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  1. I get what you are saying. It definitely has a sound thats a tad out of tune the the other sounds. Also at 1st I had a problem with the paddle itself. The blurred effect caused me to miss the ball. But after a while I got the hang of it.
  2. Ok I want to start that I'm a hugh fan of Break out, and any block breaking game. When I 1st saw the demo of the Amicos Break Out I was immediately hooked. I still enjoy playing block buster on my microvision. And this has been above and beyond my expectations. This will have my attention till its launch. Im not kidding. Thank you Tommy and everyone involved with team Amico. This is what I'm excited about most with the Amico. These kinda of games. Jump in try to beat your score for an hour get your family involved and then hop off. I wasn't 100% sure if this console would get me this excited but this game sealed it for me. And if the other games are this fun my xbox one x is going to be collecting dust lol seriously.
  3. So I just received 2 units with broken screens so add me for 3 screens total.
  4. Not sure how common the c64's had problems. They seemed pretty solid. I had one through the 90s early 2000s and never had any problems. Sold that one. And fast forward bought another one last year again zero problems and we're talking about a computer thats over 30 years old. Also will add what really is common with c64 failures is the power supply. They can fail all of a sudden and allow higher voltage to the computer and destroy it. As for the microvision. I have the newer unit with the shielding and uses 1 battery. Still works but from what I read in the past is these being stored in warmer climates or left in the sun will speed up the failure rate to the screen itself. Mine spent most of if not all of its life in the Pacific northwest which is mostly cooler climate year round. Less chances of being hot.
  5. I have gamepass but use it to try out games. If I like them I get a physical copy. One thing I miss about video rental stores is that you could usually find a rare movie or even tv series. But now you have to join a streaming membership and even with that you dont get full access or a full library. And often I find you cant rent but only buy. And lately they will show it available but its not. Not available for rent or buy. A all digital future leaves you at the mercy of what the corporation wants to make available to you. And in some cases games developed by defunct developers shut down due to bankruptcy and licences that weren't sold can often cause the online stores to no longer be available and may never be available in the future. Imagine games in the future that never had a physical copy or digital download getting lost forever when its removed from every estore due to a lawsuit on the developer. Or a company buys out the rights and wants too much money for the right to sale it or to just stream it. Or like tv and movies you have to have one of these new streaming services to play a certain game. Not having it downloaded into your drive because your streaming it and they decided to remove it. Then say bye bye. This article touches on this a bit. https://www.gamerghost.com/post/all-digital-consoles-are-a-trap
  6. I think you might have missed my point. "If you -have to - cutting edge graphics. Meaning if you have to have, as to this being the only way to enjoy games and that its all you focus on. Like music, there are many forms. Classical, jazz, blues, contemporary, classic rock, modern rock, country, etc, do see where I'm going with this? Video gaming is rather young medium of entertainment. And like music each person has their likes and dislikes. You might like a couple of them or only one of them. But as regards to games its not how they are made its whether or not you enjoy it. Plenty of simple 2600 games that sucked just as current games with cutting edge graphics will never be as good or remembered as pac-man. But when people tear down a console because it doesn't fit into their preconceived notions of what is entertaining solely based on one element of gaming, in this case graphics, without even giving it a try then are they really a true gamer? To me I say no.
  7. I 100% agree. Tommy said enthusiast when discussing a person that plays everything. But that to me is only half of it. A true gamer finds enjoyment in all forms of gaming. If you have to the most cutting edge graphics then your not exactly a gamer. Just a tech junkie that enjoys certain games. IMHO.
  8. It definitely does resonate with my family and friends. I was thinking about buying the series x on their payment plan. Then thought about it and was realizing that I barely have time to ay these lengthy more expensive games. And thought more and more on how I just love the way games use to be. And the memories I had with friends playing together. 1 $70 game I barely have time for can be spent on a group of games my whole family can enjoy together. Also no guilt lol. Im especially excited to see the physical media you guys will sell. I was off work yesterday and picked up some records, remember those lol. Having a physical copy just feels more rewarding. So no ps5 no xbox series s or x nope just me patiently waiting for my Amico.
  9. Sorry to hear that. Never thought about the air pressure effecting them.
  10. Not sure what you mean. But someone else is making strides to have a screen replacement and possible built in light. If you were already aware of that disregard my comment
  11. It probably been asked but I'm going to ask anyway. On the controller there is a usb c port. Is there any plans for addons to the controller? Like a accessory of some sort. Can added storage be connected to the port? Or a camera for some new experience?
  12. Crazy never knew that about the creator. Makes more sense to me now.
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