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  1. I tried Shanghai II out on the Genesis and i could not figure out what to do at all. I was only able to relocate one tile with another tile, and after that it seems like i was not able to move any tiles at all. Every time i selected a tile, it would not allow me to move the tile no matter where i clicked next.
  2. I feel the same way when i completed Sonic 1. I am only a little ways into Sonic 2, but i feel like it was a game I could get lost into as well. I think maybe its because of the retro fast paced movement that helps me get lost into the game. Good suggestion
  3. Have to add another one to the list. Although its modern, Bloodstained Ritual of the Night is a great game and it helped me relieve some anxiety the first time i played it for more than an hour. Looks kind of like a symphony of the night style game, which i am hoping to try to complete sometime this year. I hope this helps anyone out there who has allot of anxiety.
  4. Are windows PC's apart of this discussion? If so id have to say that any PC that is able to accurately run Windows XP or better is the most underrated console of all time. I mean back in the 90s all those sega, nintendo, playstation console wars were going on, and although the Windows PC had many great games, the PC didn't really have emulators for all of those consoles. I never cared about console wars back then or today, it was just in the forefront allot more back in 90s and the only thing I cared about was if the video games were fun or not. Since Windows XP, the PC has be able to emulate so many consoles. In my opinion, in many ways it has been able to emulate consoles even better than the actual consoles themselves. Id have to say the Windows PC has to be the most underrated console of all time, with the right specs of course, because it is all the consoles of previous generations combined.
  5. Seems like Im playing NES castlevania games for anxiety relief. I Found another great title that I'm going to try to complete in the near future. Castlevania Blood Moon for the Nes seemed to help me relieve some anxiety, i think it must have to do with the constant action that the game has to offer. I keep on going back to the Galaga NES port to try to ease some anxiety as well.
  6. Found another good one, its called Castlevania Draculas Revenge for the nes. Its a hack of the original castlevania. Seems like castlevania for the nes is one of those games i can get lost in no matter if its castlevania 1, simons quest, draculas curse, or any other castlevania hack. I havent really fully got into symphony of the night, but i will try to put more time into that one day to see if that helps. I know Castlevania for the n64 helped ease some anxiety as well.
  7. Sim City 2000 is a really good suggestion, I remember playing it on my PC a long time ago when it was released, and it is definitely a game that one can get lost into. Just to add another game to the list, I was playing Thunder Force III for the sega genesis, and i feel like that is a great game that one can get relieve some anxiety.
  8. Never played Robotron, but i just tried it and it was a pretty good game, its a weird game but definitely interesting Just to add a few more to the list Super Mario 64: to me at the time was revolutionary, there was nothing like it, and is still fun to play today Banjo Kazooie: another good action adventure game with a n64 3d style similar to Super Mario 64 Legend of Zelda Ocarina of time: I beat it when i was a kid, although I havent revisited it, I would like to. I think its one of those games you really get into the further you go into the game Mario Kart 64: is one of the best racing games of all time, i can still go back to this game years later and still have fun playing it. Castlevania 64: a very underrated castlevania game, i just completed it and it is definitely worth playing Doom 64: a great 1st person shooter that I would like to complete one day Yes there are flaws in Nintendo's first true 3d system, the backgrounds are blurry, the ground/overhead graphics are very blocky and repetitive, but the same can be said about many titles on the PS1. As far as gameplay goes i feel like there are a good amount of titles that are worth playing and are truly unique to the n64 library. If by overrated you are you are talking about good games divided by total titles, then you could say the PS1 is overrated because there there is allot of bad games on that system out of the total 1300 released. I wouldnt call it overrated though, because i feel like there are some great titles of out of the 1300 that are still fun to play today. Even the NES had allot of bad games on it, but the amount of fun the system offers is endless even today, especially with homebrews still being released. Overrated/Underrated for what it is, I feel like systems are only as good the playability of the games that were released on the console, which is subjective to the person playing it.
  9. I wish i could still smoke, it gives me extreme anxiety now a days, when in the past could smoke anytime i wanted to and it really calmed me down. Maybe one day i could relax from it again. Ive tried cbd as well, and it does not seem to help.
  10. Thank you i will definitely look into this, I appreciate it.
  11. Thanks for the input, I wish I could find a safe place to get that rom, as for I only know of sites that carry sega genesis roms and not Sega Master System games like Putt and Putter
  12. I second this. Save states are great to be able to come back to any point in the game. The only problem i have with them is: is it considered cheating if you save a game at a particular spot, then die in the game, then load that save state and continue the game from that particular spot? The developers didn't have it in mind to start games from any "loading state" you want, and it definitely makes games easier to complete that's for sure. Other than that, I like emulation because it gives me the ability to play multiple consoles and its libraries, without any hardware other than a controller/laptop.
  13. When i played Sonic 2 Aqua Ruin level, to be honest that didnt really happen to me that often and was such a small part of the level. It last only about 5 seconds, and i was pretty good at finding the places to breath air under water. I was really referring to the music on the Aqua Ruin level, as I did find it soothing. But i know what you mean, if you cant find where to breath under water, i could see how it could be stressful. If i was near the 5 seconds that you needed to breath under water, i would wait by the areas to catch my breath :)
  14. any updates on the interview lushgirl? id really like to hear it. A while back I used to enjoy watching old Nirvana interviews, and Krist was pretty goofy/funny back then and it was very entertaining to watch. Im sure hes changed allot since those old days, especially from what hes been through in losing his best friend that way. I guess we all change as time goes on.
  15. are you talking about Sonic 2 level called Aqua Ruin, If so i feel the same way. I liked the music and felt relaxed playing that level, although it was a little short as it only consisted of 2 stages before playing the boss
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