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  1. a 30 something mom is ALL about her kids, so you dont have to attract her, you attract her kids and its sold. In your 30s, kids and their needs RULE your life.
  2. Huh? The Intellivision team is made up of Nintendo and Mattel execs. Tommy is at the Toy Show in NY this week. Amico is already been praised by different Mom organizations. There is little worry that Intellivision wont have a good percentage of games targeted and made for families after all during those kid years Mom is the one with the purse strings. These guys know what they are doing.
  3. These hardcore arent the demographic they are after. Tommy has said many times, they will let xbox and sony fight over the hundred million hard core gamers, Intellivision is interested in the BILLIONS of causal gamers. Business 101 , you find your market demographic, you tailor your product for that demographic and you dont make any apologies for doing so. Gamers under 30 without a family isnt the market.
  4. I think if their B17 Bomber is a hit, they should take that type of "crew" game design and use it again say in a Pirate ship.
  5. amico at least there is thought and practicality and function in it. I'll stop beating a dead horse with this, the point to all of this is.. There was a design team paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to come up with the new Xbox design. They were given time, people and money and they came back with a black rectangle. Its so pathetic and laughable and predictable that it is actually really funny. Thats the joke.
  6. how? by emulating the PC desktop tower that gamers have hated forever and will spend a lot of money modding. If microsoft was clever they would have put a port or two in front so that they could sell all sorts of faceplates so users could add their individuals touch. Add a few light options as well. Easy money. AGAIN watch Silicon Valley... this stupid over thought design leading to a freakin black rectangle is so predictable of the half ass silicon valley design process its comedic gold.
  7. they have been mocked relentless since the moment they showed it. As for Target Customer, what do you think people like many of us are. Life time Gamers now in their mid 50s with more disposable income then we ever had. Its a terrible design, again.. watch Silicion Valley, there is a whole funny story arc at just how lost these companies get inside their own stupid heads with things that should be otherwise simple.
  8. its as if no one at microsoft watched Silicion Valley ( Loved that show) . Well at least they havent scheduled a (Gavin Belson) signature series yet. I mean look at this thing, its a black rectangle, you could design it during a commercial break.
  9. The thing is, a joystick like that makes NO sense on a system like Amico that is only 2 ( 2.5) D. Joysticks like that work in games with a Z axis, No amico game will have a Z axis.
  10. same functionality. Even more so since it still allows for advanced directional control. Other versions were available around the world as well.
  11. As I'm sure you know, this accessory is cheap and works and just sticks on to your controller making it a joystick. Been around since the 80's. Worked well just had to be careful when storing it or when throwing the controller at your brothers as we did back in the 80s. Well not exactly throw, growing up with all brothers we never passed a controller civilly, instead you of course pulled the controller as far from the system as possible so when you let go it was like a rubberband and ziinged toward your brother. You always scored extra if you could hit vour brother in the nuts doing that. ahh good times.
  12. Who said anything about gambling? You dont think having up to 8 people guiding their marbles through a race course like that using the controller/phone accelerometer wouldnt be a blast? Marbles and the accelerometer feature work perfectly together. The ability to keep and track race results and to create your own tracks and pick different marbles for your collection. You kidding me, the game would be an AWESOME family and game night game. Perfect for Amico as it would take all but 20 seconds to learn to play and understand.
  13. I hope they also stress that as a parent its MUCH nicer to look into your family room and actually see who your kids are playing with. In this case usually kids and neighbors you know and are likely the same age range. When your kid goes to his room to play in the dark with his earphones etc, you have NO idea who the hell he is playing and talking with. It always cracks me up that parents these days rush around to drive kids to and from school for fear of some imaginary predators, but when they get the kid home, they allow them to go off and play where actual predators can and do exist. SMH
  14. I'd rather have something like Marbula One Racing. Its shouldnt be so cool , but watch the video and tell me its not cool
  15. I went from Pong to Intellivision to Atari 800 to Apple 2C to pretty much everything since. I have a nice life as a business software dev and Intellivision had a big part of getting me to love Tech.
  16. Totally agree, nothing else matters if you dont have the games. I cant wait til you guys show off things like the Earthworm Jim, I think the whole playing a cartoon thing is really gonna make people stop and take notice. 2D is so under utilized right now. People LOVE animation and cartoons but where are the games? We can make cartoons come to life now and control them but very few are doing this. Huge opportunity for the Amico. Again games like Cuphead made a boatload of money , won praise and awards not for its gameplay ( which was fine) it was HUGE success because of its art. Art that can come alive now. Cant wait to see what you have in store for us.
  17. realistically, they probably cant answer this question til likely 9 10 2020
  18. Did it a couple years ago for the PSVR. I didnt camp out but I was there in a line with about 10 guys waiting for an hour before Gamestop could begin handing them out to preorder customers. All older guys 40+. So when people think gaming is a kid thing, they are very wrong.
  19. Did Tommy get in a bidding war with Palmer on the Nintendo/Playstation? Just guessing but seeing as Tommy has an unreal collection of gaming hardware... inquiring minds want to know https://kotaku.com/the-nintendo-play-station-will-sell-for-over-400-000-1841701765
  20. of course they are valid. Any new product has a trend of consumer purchasing, first comes the innovators/early adapters, it may just be that you just arent comfortable being an innovator/early adapter since there is a little risk involved. So you always can sit and wait til spring 2021 and see how things are going. To be honest Tommy hasnt sold me on this product, its the team he has behind him. To many it may just look like a bunch of old dudes, but to me I recognize them for who they are, its really a whos who of all star game devs. These guys were responsible back in the day of putting out some of the best games in the world. These guys wouldnt be wasting their time on a half ass product. https://www.interaction-design.org/literature/article/understanding-early-adopters-and-customer-adoption-patterns
  21. I know someone mentioned this to Tommy on one of the you tube shows, but it really was one of the best two players games on the SNES. The subject matter was great, the music was awesome and it was just a blast to play
  22. no its not like multiplayer games at all. I see their movements they see mine all in real time, we can interact with objects and the world, we play games of pool, where you actually have to shoot like real pool. ITS NOTHING like MMOS. I'm assuming you have never played these types of VR games because you really have no idea what you are talking about. again, wrong, You can still hear people and in some games it is part of the game to listen to the other people in the room guiding you. Again dont assume you know anything about VR until you have played a lot of it.
  23. Lets not fall into the trap of mislabeling VR like the amico haters do to the amico. VR does have some couch games and they do have very social games. So VR is not nearly as isolating as people seem to think. Watching people play VR is almost as fun as playing it. Plus there are games in which the people looking at the TV see a different screen/world then the person in the VR does, and the people watching the TV screen have to convey to the person wearing VR information. As far as social I was hanging out in a VR bar for a good month playing pool and darts and so forth with guys from Australia, sorry thats pretty damn cool.
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