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  1. Hey. Thanks for replying on another thread. I just got one left to collect for full set now. Good luck with the sale
  2. Wow! Really nice! I'd love one of those...so rare. The atari badge came out of this..
  3. Nice! Is the box you keep them in a random box or the atari box? Ahh you also have the LS lynx pins. I got them too. Do you have all 7? I've just got the other badges I needed. One more to go...hard drivin (of course) Here's a photo of mine (The others are being sent now)
  4. Do you have any doubles to trade or sell?
  5. Take my email address and we'll chat there [email protected]
  6. Hey Peyo I have a spare nfl football. Happy to trade or sell if you still need it. Do you have any doubles to trade or sell? I'm looking for Zarlor Hard driving Chips challenge Blue lightening Gauntlet Rygar Road blasters
  7. Nibbler

    Atari Lynx pins

    Nice collection. Theres someone selling some of these on ebay from the USA. They may have some you are missing
  8. Nibbler

    Atari Lynx pins

    Im looking for Atari Lynx pins to buy or trade the few doubles I have. Any tips where to find them other than ebay would be great too. Thanks guys
  9. I have 2 of the 3 you need spare. If you still need them i will trade
  10. Are you still looking for the pins?
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