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  1. if the amico team were in it to make a quick buck that would be a good thing for those with a stake to sell, but likely that would be the only thing good coming from a buyout. Corp buyouts almost never work out well. You end up changing and destroying the very thing you buy. Amico is different because the team seems to be about other things other than making a quick buck, large companies arent. Large corps ONLY care about quarterly numbers, and current stock upticks etc., they may say otherwise, but they are simply lying. The worst thing that could happen to the Amico would be that corporate america got its hands on it. Then its only a few shorts steps to the MBA bean counters stepping in and saying crap like, you know what could drive up revenue? DLC and on and on it goes down the drain. The beauty of being older dude and at the late stages of your employment life, its not all about money and future career moves anymore, there are a lot of other factors you can now weigh. The amico and its team IMHO are in a perfect place with Tommy at the helm and no MBA beancounters up anyone a%$es. Just my 2 cents, but then again I HATE souless corps with a passion.
  2. I agree, I mean he likely got the majority of his subscribers from the Coleco fiasco and was hoping to get a second bite at the apple with the Amico. Unfortunately for them Tommy and his team and the amico are for real. As you mention everything on the net that is subsidized with money has become about entertainment/clickbait. Its a sad road the internet is headed down. As for the LED lights, I for one cant wait to play in a darkened room with those lights adding to the immersion and experience, and if you dont like the lights, turn them off. Thats the real thing that pisses me off about stupid criticism, if you can simple turn a feature off, then there is NO REASON to complain about it. It like going to a restaurant and complaining about a entree your not going to order. SMH.
  3. EXCLUSIVE, some one was able to open one of the first amico units , heres a look inside
  4. I prefer the descriptive word below, my wife says she hates it, but i've seen her giggle when ive used it... https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=douchefuck
  5. I always like a fair playing field, but I think perhaps to add some variety perhaps if each game character/players had say 4 attributes, and each team gets the same amount of total pool of points to divide up among a team as they see fit, that could allow variety while still keeping things level. It would also allow you to "create" a few of you favorite players if not by name but by attributes.
  6. well the karma engine seems to be a vast improvement over the Intellivisions original karma system, which if you had brothers was, 1) them smacking your glasses off you face so you couldnt see much or 2) the worst off all Karma correction, the nut punch. Nothing allowed someone to start scoring easier in games like basketball etc then that dreaded #2.
  7. I have one quick question for Tommy, Biplanes really snuck up on me and looks great, love the stall mechanics etc. IIRC didnt you say there will be WW2 planes and possibly jets in this game as well, or am I confusing that with another title? if not, and there is different planes in this game, will they control differently dependent on the type of plane? just curious.
  8. yeah I know I'll have one of those nights where Im just like, hey its only 8 bucks, and thats only 9 bucks and thats only 8 bucks and I'll just keep buying and buying since hell its only 8 or 9 bucks. I dont have a whole lot of self restraint on this stuff, its one good things about being older though, I buy stuff on amazon and ebay late night and by the time it comes a few days /weeks later I usually totally forget what I ordered and its like xmas then Im like, Oh yeah, awesome, I forgot I ordered that. Being old and up late has some benefits at least.
  9. That gameplay trailer is strong, looking good. As far as the laggy live stuff, oh well, its 2020, it just makes Tommy even more relatable, likable and human. Its maybe the one good thing that will come from 2020, all that fake production and phoney stuff is gone by the boards, we have seen experts in all fields and the like all at home with the dogs barking, kids screaming, etc etc , its making us all relate better and realize we all are just trying to take a day at a time. Tommy and Amico are gonna be just fine, the gameplay trailer is what really matters and it looks solid. Im excited.
  10. Alright all you cool cats lets get down to business... its showtime!
  11. cool, just jump in, sort of like a pool. For me I found it easiest to look at a couple games that were similar to what I wanted to do at first, and find ones you can look at, and pull apart. At least for me, I found it easier to start by looking at and pulling apart code that already exist then to start from a blank slate. Then once you get one or two games under your belt, then you can start blank and are off and running. IIRC I pulled apart a couple of billard games 15+ years ago, Ive been off and running since, its hard at first but gets easier like anything else. Good Luck, its a lot of fun when you can do it in your spare time and dont have financial pressures on you.
  12. To be honest, its a perfect fit for what you guys are doing.. and I'll be more than happy to send you the exclusive first peak when its ready for a public viewing. Still a couple months away.
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