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  1. Picked up some wild bird seed that comes with a allergy warning!

    1. carlsson


      Allergy warning for the human spreading the seed, or intended for the birds who might be allergic to the food? The latter case requires the birds being able to read the warning, or at least a human to tell them verbally to not eat it if they're oversensitive to it.

  2. I think I still have the "full" version of this game on a disk. The full version has the intro screen where the ghosts and their names appear! It was 10K in size and it had to be cut to fit in a 8K cartridge. Anyone on here have it?
  3. Didn't know there was going to be a 400/800 release, but it was converted from the 5200 to the 8-Bits! Glenn The 5200 man!
  4. Greetings programs! Have to put this here! Works with Windows 7! TRON_Saver_V2.zip
  5. The 5200 was designed to beat the Intellivision in every way! 2600 Joystick: 8-way control Intellivision: 18 directions 5200: 360 degree control
  6. There's a hack of Super Breakout where the bricks scroll left or right!
  7. Does anyone make a USB cable to go from any USB controller to the 2600? Shouldn't be hard I would think since the 2600 supplies a 5v to the controller jack.
  8. Got the HDR to work, had to go to the input settings on the TV and turn on full HDR setting! Works great!
  9. Anyone ever do a video mod to the Sears Video Arcade II? I want to put one in mine and I'm looking for a diagram or schematic. Can't seem to find one!
  10. Looking for someone to make a custom label of Backgammon to Nackgammon for the 2600. All that has to be changed is the "B" to a "N"!
  11. Tried different inputs & cables and still no HDR!!! Works with Sony 4K player! Any small print on the XBOX ONE X box that says "only compatible with some tv's?" False advertising for sure!
  12. I got a Xbox One X and 4K works but not HDR!!!! Really???? The HDR works with the built-in TV apps like VUDU & Netflix, Sonys 4K 700 Blu-Ray player model. What gives? System says my TV isn't compatible with their version! Like you would look for that when buying it!
  13. I have a Dark Chambers cart that I'm thinking of selling. Any interest out there? Works on my 800XL and XEGS! Don't think it will work on a 400/800 system.
  14. Here's a before and after pic of the text change:
  15. Very easy! It's the only 24 pin chip on the board, upper left. Remove the old one and replace with the one I made.
  16. I have a custom 4-port OS chip that changes the text / font to a computer style that I can make you a copy and put in yours!
  17. There was a hack of Video Chess where the dark blue squares were made black. Looked better on a big screen, easier on the eyes! I can't find it and was wondering if someone knew where I can download it.
  18. "I owned this video before purchasing it."

    I was reading reviews for a movie and this was part of one!

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    2. Swami


      The most recent question I asked on Amazon was whether a handheld Tetris game had a pause button. I got two people complaining the screen was too small, a couple people saying they didn't know, another saying it doesn't need it because it shuts itself off and one, thankfully, who told me it did and how it worked.🙄

    3. save2600


      ^  ...that's what I call Internet static!  lol

    4. GoldLeader


      The internet is full of morons,...I posted a "review" of the NGK Spark Plugs I bought for my Neon and it was a very simple warning telling people to just go to O'Reilly's or Auto Zone because there are so many sellers selling counterfeit plugs on Amazon.  To this day I get questions in my inbox, Will these fit my Volkswagen?  

  19. My guess it's the power supply! I'm in Butte Montana, so a ways to go fix! Try putting an ad on Craigslist!
  20. My idea is to maybe put a 9 pin connector on the back of the 5200 Trak-Ball and being able to plug any 2600 compatible joystick and use it to play 5200 games!
  21. According to Dan Kramer, the guy who designed the 5200 Trak-Ball for Atari, told me that the Trak-Ball CAN be used as a DIGITAL input! I'm trying a couple of ideas and see what works!
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