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  1. Congrats to @cparsleyfor a hell of a strong season and to @INTELLIVISION SPARTANfor a really close finish! Huge thanks to @Rickster8for all the hard work and humor this season! Can't thank you enough for everything you and @JacobZu7zu7put into this for everyone!
  2. Man, that's a real thumb-melter with the controls being so hit and miss. At least the game is proud of me. 5.9.16600
  3. 14,975 Love the arcade version. This one, not so much.
  4. 15,285 Don't recall sucking this bad at Dig Dug, but at least I'm sucking consistently.
  5. 71,390 - skill 1 Pity such a fun game had to be ported by the sadists at Coleco.
  6. I thought the Ladybug* instructions were a bit of a giveaway... ________________________ GETTING READY TO PLAY -Make sure the Master Component is connected to the TV and power supply is plugged in. -TV should be on and tuned to the same channel as the Channel Select Switch on the console. -MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PLAY THIS GAME UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Should wish to ignore the preceding warning, fully insert cartridge, with label facing up, to the indicator marks on both sides of the label. Turn Off/On switch to on after cartridge has been inserted and say goodbye to any lingering excitement you had to play this game. *I'm going to always put an "*" by the name of this game because of how little resemblance it has to the arcade game or Coleco port. I'm not convinced the developers were fully aware of which game they were supposed to be porting.
  7. After seeing that screenshot, I had to scroll to the top of the thread to be reminded WTF game that is. Man, it looks *just* like the arcade game. No, really. I mean it?
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