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  1. Not only does it not look anything like Zaxxon, it doesn't even look anything like the cover of its own damn box. LOL. Coleco guys really hated Intellivision, didn't they?
  2. Zaxxon is one of my favorite games! Unfortunately, the Intellivision version looks exactly nothing like Zaxxon. Looking forward to He-Man though, never have played it!
  3. Yep, it's excellent. Also recommend the book as a followup to the series If you want to go further down the chess rabbit hole, "The Immortal Game" by David Shenk is an excellently written chess history and recap of a particularly famous chess match.
  4. Fair enough. Funny thing is that 'winning pattern' was a result of failure to mate faster. I stuck with the same opening, and just kept seeing the same moves. Hard to break out of the mold sometimes. I do want to get back into chess now though. It's been probably 30+ years since I used to play regularly.
  5. Okay, so I'm not really sure speed is the best way to score chess, for future reference. Number of moves would be a much better benchmark. I played for about 90 minutes this evening and kept stumbling into basically the same game every time, and did it often enough that it started coming really fast. I think that's the exact same game that originally took me 6+ minutes to do. Therefore I'm fine if you want to disallow my 1:53 and stick with my original time since all I did was basically input it faster because I'd already done all the thinking in prior games. 🙂
  6. Just to get on the board with chess. Been way too long since I've played. 6:22 - disc
  7. I personally find it easier without tracers since you can fire and then get the hell out of the way without yanking your shot off target. That said, my personal best was with tracers, so maybe I should go back to that. LOL. Boss is definitely easier with tracers.
  8. 21,640, no tracers Wanted to beat my prior best, but can't find the time. Maybe one more crack later.
  9. Snowpocalypse in Texas, haven't really had a chance to, but we'll be back in the 70s by Sunday, so hopefully I can remember how to play Chess.
  10. Yeah, you guys are doing too well! Much more exciting to live on the ragged edge of destruction with less than 3 lives or such.
  11. Better a longer pushback to October than another interim pushback to summer followed by the inevitable pushback to October. I applaud the realism and better launch window. That said, if the date slips past 10/10/2021... Not good.
  12. I would think a +1pt for participation would be fine, but that's up to our resident dynamic duo in charge.
  13. That's probably the more likely date regardless of what good intentions they may have to get it out earlier. It gets here when it gets here and will be great fun, so no worries. I do have to turn off my anticipation/excitement in the mean time. Getting too hard to sustain that.
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