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  1. That is interesting because I only owned a couple of games myself for the NES, but I was about 4 when I first got the system. I usually played Castlevania, Ghost N' Goblins, Double Dragon, and Goal. The rest of the time I was renting games because they were expensive. I would later on get Super Mario 3 and another handful of games. That is good information to know. I actually owned NES, then the Sega Genesis. I was able to own a N64, PS1, Sega Dreamcast, PS2, then finally I bought a PS4 which I dont play nearly as often as the retro consoles. Each time I bought a new system back then, I would trade in the old one with the games, and get next to nothing for them, because I didnt have much money back then.
  2. Funny thing is I never played this game before, but I just tried it out to see what it was like. Your right, the enemies just seem to avoid you in the beginning and it is not too fun to deal with. Maybe if I play more levels, it might be more fun later in the game. this is a really good game, I enjoy playing it from time to time. Seems like you guys and a bunch others in this thread like to play the Atari 2600. I grew up with the NES, and I just never really played that system at all, I think i need to try to play it some to see If I enjoy it as well, as I have a couple of the Atari compilation sets.
  3. I didn't get much time for gaming in this week, hopefully this next week I will be able to play some more retro games. NES Legend of Zelda - 15 minutes This is a classic game for the NES.Funny thing is after all these years I still have yet to beat this game, although I do have a save state where I was about 80 percent done with this game. One day I will beat this game. Galaga - 10 minutes I remember seeing these arcade cabinets when I was a kid, although I don't remember really playing it. The funny thing is it wasn't really until over the past year that I started playing this game, and it is definitlely one of my favorites. Castlevania Retold - 10 minutes This is a very good hack for Castlevania, although I'm not sure you guys are counting hacks for tracking since they are not official releases. Pacman - 8 minutes This is a great and challenging game, that I have yet to realize the patterns of yet. Either way it is a fun game to play, even though I'm not too good at it. Sega Genesis Columns 3- 5 minutes This is a very good puzzle game where I played against the computer. I think I need to get into playing these Columns games a little more to see which version I like best. PS1 Konami Arcade Classics (Yie Ar Kung Fu) - 12 minutes I never played this game before this week. At first I didn't really like this game, but after getting used to the controls I rather enjoyed this game. I could not get past the "fan lady".
  4. Thanks. Yeah sorry I originally had it under N64 but I proofread it after I posted, and then immediately moved it to Sega Genesis. Nightmare Circus Pretty awful game to play, but maybe I didnt give it that much of a chance. 4 minutes of playing was enough for me.
  5. Just want to thank wongojack for introducing me to this thread, it should be fun tracking my individual game times in the future. Here is a small list for the week, hopefully next week I'll be able to get in some more time for retro gaming. NES Castlevania - 20 Minutes This is a classic game i used to play when I was a kid, always one of my favorites Castlevania 3 - 25 Minutes Castlevania 3 returns to the original Castlevania style of gameplay, although I also enjoy the RPG style of Castlevania 2 as well. Nintendo 64 Destruction Derby - 10 Minutes This is a different style of game, you ride around the city and get in first place by hitting cars coming in the opposite direction, overall its not a bad game Sega Genesis Super Monaco GP - 25 Minutes This is a very good racing game for the sega Genesis, I actually enjoyed playing this one Nightmare Circus - 4 Minutes It is pretty comical how bad this game is to play. Its a funny idea for a game, but the controls are bad which makes it not fun to play. PS1 Castlevania SOTN - 10 Minutes I need to get into playing this more. One day I will complete this game
  6. I did find it to be a high-tension golf game because of the time limit, but I think it makes up for it with the nice scenery. I especially like the shot where there is a giant waterfall at the beginning of the hole, I think its on the American course. I must say though I think the Tiger Woods series for the PS2 is the most calming golf game to play, there is just something about playing that game with the rain setting that is relaxing to me. Either way as always I appreciate the suggestions for games to help relieve some anxiety.
  7. For some reason the game just didn't resonate with me when I was a kid. I don't ever remember playing it, but I remember seeing it in Nintendo Power. It was just after I starting playing Fire N' Ice, when I wanted to start looking for other puzzle games for the NES. This series is a great one, and if you get a chance try looking for the remakes and hacks of this game because they are all quite well done too.
  8. Thank you for this information, I do have a computer with windows 7 on it and I will try this game out. It is really nice to see the different variety of games that people play to help relieve some anxiety.
  9. This is a good point. I did find the scenery relaxing though, but for some reason I felt like tiger woods for the PS2 was a little bit more relaxing, but I really like all of the suggestions everyone is giving. I will try to see If I can find the Fuji golf game.
  10. Thank you for that information. I actually just played Turf Masters on the PS2 SNK collection and thought this was a good version of the game to play as well. I really enjoyed playing it and I thought it relieved some anxiety as well. I played it in the past but didn't give it a full chance. Now that I've played it again, I thought it had some good scenery and was a relaxing game to play. I do prefer playing it with the sound off and just listening to my personal music at the same time, as for the music in the game is not so relaxing to me. Thanks again for suggestion, I really appreciate it.
  11. Thanks for the suggestion, I will try that out if I get a chance. Do you know if they ported Turf Masters to any other system on maybe a compilation disc or something? Currently I dont have a Neo Geo or Neo Geo emulator.
  12. I would like to add another game to the list. I'm not sure if it has been said already, but I think Tiger Woods 2004 for the PS2 is a good game to play to help relieve some anxiety. I personally like playing on one player mode with another person, and doing alternates holes (one person plays one hole, then I play the following hole). I think it is a relaxing game to play and I especially like playing it with the rain setting on. There's something about these old Tiger Wood golf games that are just allot more fun to play then the modern ones, in my opinion. I think most of the Tiger Woods golf games on the PS2 are fun because they display a good mixture of arcade feel, with just the right amount of simulation elements. Sorry just realized I added Tiger Woods 2002 earlier in the topic. The 2004 version is a really fun version to play, and I hope someone will try this game out as well. Either way I hope this helps someone relieve some anxiety, even if its a little bit.
  13. Just want to add another game to the list. I think that Adventures of Lolo for the NES is a great game to help relive some anxiety, to an extent. Although some levels might be anxiety inducing, i feel like for the most part this game is one that someone could get lost in trying to figure out how to complete the different puzzles. I believe the developers did a good job trying to implement different ways to solve the various puzzles. For the most part, I would definitely recommend playing this game with save states to help relieve a little anxiety.
  14. Super C (NES) this is a good game, although I prefer the original Contra on the NES. I didn't feel like it was that difficult to play, and although i didn't really like the overhead levels of the game, i still feel like this one is definitely worth playing.
  15. Adventures of Lolo (NES) This game is a classic NES puzzle game. The funny thing is that when this game was released, I had no interest in playing it. I would recommend using save states or passwords to complete this game. There are some really good puzzle games for the NES that I have enjoyed this past year, Fire N Ice being another one of them. I'm trying out some of the Adventures of Lolo hacks and some of the puzzles are extremely difficult, which in a certain way makes it interesting to me.
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