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  1. As was mentioned in regards to Tempest, I'm curious how it will work as well. This had just come up yesterday. Some suggest a spinner on the disk but as it was brought out it doesn't work by spinning it. So then the idea came up that a spinner type of attachment could be mounted to the touchscreen. Which could work. But I also thought just the touchscreen could work by moving your finger back and forth across the touchscreen. Lastly I had thought what if there was a addon that snaps to the controller amd connects to the usb c and had a spinner not likely but having a usb c did make me think there could easily be different options added later. But then again I could be wrong and that port might not allow that.
  2. Meanwhile at vongruetz's house everyone is about to play the Amico ........carefully. Ha ha
  3. If I came acrossed as concerned I'm sorry lol I'm not. Especially not from that game. But I definitely will copy that. You say it alot better than me lol
  4. I was thinking of buying it to see how the games played then do a video sharing thoughts on how the Amicos controller would make the games different than playing on a traditional controller.
  5. I posted my thoughts. Im not really concerned. Sure some games are similar. But the card games I see work better on the Amico with everyone being able to see their own cards or I hope that's how it will work. The only thing I see being an issue would be if Nintendo starts shipping their switch with this game. That could pose a threat. But I have a feeling this was a rushed game. Much wont add up to anything and will be forgotten like most of Nintendos shovelware
  6. Im cool with it, also brings up the past games that could be reimagined. Saw buzz bombers on here and went off looking for it ended up finding a lot of 12 games for 48 bucks and buzz bombers and 5 other games that I didn't had in ky collection. So keep them coming
  7. I asked Tommy a while back and it was no. Plus these are not plexiglass but an acrylic material so they should scratch as easily.
  8. Same for me. Having something to show on the shelves is a bonus to gaming
  9. Wow I'm honored thanks Tommy. Love to do an interview. I had a question and maybe its been asked but I thought I would ask anyways. In light of all the different owners that have made bad decisions with Atari, which really saddens me. Do you see a world where in the future not if but when, because this is how confident I am in the Amicos success that Intellivision could one day buy out Atari? Or would you guys even want too?
  10. I see uno in that, Tommy saying cant mention that lol. hope Mexican train dominos is going to be on that list.
  11. I picked up on last your at Renton city retro gaming expo for 15 bucks guy hadn't tested it. All CIB since then ive picked up 5 more games CIB. Works great. Funny thing is I got it on the same day I bought my vectrex. Both designed by the same guy at MB
  12. Ok ok that is pretty bad lol but in my defense a genesis didnt come packed with that. And the n64 did have the cool but uncomfortable controller. I could never decide where to place my hand on it. And i preferred the outter handle but then the stick was in a awkward position. Its probably the coolest looking controller though
  13. I dont know I actually like the feel of the dreamcast controller. But agree on the 1 stick. My biggest complaint was the placement of the cord. If I had to choose between the DC controller vs n64 I would take the DC. Because I feel the N64 is the worst controller ever imho.
  14. Its funny because I was into only nes SNES and just never got into sms genesis or any sega, till more recently where I just decided to pick up any and every console I can get my hands on. And in this last year I've picked up every Sega console from sms to dreamcast. And thats just sega. And what I've found is there are not just a few gems on all these consoles but many. Im just glad I did because if I hadn't I wouldn't have the opportunity to find those hidden works of art.
  15. Ok so I owned the original intellivision when I was about 14. And loved it. But obviously there was titles I didnt have. Fast forward and I bought another console because I lost the last one many years back. So a few games I never played and tron deadly disks was one of them. So I picked up a pile of games recently off Ebay and in the stack was this tron game ive been wanting to play. God god its good. I couldn't stop playing it. And after seeing the preview of the new Night stalker of which I do have the original as well, love it. Made me realize even more how special the Amico is really going to be. I really want Tron deadly disks more than ever
  16. https://www.engadget.com/xbox-j-allard-intellivision-165449191.html
  17. Thanks for sharing. I always loved that part in the movie but felt it wasn't real at that 1 part. But Jane is amazing. I would love to see that performance live
  18. If you did the numbers the amount of people on those types of forums are insignificant. The target audience for the Amico wont be wasting their time on those sites. Now YouTube sure some will search to see how it is received. But most wont. Word of mouth is going to be my approach. I know alot of people inline and they are not gamers. Most are parents and set time limits on their children already and xbox's and playstations are not in their homes. Once the couch coop revolution begins I feel it will be infectious
  19. Love what you sa8d its definitely something I need to adopt. Thanks
  20. Congratulations to Tommy and the whole intellivision crew. Its even more undeniable that the Amico has the best team to propel it as the disrupter in the industry
  21. Good thing is your not alone I ramble alot too. And it seems everyone on here does too. Your in good company lol
  22. Well yes and no. Ive got both the switch and xbox one x. And for anyone that has a switch and wants to accomplish local coop like the Amico has to spend alot more. My switch with 3 controllers and 2 games set me back $540 $580 if you include a 4th controller (corded) even more for wireless. So ever time I hear people on YouTube say I can get a switch or xbox for that price isn't looking at the whole picture. Sure my 2 intial games smash bros and Mario kart are great titles if you are into them. My son wanted them I'm not particularly interested in them. They feel too much like the last generation. So I feel like I'm buying the same game again. Now add 4 more games to match the 6 included in the Amico and you quickly are into the $1000 price point. And this is pretty much the same with xbox or playstation. The Amico is literally a 1/4 the price of the other systems unless you just want to play by yourself.
  23. Great to hear because I'm getting warmed up on my orginal intellivision. Im going to be ready to represent in my state.
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