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  1. Yeah, it's currently #13 on the US eshop. Looks like it's only available on Amazon USA through third-party sellers, though, so Amazon USA sold their entire stock of it. That's pretty damn excellent. Funny that people over on GameFAQs and what have you were saying it was going to fail!
  2. I already did~ Actually, here is some more information on OSSC compatibility, not only for displays, but for systems http://junkerhq.net/xrgb/index.php?title=OSSC_potential_incompatibilities http://junkerhq.net/xrgb/index.php?title=OSSC_Display_Compatibility https://videogameperfection.com/forums/topic/tv-compatibility/ Use something that accepts S-video or composite (I think one of the RetroTINK models does) and then run that signal through the Framemeister, since I think that can do it. Disregard, just use the Framemeister, since that CAN do it without needing another thing. ..and Austin beat me to it anyway! Also: On the side of the OSSC pro is a 2×20 pin “GPIO” expansion connector. This connector has enough bandwidth for any number of expansion modules which will appear for the OSSC Pro in the future. One of the first planned expansions will be Composite and S-Video inputs (the upcoming Koryuu transcoder will also be fully compatible with both OSSC and OSSC Pro). From: https://videogameperfection.com/2020/01/18/ossc-pro-is-coming/
  3. How's the condition of your Saturn? Maybe it could be something to do with the laser. I've never had a laser go bad on any system, so I'm definitely not the guy to ask about this, but it's possible, I suppose.
  4. Yeah. I generally recommend using the optimized settings on the OSSC for sure, too. Might as well post a few old pictures that I have. Here's Valis on my stock Mega Drive on the OSSC on my PC monitor using optimal settings and HD Retrovision: and here it is on my Trinitron, in case you want to see that. Same MD, same HD Retrovision: You'll notice that Yuuko looks a bit thin on the OSSC, as I was using the 8:7 mode for this.
  5. It seems that I forgot to mention the fake scanlines on the OSSC. You can set them to horizontal, vertical, or a grid and have an option for hybrid scanlines. I feel that the built-in scanlines are pretty thin and wimpy, but the custom scanline thingy lets you create your own scanlines, and these can look as excellent or as terrible as you want them to be. As for the OSSC's video output, I suppose I can take a few pictures with various systems, but everyone knows my photography skills are absolutely terrible, so I think I should refrain, although I could if you really want them, as it would perhaps be nice to see what kind of video output the OSSC and other options have in comparison to each other.
  6. Yeah, the Genesis one has a gamma boost switch, and when you use this cable on the Saturn, it's actually intended to be used with the gamma boost turned on. If you don't, it's going to be super dark. For Genesis/Mega Drive, PC Engine with SSDS3, and Neo Geo, you can leave it off and it looks beautiful. Not sure about PS1 or PS2, though.
  7. How good are the fake scanlines on the RetroTINK? HD Retrovision will fix everything~ It also fixes everything for SSDS3 for PC Engine if you have those, and with the proper adaptors, PS1, PS2, Saturn, and Neo Geo if you are fortunate enough to find the now discontinued adaptor for it. I know that they were considering making a new batch together with CastleMania, but I'm not sure what became of that. If you don't have the 32X attached, be sure to get the converter cable.
  8. Yeah, I figured as much, and also that it wouldn't really matter as I've been paying attention, but it would be nice. Anyway, now I have to go research good games for the Neo Geo Pocket (Color) in addition to the Famicom and NES. Hopefully the adaptor for NGP will be available for longer than a few seconds. Actually, I take that back. I hope EVERYTHING is available for longer than a few seconds next time.
  9. I'm not going to quote the whole article because it will take up a lot of space, but it was nice to read about the relationship between R-Type, which I love, and Metal Slug, which is one of my favourite Neo Geo games, even if I am terrible at it. Anyway, I got the Pocket last night somehow, so I suppose that means it's time to look into Neo Geo Pocket (Color) games. The adaptor was not for sale yet, but I'm planning on getting it if I can when it's available. It will be almost a year until I get the damn thing, though... maybe I'll get a real NGPC while I wait since they aren't terribly expensive and they are really easy to find. I already know that Sonic Pocket Adventure and Neo Turf Masters are awesome, so any other recommendations for NGP(C) would be great.
  10. Yes, Twitter is a pile of crap and I wish companies stopped using it. I also wish Analogue would email me like they said they would.
  11. I use Thunderbird. I did check my spam and trash folders, but there's nothing in there at all. I hope that I actually get notified when the Game Gear adaptor and Mega Sg adaptors are back in stock, as I signed up to be notified. I'm sure someone here will probably post about it when it happens, though.
  12. Interesting... this is all I've gotten from Analogue ever aside from emails to customer support
  13. I got black so there is no risk of it looking like this in 30 years. One of my friends got white, though, because he likes how it resembles the Game Boy.
  14. I imagine they pulled those after the system sold out.
  15. Interesting. I signed up like 3 times but never got it. Not in my spam/trash/junk or anything like that, either. Strange. Same to Tokyo.
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