be a problem with my graphic drivers. I tried several things to make it work, but none were sucessful. I'm interested in if you can use the 64 bit builds now and not have problems with compiling code for the ARM. If that will work I will try a newer version of linux, and worst case buy a different PC (which I need).
  3. How is this progressing? I am really looking foreward to this game. It's on my short list of best 2600 homebrews ever.
  4. This is top notch. This will be one of my favorite 2600 games. Well done!
  5. Neat! I've too made ramless programs, but never thought about making a game before. Pong is good choice for that. I remember at least one discussion that was had about methods of extra storage. This post captures most of that.
  6. This is a good game! Lots of fun.
  7. This is a superb idea to breathe new life into these games. Truthfully, I never have a manual around, and I usually just play the default version. Converting games that have a lot of variations is a huge improvement. Maybe I will look into Video Olympics because there are 50 variations. I'm pretty sure I have not tried a lot of them. Paddle games are more involved to make a menu screen, but certainly workable. Standard joystick games though would be easier to bang out.
  8. Yes it has! Actually a few of the roms in the thread you posted has this conversion. But the rom you probably want is in the link below. It has the most work done to it. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/67442-stone-age-cce/?p=2909578
  9. I was talking about doing disassemblies to see the exact differences, and grouping the roms that way. From the Missile Command output for Clonespy you posted can you say which hacks were built from the no-initial rom, and which were built from the initial rom? It's easy to determine that from a disassembly that can compile into each version. Ultimately though I'm trying to make a simple relationship diagram like this: I did that for Challege about 11 years ago.
  10. Really interesting, especially as it gives a perspective of the enviroment people were in when making these hacks: The article points out that: Fair to say they were worried of their own government and lived in a controlled and restricted society. We see so much pirating of images and games from them, and I always thought it was because they weren't worried about foriegn governments or just didn't care. That thought may still be true, but today I have a more pleasent thought about their attitude. Perhaps at some of level their pirating was driven by a means of takining in Western Culture where that they could. Maybe their government would not take notice of banned material as long as it was not directly referenced, and its appearance was smothered in patriotic rhetoric for their government.
  11. The Adventurer's Gameplay is very interesting. I love Funvision stuff. Can anyone make out the games on the top of the box? Unfortunately the picture is a little small.
  12. It can be chipped away a little by looking at certain features. In general you want to compare all known versions of game including all of the hacks. Here are some things that can be looked at: Size of Display: PAL games can have more visible lines available then NTSC. If you see a game that fills the screen in PAL format but has areas that are off the screen in NTSC than it hints the game was a programmed as PAL. Colors: PAL and NTSC have different color palletes. For example value $1E is yellow in NTSC, but $1E is white for PAL. If the color values are the same between a PAL and NTSC version than look at each game to see what makes sense. Is the sky color blue and the grass green in one version? Does the character have a flesh color for skin in one version and not the other? Music: If there is a known melody in a game, and the music data is unchanged between versions, than which one sounds like it is playing correctly? A good example of this is Challenge. Play the PAL HES version and compare it to the NTSC Zellers version. The music plays way too fast in the NTSC version but sounds correct in the PAL version. Changed Code: This is comparing all known versions of a game to group roms that share identical code changes. Corrupted instructions (from bit rot), bug fixes, and garbage data are very useful for tracking differences. Grouping the roms together by those differences will form a nice pattern of relationships. Scanline Count: Looking at the scanline count alone is not conclusive as a lot of Atari games were off spec. However if you find the PAL version is on spec and stable, but the NTSC version is rolling because too much time is being spent in Overscan or Vblank than the game might have been programmed as PAL. Hope that helps.
  13. Alright! Some good work here. Ballblaɀer I took a look at the roms and found some of the 2K games were dumped as 4K. Please use these roms instead for those: 2K roms.zip In terms of whether sometimes PAL games were hacked into NTSC, that has happened before. Sometimes you will even find that a game gets hacked into a PAL format, and then hacked back into NTSC by a different company. Colors are ususally something that can be looked at to see if a game started as NTSC or PAL. Sometimes they don't get changed.
  14. Hello Ballblazer, This is great! Even though the other roms matched some previous dumps can you please post them? Thank you for helping with the Bit Corp dumps.
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