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  1. Very good points. When I'm looking at something and want to see it in action I tend to find people using iy, not talking about it. So seeing that the Amico isn't out yet and ads haven't started. The target audience are not out yet looking for either. And when it does come out or just before it comes out, these people will be looking at game play footage not a bunch of old guys talking about a year before it came out lol.
  2. Typically crowdfunding you slap money down and expect to receive a product end of transaction. Fig allows people you invest in smaller amounts to receive money vack on there to investments. Or at least that show I understood it. So if you put money it you make profits later down the road. But I could be wrong. You can ask Tommy to clarify it
  3. Lol well their target on fig was a buck so yeah big crowdfunding campaign lol
  4. Things begin discussed on YouTube is hardly going to effect the target audience for this system. They are not likely to see the videos. And if by chance they did I believe it would sell even better. Because the haters would only help his image. Plus intellivision has already gotten a pretty decent preorder. So theres that as well.
  5. Getting back to whats important on here, video games. I 2nd that on what ia mentioned above. We need a Gorf. And definitely Tron
  6. I really appreciate how you stated that. It was much needed Thank you. And this is what people need to understand about this console. Ive got alot of friends and family that are those people you just explained. They dont own any current consoles for the very reasons you stated. Now I personally do own the current systems but I wouldn't try to convince them to play on it because I wouldn't want them to be offended. Now that me showing love and respect for their wishes. Having the Amico allows me to bypass this altogether. And be able to share gaming with them. And share something I personally love with them. Again thank you
  7. History tells me they wouldn't allow it. Nintendo changed. Still love the original 1st party stuff but the stance or lack of is why I feel they are not the same company. Never thought sony or xbox would take that position over Nintendo
  8. Been watching 1969 Land of the giants, playing on these arcades. My son and I are trying to beat each others scores on pac man galaga and dig dug. Wizard of wor we are really loving. Love to see a game bases off the land of the giants original show. Dont think there has been enough focused on tiny people the concept needs more attention. And I know just about all the movies and shows but not too many in gaming
  9. Ok so I want this to happen. If someone canceled their founder's edition can my vio be upgraded lol to the FE? Dont answer I was just kidding but wouldn't that be something ha ha ha
  10. To be honest you have been fine on here. You have your point of view and haven't been nasty. I dont agree with your thoughts as to fearmongering. Just as many other on here dont and there maybe others that do follow your position. It happens. No ill will towards you at all. And I understand that now about the video thanks for clarify that. For me there is a clear distinction between wanting something to become different and stating those differences. Ive never felt explaining these differences as Tommy has, as to putting down or inserting fear. Because there are many people that dont play games and its because of certain content on those systems. Nothing more, that keeps them from buying those consoles. Explaining that to reach those people to me isn't fear. Trust me I know alot of people personally that will buy this console just because of this issue. Either way hope all goes well for you and your channel.
  11. And I thought you were going to restrict your content on the Amico. Hmmmm but did you?
  12. Ok so basically when someone wants to set matters straight because they fill their product is being misrepresented is lashing out? And what is it you are doing on here? BUT THE VERY SAME THING Yet you just stated in this same comment " the video that literally outlines I personally think you have gotten negative criticism and comments" sooooo then who was it directed at? No he has said there is content on those systems that are not safe. You are saying hes using fear. Nice twisting of words Ok you are correct there has been a very small handful of titles that were only in Japan but thats a pretty long stretch to use as an argument seeing those titles very few even in Japan were sold and none were sold in north America. Nice try though. Ill add this, those games you are referring to are hardly at the level these adult games are today. So your argument is dead in the water my friend. Your opinion but thats all you have at this point. Same can be said about you appearing on here. But a rational person would say you are just trying to set matters straight from your perspective hmmmm sounds familiar....wonder why that is? No because like the fake 5 on YouTube you miss it by a mile but how am I not surprised, read enough of the hate comments and you get drunk on their words and narrow minded thinking. So heres how you missed it. Those reddit and YouTube comments you are referring to are from a particular type of people... wonder who I'm speaking of ? No its not just random people that hate on anything new. Its the view from people we call hardcore gamers. And not from the target audience this console is aiming for. Soooo your comment that "consumers are smarter than that" you are correct, but you are looking at the wrong consumer. Ban you lol, why? you have been civil, in my honest opinion misdirected but civil. Unlike the past meatheads that have been on here and were banned for not being respectful of the rules of conduct. So when you say ban me I'm laughing because that in the end sums up where you are coming from, a place where all these haters have filled your mind with twisted nonsense.
  13. If you are going to bring up stuff someone has said I do hope you dont cherry pick it to fit a narrative because people on here do their research and will know if you have only pick out parts and leaving out others to shape things a certain way. Also love for you to own up to your snes comment referring to how the adult content was on there back then. Because so far I've been watching this unfold and your comments are not adding up. Which will effect your reputation in the end.
  14. Good Lord, Its like we are in an episode of the Twilight zone. This world has gone to Hell and a handbasket. Subject A is a entrepreneur named Tom, works hard loves what he does has big dreams of making other people happy through creative interactive images on a tv screen where people can control these images. Called Video Games. But tonight this entrepreneur Tom and creative mind is facing a up hill battle because hes in the future where there are these people that find fault in everything and stop at nothing to crush Toms dreams. Where egos and lack of imagination are king in this world we know as the.............. Twilight Zone
  15. Hey Tommy. So if in the future im in this interview I have to say Ive got a fun surprise lol and it will rock the Shrill world
  16. Lately I've been finding that the approach you have mentioned is to not engage with these people to be rather effective. The v guys channel I've taken a glance to see if there is an increase in comments and there isnt any. Going to those videos and saying something gives them validation. Not giving them attention keeps them in their rather pointless microchamber. Which I find both sad and hilarious. Cant wait till the Amico is in all of our homes to enjoy and we can all look back laughing. As the Amico crushes these naysayers
  17. Well said, also will add that both actors were young and its difficult at that age to take that much rejection at once. Personally I think Jar Jar wasn't that bad of a character. People just get to a bandwagon of hate. Now the only part in the prequels I feel was the most cringe worthy, was the interaction between Anakin and Padme on Tatooine. I just watched this movie and and not having seen it since around the time it came out on dvd, having fresh eyes on it kinda changes you perspective. Its the part when hes telling her he killed them all. The sand people. And later shes ends up marrying this psychopath. Lol. That part just never felt natural between 2 people. For me not seeing these movies in a long time then watching them again Jar Jar wasn't that bad to me. That other part yeah that was weird and awkward.
  18. That understandable. I never knew the actor was black. Guess I never was a hardcore fan. I did see alot of people back then hate on the character. But whats funny is I hadn't watched the movies in a real long time till recently and something about those movies I just really enjoyed. I like them more than the newest movies. But even then it wasn't about the acting because I think everyone was great. But the first 2 in the new saga left to many things unanswered. Going back and watching those prequels there was just great storytelling. But its true people definitely got on the hate bandwagon on jar jar in hindsight the acting was crazy awesome. But star wars fans are typically douchie. The recent actors had to deal with it. I remember when people were hating on the prequels and I had a discussion with a family member and I was like people are sooo critical. When I was a kid star wars was amazing and you really need to tap into that same childlike view of things to really see the fun these movies are. Its like all these people grew up to be jerks. In the end its similar to how people view video games. Way ro critical. Sucks that that talented actor faced that. Because I bet there is only a handful of people that could have played Jar Jar if even that.
  19. I think what @RetroAdvisoryBoard was referring to was what he is seeing on the ad that is out. Where it shows game play. And in that video it shows how the game works and can be compared to existing games on mobile. But you are correct we dont want to say this game isnt this or that without playing it.
  20. I have the original tempest arcade1up cabinet I love everything about it, its pretty much dead on except that crappy spinner. So I just ordered a proper spinner so it should be pretty close to the original. I never played the replicade now I will have to get one. But I do have the nuon with tempest 3k love it. But what I especially dislike about it is using the controller. Heres why, the play field on certain levels turns upside down which means your controls are reversed. I believe this would work alot better with a spinner. Some have built a new controller from an original one to male it a spinner. I want to do this but I only have 1 controller and just cant butcher it for the 1 game.
  21. Well I'm referring to how the clubhouse game namely how the card games work. I dont need the Amico to compare because we already know the Amico will come with controllers with individual screens on them. Something the clubhouse games wont be able to duplicate
  22. Jar Jar got me thinking, people dislike him and wouldn't want to play with him on the Amico. It probably why there is haters they know that if people had to be with them in person no one would want to play with them either. But in Jar Jars defense hes not a prick.
  23. Yup and some of my apps wont allow me to move them to the sd card. And I like storing music on my phone because I'm working on different locations every week and the signal may not work. So if I want to listen to a pod cast I like to download it. Its just a mess. I tried doing it and its more work to keep up with. I have a vita, psp,2ds, gamegear, gbc, gba, nomad,and a lynx even a microvision lol. So when I think of using a cellphone phone to play on the go I say to myself what the hell is wrong with you. Why did you buy all of these cool handhelds you moron lol.
  24. Sooo basically its a cellphone playing games and mirroring it on a tv. I think its a cool idea and some of the games look good. But I cant say much more than that. Im also not crazy about using cellphones to store and manage games. I use my phone alot and storing large files just eats up memory. I tried playing fortnite on my phone and it worked. Bit good lord it took alot of memory. And I've been in situations where I wanted to film something cool and was limited because of those damn games. So now I only have breakout on my phone. I know I should delete some stuff but I dont like these games eating up a bunch of memory. This airconsole lol I can just imagine my phones memory gone. I have several handhelds systems I'll just use those. No I want my experience to be on a dedicated console not some setup that trys to cheat by using your phone as a console. Rant over lol
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