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  1. I think they said there will be a physical release, but I don't think they said anything about LE. I'd be surprised if they didn't do one, but IV FINAL didn't get anything special aside from... yay, useless pins~ IV did get something of one, even if it's really not a great LE, but it's better than nothing.
  2. There's a thread on GameFAQs where someone is looking for information about a Sharp X1 shooting game called State 2, which was apparently made by someone called Tokorozawa Physics Club. There is also apparently a prequel called State, as well. I searched for information on this game and Tokorozawa Physics Club in both English and Japanese, but I can't find anything. Still, these games do apparently exist, as there are Youtube videos of both of them. Here is the one for State 2. HEADPHONES WARNING! This video is loud! So yeah, if anyone knows anything about this, I'd appreciate it, if even for my own curiosity.
  3. Has there been any mention of a built-in Game Shark or whatever for Pocket? This is the one system where I'd actually like to have cheats so I can do all sorts of fun challenge runs in Pokemon and whatever and my Game Shark is in storage on a different continent. So are all of my games with their dead batteries, but yeah, cheats would be great fun and I'm not seeing anything on their website about it.
  4. lol screw this thing. I think I said before that Columbus Circle makes pure trash, right? Yeah, I think people will believe me now. They probably did before, but you know. Too bad, since it didn't look too bad upon casual observation in the store the other day, and also because I think this sort of thing would be really cool if done properly; I'd definitely buy one if it was of suitable quality, especially if I had a CD/ODE capable HuCARD thing like the one that krikzz is working on. By the way, did you ever get your CD-i fixed? Kind of completely random and 100% off-topic, but I suddenly remembered it!
  5. Yay, Nintendo has decided to fix the games and make them playable!
  6. By the way, it seems the NeoSD Pro MVS is sold out.
  7. Never used the LT, but I have used the GT and it's way better than the GT is. I need to get my Nomad's RGB screen and triple bypass installed eventually... Your thing turned weird! Anyway, yeah, I will eventually look into trying this SuperGrafx+Arcade Card enhanced thing. Haven't gotten around to it yet. I've actually been considering getting the UperGrafx myself, actually. I don't want to deal with whatever surgery I would need to do for it to work properly on the SuperGrafx, though. Um... I think you forgot something here... like the thing that you were watching... Anyway, yeah, screen itself looks decent if all you do is look at it. I didn't really touch it or anything since I didn't want to risk breaking the display unit or whatever, so I didn't get to inspect its build quality, but I did press the brightness button a few times and it barely did anything. Audio was on mute, so I didn't get to hear how it sounds. Overall, I expected it to basically look like the stock Sega Nomad screen's quality (don't ask why because I'm not really sure myself), but the actual picture quality is much better than I thought it would be. As for the rest... unknown. I'd have to buy it to spend some time with it to actually know if it's crap or not, but at that price I don't really want to waste my time and money when I can buy 1 of several Neo Geo games that I want for the same amount of cash.
  8. I found AES Twinkle Star Sprites the other day. It's about 670000 yen or so before tax, which is 10%, which will push it just over $7000 after the exchange rate. Not sure exactly how rare this game is, but at that price, it's definitely up there, but still below Metal Slug or Neo Turf Masters.
  9. Overall, I am neutral on 4 of the poll options here, which means I can't really answer those questions with a simple yes/no, but I can say that I am buying it.
  10. Yeah, I am questioning getting the Japanese version for a few reasons aside from the price. Of course, Columbus Circle makes terrible carts, but the other reason is that the Japanese version won't fit in the Nomad, which is my primary Genesis/MD. The SLG cart will fit in the Nomad, but I'll probably end up buying a Retrode and dumping the cart anyway. I have little interest in collecting US carts, as I much prefer Japanese carts, so at that point I'd be basically satisfied. I suppose I should probably dump Mad Stalker, too.
  11. There's really no way to know how good they are unless you buy one and disassemble it to inspect it. I do not trust any repros at all unless they are made by a legitimate company that has legally acquired the license to produce said repros, like Retro-Bit. If you're going to get a non-legit repro, might as well get a ROM cart from a reputable manufacturer, since it will do the same thing, be just as fake, and probably have higher quality. If you do not want to have a ROM cart, might as well get the real thing, but there are plenty of fakes out there, so be careful.
  12. I preordered it from BEEP just now. The US and PAL versions release in August, but the Japanese version releases on the 21st of February. Japanese version is more expensive before shipping than the US or PAL versions are after shipping from wherever in Europe Strictly Limited Games is located (how the hell is this fair?), but as I prefer Japanese versions of Japanese games and I'll get BEEP's preorder bonus, I'll put up with the lower cart quality and get the game 7 months before the US/PAL versions ship. Stock of US and PAL versions is low now and the Japanese version has been sold out on Amazon for some time, so if you want this, don't wait...
  13. I'd say the hardest boss in the game is actually Frankenstein's monster. I can beat any boss in the game with ease except him. I've only ever beaten him with the holy water. You know those hunchbacks that get delivered by birds right before that point when you're outside after climbing up out of the sewer or whatever it is supposed to be? Yeah, those hunchbacks drop the axe sometimes. If I pick up the axe by mistake, I turn the game off instantly.
  14. It's been a while, but I think there's a cross that you can find before him. I didn't know about the holy water until after I'd already beaten him easily with the cross. Cross should also make the hallway before him much easier than with holy water as well, especially since I think there's a guaranteed II somewhere around there (I may be wrong... it HAS been a while...) and you'll probably have the III by the time you make it to him.
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