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  1. That is interesting that they had an arcade version of Ghouls N Ghosts at your local Skaggs Alpha-Beta. I think its one of those games that you have to memorize the patterns to help make it a little easier, also using save states really helps me progress at certain points of the game.
  2. Same here, I could only play a few minutes of retro gaming this week and forgot to post it on time again. That game looks interesting and kind of reminds me of an older star wars game or movie. Wow that is really interesting statistics to know. Thank you for looking into all that information, and for adding up the times for the week. That's the only thing that matters with these retro games: after all these years, these old games are still fun to play. That's an interesting new game that you played for the week. I used to own the first Madden 64, and remembered how I used to like playing the game with the snowy weather on the field. I also was able to play a little Spy Hunter this week, but forgot to post the times. I actually got an extra life for the first time probably since I was a kid. Thanks for letting me know about how the point system works in the game. I like to see these games on the list as they are two of my favorite games for the NES and SNES/Genesis. I don't think I've ever played the arcade versions of either of these games though. They both look really good and remind me of the SNES and Genesis games in terms of graphics. I am definitely going to try to play some of this series for the week. I remember last year I really enjoyed playing Sonic 1 and Sonic 2.
  3. I also believe if your able to get lost in a game, it can really help with relieving a little anxiety. Also to try to make Ghosts N Goblins a little easier, I like to use save states to help past certain difficult parts of the game. I definitely understand how Ghost's N Goblins can be a difficult game. I think if you practice the game enough and use save states, it really helps with anxiety because you don't have to think too much about the game because you've memorized the patterns. Also if you are able to get to the mid-point of a level and then die, you start at the halfway point of that level with unlimited continues. I have never looked at the Amstrad CPC version of the game until now. I can definitely see what your saying about the screens side scrolling, and how that could be irritating. I also think the music in that game is pretty cool as well, thank you for letting me know about that version of the game.
  4. Just wanted to add another game to the list. I think Ghosts' N Goblins for the NES is a really good game to help relieve some anxiety. Although it is a very difficult game, it is a game that I can become submerged in, and one that I can never get tired of playing. I think the better you become at difficult games like Ghosts' N Goblins, the more relaxing and anxiety relieving they become to play.
  5. Wow that is really good to be able to reach those levels. Thank you for sharing that strategy guide, hopefully with that I will be able to see level 4 in Burgertime. That is too funny. After all of these years I don't think I ever realized you can earn more lives in Spy Hunter if you reach a certain score, or at least I don't remember. I never really focused on getting points in the game, I always just tried avoiding cars most of the time and hoping to advance as far as I possibly could. I think there was one time my brother or I was able to the boat level once and we were amazed at the time. I also noticed the different adaptation of the music from the Colecovision version and the NES version, both of which are really enjoyable to listen to. That's also cool you were able to rent the arcade machine. I really miss the days when I was a kid and would go to the mall arcades, there was something special about those times.
  6. Glad to see you playing some genesis for the week. Those are two good games to play for that system as well. Also thanks for taking the time to add up the times for the week. This looks like an interesting game, that kind of reminds me of Berzerk, although I could be wrong. I need to try it out sometime. Glad to see you achieved a high score of 90,000. For that game and Kaboom I would need to put in some time to get anywhere near half of that score. This looks like a fun version of the game for the Colecovision. The NES version was one of my brother and I's favorite games to play way back in the 80's. Maybe someone did a cheat code in the video I watched, but I found it interesting that after you crashed when the time ran out, you were still able to keep playing. Is that correct? Just was wondering around what level you are getting to in this game? It seems like i need to improve my horrible skills to even make it past level 2. This looks like a really interesting game to play. That power drift game looks pretty awesome. That's one of the great things about this form. Allot of you guys have really introduced me to playing games like these and other great games for the Atari 2600.
  7. Here are the games I played for the week, I kind of went on mission to play Asteriods. Atari 2600 Asteriods -25 Minutes I really enjoyed this game allot more by trying out the different versions other than the default mode, and I want to thank wongojack that advice and for telling me to try to stay in the middle of the screen. I also want to thank digdugnate for showing me the manual for this game to see all of the different game types. NES Galaga -15 Minutes I can pick up and play this game at anytime, which I think makes for a great game: one that can be replayed over and over and is still fun to play. Super Contra 2 -15 Minutes This is one of the most difficult versions of Contra I have ever played. It is a hack, and the funny thing is I'm pretty sure the konami code actually gives you less lives in this one. Sega Genesis James Pond 2 -5 Minutes I only played a little of this game to listen to the soundtrack, which was suggested to me in another thread. It seemed like a fun game with a very uplifting soundtrack. James Pond 3 -5 Minutes This version of the game reminded me of Sonic, because the character is so fast. This looks to be a very fun version of the game, and I think I will try to put some more time into this game in the future. PS1 Asteriods -25 Minutes I remembered agb saying that he purchased the game before buying the system, and I can see why. The graphics were really well done, and I enjoy the Asteriods games that use a button for the throttle. This was my favorite version of Asteriods that I played this week and I highly recommend it. N64 Asteriods Hyper 64 -15 Minutes This is a really good version of Asteriods, and kind of reminds me of the PS1 version, but I feel like the first level background design blends in with the space rocks a little too much. I think the first level graphics go past level 15, which I couldn't reach, but either way it is still a very enjoyable version of Asteriods. Also when you get hit, it has the biggest explosion of all the Asteriods game that I have played, which was fun to see.
  8. Ahh I just saw the word "lack", lol. Its funny though, you'd be surprised that sometimes difficult games can help relieve some anxiety because it you can get more submersed in the game. The trick, at least for me, is is to use allot of save states in those very difficult games.
  9. I am really glad to hear that you became a stronger person in the long run of life, I think that is something that people with anxiety all seem to strive for. I have just played a little of James Pond 2 and James Pond 3 for the sega genesis and they both seem like fun games. Your right about the music in James Pond 2 being really uplifting. James Pond 3, although I only played it for a little while reminded me of Sonic due to the speed of the character. Thank you so much for your suggestions, I hope they will help people relieve some anxiety, even if it is just a little bit.
  10. I will need to try that game out. I really haven't put in that much time over the years into Battletoads, but I will give it a shot. Thank you for your suggestion for games that might help relieve some anxiety. I'm sorry to hear about the tough times you are going through. It is always difficult to deal with someone close to you that is very sick, and it is a sad/anxiety inducing time. I really need to try that game out, as for I have the sega genesis version. Is that the game your talking about? Again I'm sorry to hear about your family member.
  11. Thank you for that information. That's an interesting part about the Atari 2600 that I really haven't explored too much, the fact that you are able to play with different game modes. I will definitely try that out with Asteriods and a few other Atari games in the future. Thank you for that link, I am going to look through some more of these Atari 2600 manuals of the games I have been playing. I need to try out the ps1 Asteriods. It looks like a really good version to play, and kind of reminds me of the N64 version. This is a really fun game to play and I would really like to try out the NES version that someone on atariage developed. This is a really fun beatem up that I enjoyed playing in the past. I would like to try to finish this game, and maybe try out the Ps4 Streets of Rage whenever I decide to play my PS4 again.
  12. Thank you so much, I really do appreciate that. Also thanks for taking the time to compile the list for the week.
  13. It looks like I posted too late for this week. It's ok if you don't add the times for the week. Sorry about that NES Blaster Master -130 Minutes This is a classic game for the NES and I really enjoyed it. Some of the levels were hard to find, so it took some exploring of the game to be able to find the next area. The game somewhat reminded me of metroid with its space atmosphere and the music, which is great, also reminds me a little bit of the game. I would definitely recommend this game to anyone who hasn't played it. Ghosts'N Goblins -180 Minutes This is a classic game for the NES that I remember watching my brother play when I was a kid. I finished the sega genesis one as well, and I think in the future I am going to play the SNES version.
  14. Haha, no it was just the NES. I'm not sure if it was the M82's but all I can remember is the setup had multiple games in a demo unit, and you could swap out the physical game cartridges. I'm aware of the M8 and and M82, but maybe there's another model that I'm not aware of. Either way it was nice to be able to play NES games in the waiting room at a place that is not particularly fun to be at.
  15. Its funny you say that about the buttons only version of Asteroids, because the version I liked the best was Asteriods Hyper 64 where the thrust forward movement was using a button and not the joystick. I looked at the Space Rocks game, and the different modes make this game look awesome. The one where the space ships are shooting back at you looks really fun to play. I don't ever recall seeing that in Asteroids unless it happens later on in the game. I don't really feel like remapping my controller for the Atari 2600 version, so I think I will play the N64 version, although I might try some of the other versions I have as well. Thanks for all of the tips you provided and that was funny about "shooting the rocks". That is interesting to know about Donkey Kong and how long it took to exceed 1000 minutes. The NES version has always been a nostalgic one for me, as for a remember playing it in the Dentists office when I was a kid. Kind of crazy, but I can recall them having multiple m82 demo units to be able to play before you got your teeth cleaned. As always thanks for adding up the times for the week.
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