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  1. I've started and did a couple of quick videos already. Planning on building about 4 of them in different colors. Might even do a give away lol
  2. Unless your like me and you have a 3d printer then its "I did what atari couldnt lol
  3. I say just keep it simple. If you want to add it later cool but for me as a guy some would say is a hardcore gamer doesn't really care. I have all the current systems and I rarely customize them. I have added screen shots of game play in the past when my wife and I were playing fortnite together but thats pretty rare when I do that and thats only because of a concert event they were hosting. Honestly its not that important to me. To others it can be. I could see some being more upset if it had an element of customization then an update removed it vs it just never having it to begin with. Microsoft is constantly updating their user interface and it pisses me off. They will go a year or 2 with everything work 1 way then change it all and I have to relearn where everything is. Side scrolling to scrolling down and even worse updates in the past. Hope the Amico get it right at the beginning.
  4. Best news this week. Sega isn't being sold to Microsoft. Hope that never happens. Never thought a dreamcast 2 was happening. Sega never made a 2 of anything lol. Mini gamegear ooh yes must have
  5. The only problem I see with this game isnt the game its the platform its being sold on. It will get some advertising then get lost in the sea of the estore like most games of this caliber on Nintendo. It will likely make its bulk money in 1 week then steadily drop off. Thats my feelings on this. I'm going to get it because I think they can be alot of fun. But also to compare the experience between it and what the Amico will have.
  6. Those are good points when you are dealing with reasonable people. The types that are trolling wont be turned. If you have seen some of the stuff they have said and the way they have gone circles around hard facts then its clear they have not interest in the Amico. But you are 100% correct it dies off it you dont feed them.
  7. No problem if I'm wrong I would rather someone point it out. Never a problem to be wrong it helps me become more knowledgeable on what I love. 🐃
  8. Its listed as a 16bit microprocessor which is a type of cpu. Unless the place I found the information is incorrect.
  9. Lol its hilarious to me. Im starting to leave little clues phrases to see how fast they respond to it. Kinda of like a interactive game. Ha ha ha. Calling the game "Quick Triggered"
  10. It does make it less valid when you dont have facts. Amico is not from mattle it is a 16bit cpu. Having an opinion is fine but doesn't mean a lick of anything if you are off on the facts. Then you are just a misguided person just ranting and l you dont even know why. It just makes him look ignorant. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/General_Instrument_CP1600
  11. Definitely a bit bias without facts. His position would hold more weight if he did research but like most youth they dont have the patience they rather do opinion videos. Kinda sad could have been alot better video
  12. Thats it lol I was off on the price. But that moment was hilarious.
  13. Or how about when sony announced their price at that press conference right after sega announced their more expensive saturn. I believe it was sony rep walked up said $200 then walk off the stage. That was a hugh death blow to sega. So they whiny babies must have been born to gaming yesterday lol
  14. Certain companies I believe. Nintendo boys are nuts lol never say anything negative about it. And the 2nd worst fan boys or equally crazy arw some of the Ataribox box kiddos. Those fanboys are on the Amico videos more than anyone.
  15. Yeah we just live a time where people are hyper sensitive. Cant take a joke. Cant understand how marketing works. Lack knowledge on how healthy comparisons of things helps the market. Heres an example. I was heavily involved in the Jeep community. Managed a technical support group, 4 other groups I was a moderator for. Anytime a new jeep came out that wasnt a wrangler all of these haters would come out bashing these new owners. They missed the mark. These nonwrangler jeeps were often the gateway jeeps cant tell you how many bought a compass or renegade then 2 years later bought the wrangler. How does this relate? I see the Amico as the gateway to gaming . People that dont actually play video games might become a hardcore gamer down the road once they get use to a simple console like the Amico. Then they could see themselves getting a ps5 later. But they might never get into it at all if all they get these people bashing on them because they want the Amico. So these hater are only hurting the other 3 companies by acting like children. And they all know who they are. .
  16. Not till they build that omnidirectional treadmill which is happening ut it also has to be affordable. Thats a long ways to go
  17. Yup we started buying arcade1ups last year and have 4 and one midway cabinet. Its definitely fun to jump in for a couple of minutes
  18. This is exactly how I've been feeling. I tell people all the time that I'm not buying the xbox series x or ps5 not at least for the 1st or 2nd year and thats only if the games fit for us. The games really do take way to long for me. Not enough time. They are a singular experience. And complicated. My wife is trying play RDR 2 and is frustrated with the controls. And to be honest I am as well. Ive played alot of games like this and the controllers are not like the ones I'm use to. Also having time to get back to it. Its literally been 3 weeks since I started that game and then I have to remember those stupid controls. I was trying to help my wife on it last night and even I messed it up. Hold the Lb then press the Rt to get a gun from your horse. Then keep hitting x to keep up with the NPC lol. I eventually get it but its a pain in the ass lol other than that I like the game. But this is partly what this article is talking about. Also the video intellivision Nation did about friction. When a game requires you to play X amount of time in it you can often be a nonstarter. Just like the other day my wife picked up RDR 2 she only had play a little bit of it and completed a part but because she didnt do enough to a part it didnt save it. So she had to do all of that section over again. What a mess. I was amazed she started it again. Anyways sorry for the rant. But this is what this whole issue comes down to. People namely these haters dont get. I own 5 arcades. 1 is a cocktail table. We spend more time playing dig dug galaga pac man wizards of wor than we do on our xbox's because we are spending time together not apart. This is why I know the Amico will succeed. Or at least in our home it will.
  19. Well its been nice everyone but I'm getting my vcs aka "Ataribox" earlier than all the crowdfunders. So I dont know if I'm going to be playing on the Amico. Ha Ha kidding. Just saw the Atari creeps latest video and felt like its tome to get this project underway. Going to go with the wood veneer. Will see how it all goes.
  20. Thats a very good point. With everything going on I didn't even think about that. Lol
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