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  1. I would settle for the novelized version of this thread.
  2. lol, Thank you. Vaguely remembered something somewhere tried a similar thing. If I had any artistic ability, I would have shopped an Amico with it's top half popped up and a crudely "drawn" insides shown with said software. Back on the topic, I am thinking SD Card type thing more than USB. But I think this is a June reveal type question in the end.
  3. It's Vinyl. Probably sized like a 45 single. That button on the front of the unit photos we've seen before makes the top pop up like a top loading CD player, but instead it's small records.
  4. Morning all! Easy question here, pretty basic too so no rush to answer it Tommy, but when should we expect the next info/teaser video? (Anything along the lines of the Night Stalker / Dice Roller / Astrosmash teasers)
  5. Does this mean ET is the first backer to actually receive something from Atari ? I mean a refund is better than a shiny plastic box of broken dreams (with a light up logo).
  6. Do it like Double Dungeons (PCE/TG-16) ?
  7. I don't know who here is to blame... or how. But I just know this thread is somehow responsible.
  8. Yeah, that's a very fast sellout. Hopefully another batch in the fall for those who missed out. Going to need to camp our keyboards for the pocket launch methinks. 😮
  9. Still showing them in stock for me on the ordering page. Maybe refresh or wiggle the cables or something? It's also possible my page has not updated itself, that wouldn't shock me. Edit: Seeing a bunch of messages on Twitter about being told it is out of stock when added to cart, hmm an error or genuinely too small of an initial order of their part?
  10. Some of the shipping responses on Twitter are quite "yikes". RIP to our friends overseas. $18.68 to Illinois, total just under $70. I'm glad it wasn't up to my $100 early estimate, so that's something.
  11. Oh no, That's both amazing work and yet somehow also awful. XD
  12. Based on a photo tweeted a few months ago, I think Game Gear is one, My Card is another, and the SG-1000/3000/Mark III share the last one. If this is incorrect, then RIP all our wallets even more so.
  13. I'm guessing the adapters will be $20 each, with a rate of $15 for one, $22 for two and $27 for three shipped. Basically my brain is telling me that if I want the complete set it'll be nearly 100 bucks.
  14. It whizzes by quite quickly, but I'm glad to see that Asteroids has found its "S". Bizarre that an unlisted YT video shows more to us than the entirety of their social media did during the CES.
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