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  1. I am in a similar boat and this place never fails to enlighten me on topics I only have surface level knowledge of.
  2. You know that literally you were the person who brought Mattel up and the only one who keeps bringing it up, right? You also know that Mattel has literally nothing to do with either of these Nostalgia boxes right?
  3. Can we take a moment to appreciate the level of truly unique individual that bothered to go back and click on the “confused” face for each of Bill’s posts? Just…. Amazing. Slow clap my friend, slow clap.
  4. Hyperscan sold about 10,000 units total, or close to that. By your own metric this was a rousing success and sales should explode any day now.
  5. Needs more FYI's, unclear who this information is for, I'm leaning toward this "your" guy.
  6. Must have missed this is in actuality a Box A versus Box B thread, I thought it was merely a you being utterly delusional about Box A's future possibility thread.
  7. Pfft... if it's so cool, where is its emoji? #checkmate
  8. So when Box A sells terribly, but Box B shows up and sells even worse, that somehow makes Box A a success?? ...This is George Costanza levels of business acumen.
  9. And has the 32x on their list... please pass the pipe when you're done with it.
  10. I would settle for the novelized version of this thread.
  11. Does this mean ET is the first backer to actually receive something from Atari ? I mean a refund is better than a shiny plastic box of broken dreams (with a light up logo).
  12. I don't know who here is to blame... or how. But I just know this thread is somehow responsible.
  13. Yeah, that's a very fast sellout. Hopefully another batch in the fall for those who missed out. Going to need to camp our keyboards for the pocket launch methinks. 😮
  14. Still showing them in stock for me on the ordering page. Maybe refresh or wiggle the cables or something? It's also possible my page has not updated itself, that wouldn't shock me. Edit: Seeing a bunch of messages on Twitter about being told it is out of stock when added to cart, hmm an error or genuinely too small of an initial order of their part?
  15. Some of the shipping responses on Twitter are quite "yikes". RIP to our friends overseas. $18.68 to Illinois, total just under $70. I'm glad it wasn't up to my $100 early estimate, so that's something.
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