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  1. Well its been nice everyone but I'm getting my vcs aka "Ataribox" earlier than all the crowdfunders. So I dont know if I'm going to be playing on the Amico. Ha Ha kidding. Just saw the Atari creeps latest video and felt like its tome to get this project underway. Going to go with the wood veneer. Will see how it all goes.
  2. Thats a very good point. With everything going on I didn't even think about that. Lol
  3. Wonder if Nick can have better luck contacting lee
  4. I bet that it amazing to watch and play on. I was looking into doing a projector at 1 end of my arcade room. Primarily for playing on the Amico. So 4k isn't necessary. But 4k would be nice. And it being dark in there will help as well. Whats your thoughts on the Amico being on a big screen? 1080 is likely all we would need.
  5. Well yes thats what I mean. I believe it was Nick that told me that they were all out of the chips. And till they got more he couldn't make any more controllers. Im not sure what the process is to getting more made. But maybe if we can get enough people onboard we could get the other guy to make the chips
  6. Wow do you know more about it for the vectrex? Is it a limited production? And release date? Looks really good
  7. I did speak with the guy that did the YouTube video that made these. If I remember correctly he cant make them without the chip that nuon used in the controllers. And it seemd like he didnt have any or need to create more. So its more about the person that did the chips that the guy that males the controller.
  8. Shout out to Tommy And Everyone at Intellivision. Thanks for this. And I guess this makes me one of the top shrills now lol. I'll wear the badge and pin with shrill pride lol. P.s. thank you EZ g😘
  9. I spoke with the developer last week when it was announced that it was on the switch. I had mixed feelings on that because it might be moree difficult now to get it on the Amico. I have it on steam and it would be really difficult to have it not be split screen. It does alot of zooming in and out. But the controls are super easy. Just forward backwards jab and a powering up the trident. I believe it would be a blast on the Amico.
  10. It is pretty cool. I just noticed the colored blocks you see at the start page of the game
  11. I actually was thinking how it could be incorporated into a platformer. Where you have to say certain things to open doors and do certain functions maybe have mini games that have toy speak.
  12. @Tommy Tallarico Ok heres another one and it was lightly discussed. And my memory on it is vague. There is a video on YouTube on the subject but I cant seem to find it. It has to do with learning foreign languages. Just wanted to clarify this topic. Do you guys have something in the works or have spoken to any developers on this? Or just on the board for future projects? Sorry if it was discussed before
  13. Do you already have a schedule in place to release the demos on these particular games? And are these going to be available at launch? If so how many are there if you can say?
  14. Is this the game you are talking about from headcannon.? Looks cool https://www.headcannon.com/vertebreaker.html
  15. I wondered about tempest and if Jeff Minter would about any involvement. Im definitely interested to see how it this ine will work
  16. No not me just dealing with people whos whole mission is to cause trouble that gets annoying. I dont mind people having a different viewpoint. But when some has to make up stuff just to avoid being wrong it ultimately puts people in a place where you can't have a balanced then nm I see people get tired of of it
  17. I would like to start with. Amicos new original titles. Love to get thoughts and expectations from everyone and any added hints?
  18. Dont bother using logic and facts backed by evidence. This its ringaround the rosie pocket full to posie dudes totally just messing with people.
  19. Theres the troll comment I was expecting to see. Good job
  20. So can we all get you on the record that the Amico isnt crowdfunded? And move on
  21. Lol right because only you can voice your opinion on YouTube. And fyi I had a civil discussion with @dorkalicious on their video. You took it upon yourself you troll on ky comment. But now I say something on here and heaven forbid I do that. Seems you have to have things only your way
  22. No hes definitely trolling. He does it on YouTube. Even if you have detailed facts. They dont matter. Fig investments is a good example.
  23. Not sure where you are going with it. But @GrudgeQmade it pretty clear. So can we move on? You have anything else you want to address?
  24. Well from how I understood it is that you invest and you would get profits from that investment. That doesn't sound like crowdfunding. Crowdfunding you dont get returns. You are not owning a stake in the company. Big difference. And yes in any investment they use that money to build that company. To pay the bills. And in any investment there is risk.
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