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  1. I can confirm this. Kevtris was even saying stuff that could be deemed racist with attacks on the people of the United Arab Emirates namely Dubai by calling them a $Hithole that just happens to have a lot of oil money. All because the one guy Tommy went to meet that works for Intellivision has a McLaren
  2. With the delays of many products due to chip shortages do you find this still a obstacle? Also has anyone from Analogue who's also dealing with chip shortages which resulted in a delay of their pocket, ever reached out or commented on how they to are dealing the same struggles. Maybe to help calm the concerns of mutual customers.
  3. Sorry haven't been on in a while been busy. Wanted to say thanks to everyone at Atariage for their hard work keeping out the riffraff. It's come to my knowledge that some odd individuals on YT are making claims false claims about me and in regards to Intellivision Amico and Tommy Tallarico. That I'm bias because I'm 1 an investor. 2 I've been banned from Atariage Both are incorrect, I've never invested in the republic investment option. Just did a deposit on the FE. And the 2nd one well is pretty obvious lol Just don't want mosl information about me or Tommy Tallarico to be put out there.
  4. Question, in regards to the input lag, could you make a version of Amico with more lag? I'm certain some in the YouTube community would benefit from it. 😏
  5. Well this was to be expected. And even with that I have no doubt you will still make progress just slower progress. I hope you all can make a release before summer. Hang in there. California is in a massive hole. Hope you all can eventually climb out of it
  6. Well wasn't referring to online play. Jist that there was something discussed about selling your game and it being physical media but that rfid like in the amiibos this wouldn't be. So my thought was what if you decided to sell your game and the digital code was extracted from my console and placed in another. Leave one console and loading into another. Could the code be written that when a game is sold its directly downloaded from the Amico it was the sold from that sellers console?
  7. Ok I have an idea about the games alway having support in the future and how the physical media could work without a server. And I know its out there but I wanted to say it anyways. If there is at least 1 console in the world connected to the internet with the game you want in it could it be possible that your Amico could connect to it and copy the code to too your console. Basically all the Amicos are connected for this purpose? Allowing the games to be accessible.
  8. Ok haven't been on on a while so sorry if this has been asked. With the recent buzz of you showing some Youtubers the physical media can we get a confirmed date when you will show the rest of us commoners?
  9. Holy crap thats amazing. Hats off to you sir well done. Love to have that game.
  10. And thats totally fair. I mean its a vintage toy not a heart replacement. I get it. All I was saying is is updates means alot even if you tell everyone you are putting this project on hold for a few months. Thats all I was getting at.
  11. Look I feel everyone needs to cool it. And to claim this other guy was l Milking it is a stretch. We all had been asking got nothing, not a response. This happens alot on Atariage. Ive been waiting a year and others 2 or more years to get a response from a guy to make nuon controllers. Of which hes already made in the past and sold then states more are coming and nothing for years. So spare everyone the drama. 511 is no doubt busy and I get that. But it only takes a couple of minutes to update your thread and give your interested ones that update. I was there when the other person came in and took on the project as well. Yet 511 hadn't responded not once till months later. Telling me it wasn't that important to him. You can say what you want but in the end dropping in once a month to let everyone know your still trying, goes a long ways. I get alerts when this thread has new comments as well as others. And I'm not the originator of it. Yet 511 not once responded when that other person jumped in. Why is that? Because he wasn't making it a priority. Not interested, not at least all those months this thread went dark. I watched people come every month asking about it and zero response. As I said earlier this isnt uncommon on Atariage so sorry if you think people have lost faith because its been a repeat experience on here. Also I might add that if it wasn't for that other guy who knows how long 511 would have taken to move this along. Might have been the necessary fire under the feet this project needed. IMHO
  12. Im glad this had gotten resolved. Its pathetic how people will go to these lengths to paint a picture so people unknowing and uneducated on the subject to get people to think their way. Its this type of approach that my grandfather took a bullet in ww2 to help end. Sad that its come back. People often think im as radical in dealing with them but its different because I dont hide behind a fake persona and I use truth. Sure we shouldnt give them any attention but then we also only let them have the voice. The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for. Get up, stand up, Stand up for your rights. Get up, stand up, Don't give up the fight. Bob Marley
  13. Your correct. Its been dormant too long. I get it its difficult and you have to keep people informed. I had a similar situation with something and people were asking me all the time and I just responded the facts. And when it didnt pan out I told them. He has a point about you having your own spot and thats actually better. I was thinking this project was dead. Then you came and got things moving. In the end I hope this lites the fire on this project and gets this little handheld the attention it needs. Thanks for your efforts
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