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  1. Polymega wins. It's now available in stores in Japan.
  2. Really? My uncle straight up gave me a copy of Elite Force and a copy of Bridge Commander (and the ST TNG Technical Manual) in 2005. Anyway, Crysis and Warhead are $4.99 each on GOG right now.
  3. I have been hesitant to pick up most of them since the ones that I really wanted all have better versions on other systems (Sonic 1, Sonic 2, Out Run, Thunder Force IV, etc.), but over time I did eventually get most of the ones that I want aside from Out Run and Herzog Zwei. I did finally get Herzog Zwei yesterday, though, even though I already have a Japanese Mega Drive copy (the reason that I didn't get the Sega Ages release for so long) and can even play it on a handheld because of the Nomad, as I had enough unspent eshop credit and gold coins for it. Now just Out Run is left. Still not sure if I want to spend the cash to get the better but much more expensive Japanese Saturn version, which remains the best version of Out Run even now, for my beloved Saturn, which is one of my favourite systems ever, or be ultra cheap and get the Sega Ages version. This sale does not apply to the Japanese eshop and I can't simply add credit to the US eshop without buying one of those prepaid cards from Amazon and ending up wasting money, though, or I'd have bought Out Run instead of Herzog Zwei without hesitation.
  4. Looks like everything in Sega Ages is on sale in the US eshop. So is Calculator, for that matter, in case you need to calculate.
  5. Looking at my original post again, I wrote it extremely poorly; what I should have written is: Are there any other games where you progress through a specific set of more than 134,217,728 levels in a linear, non-random manner before it loops?
  6. Oops, yeah, that's what I meant. I just tested it on my Nomad and it does give me the exact same levels every time. You can do some skipping if you get a perfect, but if not, it's the same thing every time.
  7. So basically it's a set of 128,016,000 predetermined levels. No random stuff or procedural generation or anything like that like a rougelike. I think. Something like that. I'm not 100% sure exactly how it works. Once you finish the 128,016,000th level, the levels loop starting from the first one again. Once you finish the 134,217,728th level, the level number then resets itself as well.
  8. In case you didn't know, when you attach Sonic 1 to Sonic & Knuckles, it gives you access to 134,217,728 blue sphere bonus stages. Yes, seriously, 134,217,728 stages. No, I have not played all of them and I am not planning on doing so at this time. Are there any games that have more levels than this?
  9. Some interesting stuff showed up this week. The most important one is of course Star Trek Bridge Commander. PS4 Kangokutou Mary Skelter Finale - 509 Yeah, I was planning on finishing this game, but I got a game over within minutes of the final boss and then Sonic Colors: Ultimate showed up, so that sort of never happened. International release in 2 weeks... the screenshots of the English script look so unbelievably terrible that I honestly don't even want to play the English version even though I bought it and paid for it already. Love Live! School Idol Festival ~after school ACTIVITY~ Wai-Wai!Home Meeting!! - 200 (estimate) Sonic Colors: Ultimate - 310 Here it is. Happy birthday yet again, Sonic... a few months late this time. I only got the PS4 version since there is no physical PC version, there is no Japanese Xbox version (not that I have an Xbox, but you know...) and I figured that the Switch version would be garbage... lol I was right about that, from what people are saying, but the PS4 version has some problems. Nothing truly terrible happened to me during the entire playthrough aside from a single crash. Lots of stuttering and graphical glitches, though. Never played the original Sonic Colors, but I think I kind of like this game. Super Stardust Ultra - 10 PC Heart of the Woods - 468 Here's Heart of the Woods. I got my physical copy in the mail several days ago... and discovered that I've actually had a Steam key for it in my possession since April of last year, so I could have played it 16 months ago if I wanted. Oops. Anyway, this was actually really good for an original English visual novel, to my surprise, as most of them that were originally written in English... yeah, they are not great. This one is regarded as possibly the best original English visual novel ever made and it is actually pretty good overall. This game has a patch that makes it not suitable for those under the age of 18, so if you're not 18, don't use that patch! Actually, I can't use it either because the site that hosts the patch does not allow Japanese IP addresses to access any part of the site, but I wasn't going to use the patch anyway since most 18+ scenes in visual novels are actually pure garbage anyway to the point where you're better off skipping them entirely. Nice music, nice but sometimes inconsistent artwork, and voice acting that sounds like it was recorded inside a metal room the size of a phone booth and with lots of extremely noticeable audio noise. Only 3 choices to make in the entire game, all made by the same character... and not the one I expected. Star Trek Bridge Commander - 117 AAAAAAAAA BRIDGE COMMANDER IS HERE!!!! Go to GOG and buy it and play it right now! It's been far too long since I played this awesome game. If you do get it on GOG, you might have to install an ancient version of DirectX to get it to run above ~5 FPS. I did. Took me several days to get it to work properly because of this, but now that I have it working properly for the first time in 13 years...
  10. Total Annihilation is here! I forgot that I have that game, but then I opened GOG and saw it there and wondered what the hell was wrong with me for not playing it for like 2 decades, so I decided to solve that problem. Saturn Thunder Force AC - 9 Thunder Force II MD - 68 Thunder Force III - 30 Thunder Force V - 30 Dreamcast Ikaruga - 17 Arcade Space Harrier - 5 Apparently I decided to be super terrible at Space Harrier for whatever reason and got a game over on the first stage. Restarted and got a game over on the second stage. This typically doesn't happen... PC Total Annihilation - 364 I am honestly quite surprised to see that it looks like nobody has ever tracked this game before, especially since it remains easily one of the best strategy games ever made. I'm playing this with all of the expansions. Should I specifically note that and track it as Total Annihilation + The Core Contingency + Battle Tactics? I was leaving Galactic Battlegrounds Saga as Galactic Battlegrounds Saga since it actually got a release under that title, but I'm not quite sure what to do here.
  11. Alright, another question: I have discovered that the initial print of Space Harrier does not work on the later Saturn revisions. They fixed it in a revision, but I have yet to find how to distinguish between revisions other than just buying a lot of Space Harriers to see which ones work in my Saturn and which don't. I know that the revision of Out Run that works on later Saturn revisions has a different code on the disc itself, so if anyone knows if there is a code on the Space Harrier disc is and what the specific code I need is or any other way to identify them without actually trying to run them in a Saturn, that would be super tasty. I don't know if anyone posted it before, but if you have a Saturn motherboard revision between VA10 and VA15 and want to play Out Run, you need to get the disc with the code GS-9110P-01050A-P1K on the disc. The initial version has GS-9110P-01050-P1C on the disc and this version won't run on the later Saturn revisions. Hopefully Space Harrier has something similar. I'm looking for information on this myself, but if someone knows, that would be greatly appreciated.
  12. It does that anyway, whether the other party is intimidated or not.
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