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  1. you want it to start way before that. Again, why would this peak? Again, this isnt about the console, the console is what it is, this console like ALL consoles will live and die by its games. disagree, the console isnt what will sell this, the GAMES will. PS5 awesome piece of tech, am I dying to get it, nope, not yet because the games arent there yet. Games are the system sellers, not console specs. I think the approach is simple. You get the console out there and its name known so people knows it exists and when you release a really good exclusive game, that game will drive people to your console. the Wii console specs didnt sell that system, Wii Sports did.
  2. poor analogy because cars companies make a practice of showing off their cars a full year ahead of release and sales date so people can get jazzed up and put in their pre orders etc etc.. ( Im jazzed up about the Lotus Emira myself- for 2022- I watched the reveal live a couple weeks ago like a giddy school girl) ... but anywho having just watched the live interview with Nick the CEO and John A in chat, they we very forthcoming and now it makes sense why they are not doing the things I suggested. Hopefully soon they will be at a point that they can.
  3. This is what has me confused. Crayola was a good start but I would have expected to see events like this every week. Its summer, your target, families with kids who like video games with disposable income are being herded all summer to places like family beach resort towns. I mean just in my area you have Ocean City NJ, a huge family resort with a great boardwalk and real arcades still. What better place to go and introduce your product to get the name out there. Every coastal state has family resort towns like this. Also there are theme parks like six flags all over the country with areas of the parks catering to your exact demo. You have a marketing team on staff I heard, why arent they on the road? Even if you might miss the 10/10 date, your likely be launched before next summer so this will be the last summer to give people a "sneak" peek , and who doesnt love to get a sneak peek of something new. Just my 2 cents, as you know fragmented media makes reaching your demo really hard these days, its not like the old days where you could just buy some ad spots in some major markets for the afternoon GI Joe cartoon.
  4. See this I dont understand, with a new product and its software there should be new game and software info all the time. The system and games should being getting started, updated, finished all the time. They should be swimming in software by now, they should have a ton of new firmware updates and system content. They should be swimming in info. For them to hold back info and act as if there is some finite amount and act like they can email blast the planet at some sudden date is a misstep if you ask me. Tommy's been out there talking to everyone for well over a year and for the most part, still no one knows this products exist. This is a mass market product, 10 million marketing budget for a world wide release is really nothing. Personally I think the last thing you can worry about is over exposure. Hell, I understand holding back some stuff for you tube influencers, but shouldnt there be new info and game announcements coming out all the time? Again, the time line to make games for this from start to finish should be less than a year, so game info should be changing almost weekly.
  5. last I checked they are selling amico preorders, which are taking deposits, so in fact they are "selling" amicos.
  6. Im guessing they are debating whether a soft rollout is a good idea. Its a tough question.
  7. I see the appeal if you travel a lot etc, but for me small screen size is not a selling point, and if I can dock it to a tv, then I'm home and therefore in my office there is a pc gaming rig, comfy chair and huge monitor which I use now for steam games. So I guess even though Iam a PC gamer and steam user, this isnt for me.
  8. kids these days always complaining Well I say if they give Tommy to much grief he makes them patch or run the game the way we sometimes did back in the day. This is from the magazine Compute... back when we worked to get our games and liked it.../old man rant off
  9. Well special editions and preorders etc from retailers have had a box and even some trinkets etc and a code you plug into the browser to download, so not actually having the physical disc/cartridge etc is not new and shouldnt weird out anyone.
  10. I would disagree, actually trying to understand where the conscious resides has perplexed philosophers and scientist etc from the beginning and still does.
  11. Don't forget Steam, my god, when steam sales hit I'm like many here Im sure, I go on a buying frenzy ( my backlog grows by the month)
  12. huh? what millennials shop in stores any more? hell who shops in stores anymore. Brick and mortar is dying, retail is more and more online every single day. Plus at $250 amico is hardly an impulse buy product.
  13. you disagree but your doing exactly what I predict will happen, grandparents with disposable income will buy this to spoil the kids in their lives. I just think you go to the path of least resistance, the grandparent demo is wide open and perfect for this product. Young parents demo however is FULL of obstacles and competition.
  14. I still think their niche is the grandparent market. Its the niche that has 1) nostalgia for the intellivision as this is what we grandparents played back 40 years ago. 2) At 50 and 60 years old this demographic has the most disposable income 3) this product is simple pick up and play which is great for older people who may have liked games but hasnt kept on them throughout the years 4) grandparents are always looking for things they can do with the grandkids. 5) Grandparents like to spend money and spoil grandkids. I simply dont see young families doing any of these things. People with young kids in their 20 /30s have no idea what an intellivision is/was. Young families dont have disposable income. Im pretty sure Mom doesnt and isnt wanting to introduce video games to their young ones and get their kids "hooked" on video games, kids peers will do that soon enough. Plus lets be honest , at the current price points, Amico whether it likes it or not is competing with the switch, and with younger families, Switch is going to win due to many facts but mainly that it doubles as a mobile babysitter. Grand parents are the demo that is perfect for this, its a totally open and underserved market demographic. We were the original video Game OGs, but the market totally seem to have forgotten this. When you have a good product you dont have to find the demographic, it finds you. IE just has to notice all the bald heads and grey hair, your demographic is staring you in the face.
  15. so what does the partnership entail. Licensing of which of their products and/or product lines?
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