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  1. I occasionally visit from time to time, but haven't contributed in a while Thanks for thinking of me. I have actually been playing Banjo Tooie for the N64 and feel that it is a relaxing game to play. It is open world game, although not by today's standards, but I really like the exploration aspect of the game as I do with other Action/Adventure games for the Nintendo 64. How about you wongojack, what are some of your retro go to's, as of recently, that you think are calming to play? I couldn't agree more. The Lolo games are a go to of mine for relaxation, as is Fire N Ice. I haven't heard of it, what platform is it for? I do like Outrun; I remember playing it on the Sega Master System many years ago. I never really gave this game a try. Maybe one day I will give it another go. That looks interesting, thank you for your suggestion. I'm right there with you with the golf games. I have always thought that Tiger Woods 2002/2004 on the PS2 were always good games to help me relieve some anxiety. I always like playing St. Andrews in rainy weather, as I find it really soothing to play. I also used to love playing the Golden Tee arcade machine years ago. Thank you all for keeping this thread going. I really like to see everyone's suggestions on retro games that help them relieve some anxiety, even if it just a little bit.
  2. I didn't play much, but here are my times for the week NES Bump N Jump -25 Minutes There is something that is really fun about jumping over different obstacles in this game that separates it from other car games on the NES. I got a little further in the game this time around, and hopefully can finish this game one day. Double Dragon -45 Minutes I finally finished this game after all these years and one tip I can say is using the elbow attack is key on the final stage. I can't recall if I ever completed this game when I was a kid, but I do recall getting to the shotgun guy and possibly the final boss. This is a really good game that I would recommend playing.
  3. This looks like an interesting game, but for some reason the layout makes me feel dizzy. I've never seen a shooter that is graphically laid out in this manner. It seems like sometimes your looking up in the sky, and sometimes it's as if your your looking over a cliff. I can understand why you feel this way. That game doesn't look much fun to me either. I never really got into the forward/backwards moving shooters that much, but since I like allot of the Atari 2600 shooters I've played, I'm going to try to give this one a try. This looks like a fun game and kind of reminds me of an old school version of crazy taxi. I wish the person telling you where to go had a better sound byte though, it looks like his voice might get irritating after a while. I never knew they made a Mega Man game on the Game gear. This looks like a good game, but on the video I watched the sound effects and music seemed a little off. I remember trying out this game a couple of years back, and I could not get past the first part of this game. I don't know what the default difficulty level was, but I really had no idea where to go from the start. I can't imagine how difficult it is on the Nightmare mode. That is really interesting to know. I guess its because some of these CD-ROM based games take such a long time to complete compared to the cartridge based ones for the most part. As always, thank you for taking the time to compile all of the different stats and for adding up the minutes for the week.
  4. Here are my retro times for the week NES Bump N Jump -15 Minutes This is a really fun driving game that is also difficult, but maybe that is because I am not to good at the this game. I think it is different from most games in the driving genera, and it is definitely worth playing if you get a chance. Double Dragon -50 Minutes I remember playing this game as a kid and still enjoy playing it today. Just like years ago, for some reason I always get stuck on the icicle stage: I need to figure out the patterns to try to avoid the icicles more. Star Force -10 minutes This is another shooter for the NES that if I give more time, I think I can get into. It is another difficult one and I actually enjoyed the NES theme song for the first level. Star Soldier -20 minutes This game is the first game in the series, and I enjoyed it but it was pretty difficult. I didn't enjoy it as much as Final Soldier, especially because of the music, but it is a good game nonetheless. Super Mario 2 The Lost Levels -25 Minutes This game is similar graphically to Super Mario 1, but it is extremely difficult. I do enjoy this game, but it is probably the hardest Mario game on the NES. Super Mario 2 -20 Minutes This game is a nostalgic one for me. I remember playing it with my brother years ago when it was released, and when he beat the game, we were both really excited at the time. I am really glad we got this version in the US instead of the lost levels version. Super Mario 3 -30 Minutes This is my favorite Mario game on the NES. I remember playing it for the first time before it was released on an arcade cabinet at a local restaurant. I also remember standing in line with my mom to buy this game: the line was wrapped all the way around the corner on the outside of the Toys R US. PS1 Tomb Raider -60 Minutes I really do enjoy playing this game, but for some reason I wasn't expecting it to take as much time as it is to complete it. I really have to be in the mood to play games that require a lot of time, as for one of the main reasons I like allot of retro games is that you can pick em up and play for short periods of time. Either way this is a really good game and is on my bucket list to complete.
  5. Well I learned multiple new things about Atari systems today. It sounds like Atari made an error with the naming of there systems like 65XE, 130XE and XEGS, but I could be mistaken. Its very interesting that these developers were working with 48k and 64k of ram, and the funny thing is that computers like the Mac had 128k of ram and cost $2500 back then. I didn't own one, but I still do remember playing Oregon Trail during the 80's. I owned my first gateway 2000 in the early 90's and remember how expensive these computers were, and how fortunate I was to own one because not allot of people could afford them. Thank you for that information.
  6. Thanks that is very good advice because I would prefer play the game while listening to the music, instead of just listening to the music by itself. Since I don't have the saturn versions, I will just give the soundtrack a listen and let you know how it goes. Ahh that shows how little I know about the Atari 2600. I grew up with the NES and when I think of the Atari 2600, I picture the joystick with the one button. This is really my first year playing the Atari 2600, and I use my ps2 style controller to play it on the Stella emulator. I can understand how that feels. Sometimes in Galaga I'll start off great, and die pretty quickly. Also there are times when I start off horrible but actually end up getting a decent score. It happens to me a lot in Galaga and Demon Attack. That is really interesting to know about the Atari 8-bit system and thank you for that information. I know so little about it that originally thought the 8 bit came out before the 2600 until you made me aware of it by the list of games you played. I saw how good the graphics looked in some of those games and then looked up that the system came out in 1983. I would really like to try out that system one day.
  7. Thank you, but the memory comes and goes for certain things. That is interesting to know about the mothership boss on the Intellivision version and hopefully one day I can play that and the Odssey 2 version. I agree with you that the enemies are not anywhere near as annoying as in Xevious. I really do enjoy the Atari 2600 version as well: it has a simplistic design with great controls, and is progressively difficult at the same time. Your right, I think if I practice the game more I would be able to finish it quicker. I am going to try and play some of the Thunderforce series on the genesis during the current week. It's interesting that I really starting getting into shooters these past couple of years while joining this forum. It all really started with Galaga, and has moved on to other systems from there. I am also I am going to give a listen to those soundtracks for Thunderforce as well for the Saturn, and let you know how it goes. Is that the controller you guys are playing Kaboom with? That makes mores sense to me now if it is. I always figured you guys were playing with the Atari 2600 Joystick. After looking it up, it seems like a lot more fun to play this game with the paddle controller. I'm glad to see that this game surpassed the 1000 minute mark because it is one of my favorite games. As always Thank you for taking the time to add all of the minutes up for the week, I really enjoy reading/seeing about all of the stats.
  8. That is interesting to know that the Audacity Games company was formed, and are creating new cartridge based Atari 2600 games. Thank you for that information, and as always thanks for taking the time to add up the minutes for the week. Its funny that you said Metroid games are short, because the SNES one looks like it would take me a long while to complete, but I need to give it a go. I think I can only play the non arcade versions of Hellfire and Truxton, and its too bad they messed up on the music: an aspect that I am really starting to like in games just as much as the game itself. I think I will try out the Thunder Force series on the Sega Genesis first, but hopefully one day I can move on to the other versions of the game because they look really fun/difficult to play. If the Saturn version is the most difficult, hopefully one day I can attain that version because I like to play difficult games. I would most likely use save states to help reduce the anxiety they cause from the repetition of playing certain areas over and over again. This looks like a fun version of the game, but I'm not to big of a fan of the sound effects. I guess for some reason just like with most of the Atari games I play, I like to listen to my own music while playing them. I also forgot to ask you, did you enjoy playing Demon Attack on the Intellivision last week? The reason I ask is because I remember you saying you didn't like Xevious because the enemies seem to avoid you at all costs. I know its not to that extent in Demon Attack, especially it being single screen, but I feel as though the enemies try to avoid you as well. Congratulations on your achievement. I am going to try to put in some time this week on Solar Fox, and I'll be lucky to get past level 15. I don't think I've ever seen this version of the game. The sound seems like it is better in this version than the TurboGrafx 16 in my opinion. Castlevania Symphony of the Night is a great game, and hopefully one day I will finish it. Did you complete it in that amount of time? That sounds like me with the regular version of Kaboom. One day I would really like to play it with the Atari Joysticks.
  9. Here are my retro times for the week, I played allot of Castlevania 3 Dracula's Curse while doing some other work at the same time, so those minutes are a rough estimate. Atari 2600 Demon Attack - -50 Minutes This game is so fun to just be able to pick up and play for quick moments at a time, although I can't seem to surpass my high score. NES Castlevania -20 Minutes Castlevania will forever be one of my favorite games, and a really difficult one at that. In my opinion its not as difficult as Castlevania 3, but the Grim Reaper and Dracula will always be challenging to me. Castlevania 3 Dracula's Curse -605 Minutes This game is a classic and I was able to go through two different routes of this game. I like to use save states because if I don't, the game can be really difficult and anxiety inducing at certain times.. An interesting note is after you beat the game, it gets even more difficult with new enemies spawning in different areas of the game. My favorite new enemy was the medusa head replacement, which are now skull heads that fly around and are really difficult to avoid. Galaga -20 Minutes I think this is my favorite shooter on the NES. This game got me thinking about how back in the day when playing arcade games, there were no pause button and how it would have made it even more difficult to play for long periods of time. Ghosts' N Goblins -25 Minutes This is a great side scrolling action game for the NES, and is in contention to be my favorite game on the system. It's a toss up between this and the Castlevania Games. Turbo Grafx 16 Final Soldier -25 Minutes I would definitely recommend this game if you can get a chance to play this shooter. The music is great, the weapons are really interesting, and the game is definitely difficult. PS1 Tomb Raider -150 Minutes I am really enjoying playing this game, and although the controls are not perfect, the game is really fun. I think I would put this game in the category of Adventure/Exploration with action/shooting elements in some parts of the game, but it might be to early to tell. Either way it is really fun to explore the giant levels in this game, but I didn't realize the amount of time it would take me find certain areas in this game.
  10. Thank you for that information. I need to try out Star Soldier for the NES, I don't think I've ever played that version.
  11. I really need to try to play more of this game. Like I stated before, it seems like a really fun pacman style shooter. I am definitely going to play this through after I play through the original Tomb Raider. I am really enjoying this series, and might be one of the biggest 3D adventure/exploring games I have ever played. Glad to see you got in some time for one of my favorite games on the Atari 2600. I didn't even realize this game was available for the Intellivision, which also looks like a fun and challenging game. It's interesting that all of the enemies shoot at you in this version, and the graphics look a lot different as well. These are two great games and I'm glad to see them on your list. I really should try to revisit Super Mario 2 as for I haven't played that one in a while. This looks like a really good shooter for the system that has plenty of shooters. It kind of reminds me of Final Soldier. I think it would take me way more than 2 hours to complete that game, but I have never played it through before. Either way I like the fact that you played the game without looking on youtube for those particular items. I am trying to do that with Tomb Raider right now, as for I am stuck on the 3rd level and can't find where to go. Also Hellfire and Truxton look like really good shooters. Just wondering what you mean by former Activision employees? That is also very interesting that Solar fox has gotten that much time noted in the game tracker, and that it is the number one game played for the current year. Also as always thanks for taking the time to add up the minutes for the current week, I really do appreciate it.
  12. Here are my retro times for the week. Atari 2600 Centipede -10 Minutes This is a really fun shooter that is also difficult to reach the later levels in the game. Its interesting after all these years of mainly playing NES and onward, how much I have enjoyed playing the Atari 2600. NES Adventures of Lolo 3 Eggerland Mystery Hack -30 Minutes This is a really different type of puzzle game in a series that I have enjoyed playing for the past couple of years. Some of these hacks are really difficult, almost to the point of impossibility without mid-in-game save states on certain levels. I really enjoy this series and highly recommend it. Tetris -20 Minutes I have always enjoyed this game ever since the first time I played it on the gameboy, which seems like forever ago. This is a very difficult game to master in my opinion, but it doesn't stop me from trying to get as far as I possibly can. Sega Genesis Altered Beast -70 Minutes I finally beat this game after all of these years. It's been one of those games that I put off in trying to complete, but I am glad I finally did. I remember getting it as a pack in title for the Sega Genesis back in the late 80s. Its funny looking back at some of these old games and remembering that the giant characters/sprites in a game was a really big deal back then. Super Nintendo Contra 3 Alien Wars -15 Minutes This is a very fun but difficult version of Contra. I have always enjoyed the series, but this one might be too anxiety-inducing/difficult one for me to beat without save states. PS1 Tomb Raider 2 -110 Minutes I can understand why so many minutes have been tracked in this game thus far, as for I am really enjoying playing this game. I actually stopped playing it this week to revisit the first in the series. I usually like to play the first game in the series before the second, but either way both have been really enjoyable.
  13. That is very interesting and thank you for pointing me towards that thread. Soldering was never one of my fine points. I remember growing up I decided to install a mod chip on a PS2, and my uncle soldered the wire to the pin. The pin was so small, to this day I still don't know how he did it. Funny thing is the modded PS2 still plays burned games 19 years later. That is really neat that you were able to create a game on the Intellivision, whether it was simplistic or not. I find game developing interesting, and maybe one day I learn how to develop or change gameplay elements in a game other than the sprites. I'm pretty sure I have played the SNES version, but like you said it is a very different game than the Arcade Alien vs. Preditor. The jaguar game looks pretty good, and that Windows game looks like a really fun FPS. I feel as though they could have created the arcade version of the game on the SNES and Genesis, and for that matter the Simpsons Arcade could have been done on those systems as well. Yeah I think your right, but for some reason I never really got into Arcade emulation. Mame is something that I never took the time to look into, but one day I would really like to try to play a handful of arcade games that weren't ported to home console systems. Your welcome. I would think that it would be a daunting/punishing task to beat allot of those games. It is interesting to know that if you find the right ROM variant, then most of those games are actually playable. Good luck trying to complete the rest of the games on the list.
  14. I just played a little of this game, and I thought it was really fun. I kind of reminded me of pacman combined with shooting elements. That's funny, and after looking at a video of the game I see what your saying. It doesn't look that bad for that system. That is an amazing achievement. I didn't even know you could actually beat that amount of games on Action 52. I always thought allot of them were broken, like Cheetahmen, and that some of them couldn't even be completed to the end. That is one game I have on my bucket list to complete, now especially since I finally finished the NES Metroid. Did it really take you 15 years to find that last power bomb tank? I am just wondering because if so, that is some dedicated gaming to not go look up where the room is located on youtube. I can understand if it did because that game looks like a giant puzzle. It also took me a really long time to getting around to finally completing Metroid on the NES myself. I have always enjoyed this series. I always thought this was a retro game that was different from the rest in a good way, even though there are plenty of variations of this game in today's age. Both of these games looked really fun to play. I wish they would have released Alien vs Predator on a console That is a really neat project that I'm glad you were able to complete. Does the rewiring of the controllers involve soldering? Its also funny that I just recently found out that Sears had differently labeled Atari games and systems. I remember back in the day going through those huge Sears catalogs and seeing all the different things they offered at the time. That is really interesting to know. With all that time being played in that game, I need to try and give it a thorough play through one of these days. Also did you really develop the Slalom game for the Atari? I was trying to locate the exact title of the game you were talking about, but I couldn't find it. Thanks for taking the time to compile the list for the week as always.
  15. Here are my retro times for the week. I spent a good amount of time modding a few games for the NES for the first time. I wanted to try to change sprites in the game to see if I could, and it was actually a fun experience to see your artwork within the game. I didn't count that towards my game time though. Atari 2600 Communist Mutants from Space -25 Minutes This is one of my favorite games on the system, and it is a pretty difficult one. If you tweak the settings I feel like this game is easier to play, but either way it is very fun game. Demon Attack -15 Minutes It all started with me playing the PS2 Activision Anthology which really got me into playing this game. I have really enjoyed learning about other Atari 2600 games in this thread, and I especially enjoy the shooters for this system. NES Castlevania -90 Minutes This is and always has been one of my favorite games for the NES. I actually spent a good amount of time modding the sprites in this game, something I've always wanted to try out and had a fun time doing so. TurboGrafx 16 Final Soldier -35 Minutes This is a great shooter that has a really good soundtrack. I am going to find different shooters to play on this system over the next couple of weeks, as for I know this system has plenty of them.
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