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  1. Tommy have you guys reached out to the governor over all of this? My friend owns a company in Anaheim and hes frustrated.
  2. Wonder if the new office in salt lake city was opened due to this?
  3. Welcome to the forum. Im Jason. I'm the the RelicGamer jerk on YouTube and well known shill lol. Love your bio. Zee
  4. Dorkalicous and the EZ Gs hate this coming to light because it makes it obvious Intellivision is on to something. And will argue otherwise in that a ceo shouldn't bring it up at all. Remember lust for darkness with women being raped that Nintendo allowed to be on their store or the other game that was released on eshop rated E for everyone but had to be removed due to mature content? Nintendo is shaping up to be a modern Atari 2600 in quality.
  5. Thats a hard one. I lean towards Armour battle because it was a stand alone. And for me its more recognizable. But being that the new game is more like Battle Tanks its it's really a toss up.
  6. Its all for clicks. Personally I think its funny. Because when this launches and becomes successful these twatwaffles will crash and burn. And that will be icing on the cake. Lol and maybe all of us can meet at a convention 1 day and do a epic YouTube video laughing at the haters
  7. We are planning on going to video games live next year and I'm hoping to get the galaxy purple and gto red signed. But will see that might be too much to ask. But I can wish right lol
  8. I know he has said the production the have can produce 35k a month to start. So will see. Even if its delayed its fine with me. As long as they dont do any advertising their target consumers wont know either way. Either way I'm excited to see what is released this month
  9. I ise a app called floating tube. You just start a YouTube video the share it to the floating tube app and then shut the screen off to your phone. I do this while working.
  10. @F1JV Do you have anything to ask Tommy? Whats your thoughts on the recent panel with madmax and Tommy?
  11. They are virtual pinball. Which I know many were disappointed. But I setup my switch with a Jurassic park virtual pinball on a monitor set sideways and tilted. And did a video. It was really convincing. My friends were surprised how much it felt like a real pinball. So I was going to make one with lighting and have a switch dock setup in the back and wire it all to a dismantled controller so all the controls are built into the pinball. Alot of work needless to say. Then arcade 1up announced these and I was like well I'm going to just buy that lol
  12. Seen these recently pretty cool very small lol. But im waiting on the pinball unit to come out
  13. Do you feel @ its current path a type of gaming crash is possible.
  14. It would have been cool if they had made a new pitfall like one of those 3rd person adventure games on mobile. In fact there is alot of nice games that have come to mobile and having a dedicated console would be perfect for them. Even like the uncharted game on the vita. But pitfall. Then made other reimagined games. River raid, Hero these alot they could have done. But I feel they had no enough money to do any game development. Sad really.
  15. It would be epic. I have a hard time calling it an atari. If they had a list of reimagined list of games like the Amico has and a clear mission statement then I would be interested but its got neither
  16. Had a troll a week ago all saying the atari is out and beat the Amico to the punch. Well evidence proves otherwise lol
  17. Has anyone actually gotten their hands on one? Done a review? I keep hearing that so many units are shipped but still no word from the recipients of these consoles.
  18. I believe Tommy mentioned something to the effect that he believes that they did all of this to get it to a certain point in hopes thst a big investor would jump in and take a over. And because that didn't happen they are in the mess they are in. And why there is sooo many setbacks. But I can't say with 100% certainly that it was him or someone that what talking to him. But that seems plausible that they have good intentions just that the money didnt come in when they needed it and the grand plan could be fully realized.
  19. I hope it does well. Jist doesn't seem they are doing anything exclusive that would draw me to wanting to spend that much money. Especially when there is the series x and ps5 looming on the horizon. And the price is too close. Maybe omce its been out for a while and the price drops but it need games. And so far the Amico has that going for it. And with 50 games in development thats more interesting to me
  20. So basically I can play it on my phone and save nearly $400. Your drunk atari go home.
  21. Ok finally got around to registering my golden ticket and saw the new cloudy mountain preview. Holy moly I've got to have that game. Looks to be 3 player which is totally rad, thats right I said Rad. We are a family of 3 and all play games nearly every night together. This is going to be a nice game to play together.
  22. I would probably play if it was the Santa from futurama. Now that would be a game. But it would likely be m rated lol
  23. Does anyone have an update on California and their the lockdown? Tommy are you guys able to go back to the office yet?
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