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  1. So Hasbro is one of those types. Hopefully you'll get it eventually. It's a Japanese chess variant based on Chinese chess. Every unit you take can be put back in play as your own unit almost anywhere you want on the board as long as they have a legal move from that position (basically no moving off of the board as the only option). Also almost every unit can promote! Wonderful game. Also forgot that there are older variants from a few hundred years ago that have support for more than 2 players, as well! Different pieces for some of these variants, though.
  2. EA is super weird. I still don't know if they have released much on the Switch AKA the fastest selling console in NA ever because of... a reason that I don't know about.
  3. Yep! My headphone cable is also 2.5 meters long and I also added an additional 1 meter extension so the weight of the 1/4 inch to 1/8 inch adaptor doesn't break any more headphone jacks. I won't have any problems with short cables for sure. I'm sure they are already confused as hell since they keep hearing variations of SEEEEEEEEGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA every day! The T. rex in Jurassic Park is one of my favourites! I do try to keep the volume down as much as I can, though that isn't hard since my monitor's speakers are not so great.
  4. Yeah, you have to do 180 degree turns and stuff to defend yourself from ghosts while holding the huge-ass gamepad, and you literally have to use it since no other controller is supported. Super awkward! No, just set the gamepad down next to you on the floor or on its little stand thing. I'm just thinking of this from a practical perspective since I prefer headphones for better sound quality and because my walls are so thin that I can literally hear the people that live next door talking at a regular volume through the wall. In fact, they are talking right now. I don't really like playing games at night because of this without headphones.
  5. Fatal Frame/Project Zero. Part of the reason that I never fully enjoyed this game, actually... I think you can plug your headphones into the gamepad and then use the Wii controller. It's been a LONG time since I've used the Wii U though, so I may be wrong.
  6. PS4 has motion controls and a headphone jack. I can't name any games use it, though, and I am not sure if there are any. Wii U definitely has motion control games that make use of the gamepad, and that has a headphone jack. Not saying they won't get in the way, but it's been done before.
  7. I mentioned this before, but the 3DS definitely started to die prior to the Switch being released. I think the newest 3DS games I have are Shin Megami Tensei IV FINAL (which is pretty bad and not nearly as good as SMT IV, which also happens to be the best game on the system), Pokemon Sun and Moon, and Samus Returns. Samus Returns is one of the three remakes I have played that are actually worse than their original games (the others are Twin Snakes and Tales of Hearts R), and is among the most disappointing games I've ever played. I got to the end of Moon and I just don't care enough to finish it and never started Sun. I thought about getting Deep Strange Journey, but then I remembered that I don't like the original Strange Journey, so I passed. I'm really not sure why, but the 3DS just suddenly ran out of steam and fell over dead for no apparent reason. Everything after about 2016~2017 was basically someone trying to resuscitate it and failing. The only thing I can think of is devs moving over to the Switch prior to its release so they could start working on a system that's way more powerful than the 3DS, which was like 6 years old when the Switch launched. The 3DS started with an incredibly weak library, then got some really great games, then vanished as if it was never there to begin with. I liked the 3DS, so it's kind of sad and disappointing to see its life end the way it did.
  8. You just reminded my that my monitor has a headphone jack on it. I don't know why, but I always forget about it. I don't have a modern TV, though, so I don't know much about them.
  9. I meant specifically in terms of FC/NES recreation, not the other stuff. I didn't phrase that very well and it seems I'm wrong anyway, so who really cares?
  10. What happens if you run a non-GG cart in it? I wouldn't blame you if you haven't tried anything since then, though. ...and that's what I get for replying before your edit.
  11. Yeah, the three big pre-Pokemon RPGs (Dragon Quest, Megami Tensei, and Final Fantasy) all launched within months of each other and in that order. Megami Tensei released much closer to the later Final Fantasy than to the earlier Dragon Quest, though. Pokemon's ridiculous sales make me wonder if Megami Tensei is the most influential RPG ever created, by the way, and I think you'd have a hard time convincing me otherwise given Pokemon's sales numbers. *I meant video game RPGs, by the way, so D&D/some other tabletop RPG might be more influential overall
  12. Still have my keyboard Kindle. Battery is damaged from being left in the heat and dies in about 30 minutes if I leave the wireless on, but it still more or less works fine if I don't. Gives me a few hours with it off. Actually, that thing can run games, I think. Not sure if that counts for the topic, though.
  13. Wouldn't know, as I have never had a smartphone and don't want one. Pretty sure that was the turning point, though I may be wrong.
  14. Does it count if I say "no" because I never have? Yes, I am old enough (barely)! iphone, 2007.
  15. This might be why the Nt Mini has no interpolation, but I can only guess. We all know who does know, though, so asking kevtris would be the best way to find out, provided he's allowed to say. No interpolation doesn't kill the thing and it's still an attractive product, but the AVS seems quite comparable and competitive and offers it. At present, though, it seems that the best FPGA NES/FC clone could be the MiSTer, provided you don't mind not being able to use real carts. MiSTer even supports FDS, as well, although I am not sure if the Nt Mini can do that from the SD card (forgive my ignorance). Without a flash cart, the AVS needs a real FDS attached for FDS games, though, and the FDS and FDS games are very fragile.
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