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  1. 100% correct. These people lack any real understanding. Love the one guy on YouTube constantly saying hes just a concerned consumer. Lol Im sure you are buddy ha ha ha
  2. I've started and did a couple of quick videos already. Planning on building about 4 of them in different colors. Might even do a give away lol
  3. Unless your like me and you have a 3d printer then its "I did what atari couldnt lol
  4. I say just keep it simple. If you want to add it later cool but for me as a guy some would say is a hardcore gamer doesn't really care. I have all the current systems and I rarely customize them. I have added screen shots of game play in the past when my wife and I were playing fortnite together but thats pretty rare when I do that and thats only because of a concert event they were hosting. Honestly its not that important to me. To others it can be. I could see some being more upset if it had an element of customization then an update removed it vs it just never having it to begin with. Microsoft is constantly updating their user interface and it pisses me off. They will go a year or 2 with everything work 1 way then change it all and I have to relearn where everything is. Side scrolling to scrolling down and even worse updates in the past. Hope the Amico get it right at the beginning.
  5. Best news this week. Sega isn't being sold to Microsoft. Hope that never happens. Never thought a dreamcast 2 was happening. Sega never made a 2 of anything lol. Mini gamegear ooh yes must have
  6. The only problem I see with this game isnt the game its the platform its being sold on. It will get some advertising then get lost in the sea of the estore like most games of this caliber on Nintendo. It will likely make its bulk money in 1 week then steadily drop off. Thats my feelings on this. I'm going to get it because I think they can be alot of fun. But also to compare the experience between it and what the Amico will have.
  7. Those are good points when you are dealing with reasonable people. The types that are trolling wont be turned. If you have seen some of the stuff they have said and the way they have gone circles around hard facts then its clear they have not interest in the Amico. But you are 100% correct it dies off it you dont feed them.
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