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  1. Perhaps porting a game from another system and doing some tweaks you could do for $100,000. Create a game from scratch? umm no way. even if you could bang it out in 6 months, a 4 or 5 person team salaries and benefits would be over 200,000 for those 6 months and that doesnt cover licensing and the whole host of other cost. Software is lucrative for sure, but it cost some money to create the software upfront, talented people are not cheap. Indies do in on the cheap for sure, but they are a different animal and if they arent funded, usually create while losing money and pulling no salary or benefits, its not for the faint of heart. Some like me, simply do it as a hobby and our real software job pays the bills.
  2. YEP, its all about money extraction via the manipulation of dopamine. Kinda really sad its come to this, but again a big opportunity for the Amico, cause even with the dopamine trap crap billions play these mobile games but perhaps dont enjoy them as much as they would if they werent weighed down with dopamine traps. so now here comes Amico, games built for fun imagine that..Games without the greed.
  3. Its pretty simple actually, gameplay must be first, and then the art design must compliment the gameplay. Now this could mean it needs to be hyper realistic graphics since that is what the latest and greatest FPS shooter demands, or it could be hand drawn retro graphics like the award winning Cupheads, since that game worked because the gameplay was solid and the art design was amazing, so the key is really understanding the marriage between gameplay and art design. It eithers compliments and makes each better, or the marriage isnt right and fails and the game fails which is more often than not, because while the concept is easy, execution is incredibly hard. Games are art, art that comes from a whole host of disciplines that all must come together and produce a magical and fun experience and as a creator your always only a decision or two away from blowing it during creation and the more people involved, the harder it gets IMHO ( aka too many chefs in a kitchen) Understanding just how hard game making is, its just once again shows just how remarkable Tommy and his guys were in the early 90s with their run of hit after hit after hit. Talk about being in the zone.
  4. scary part someone is getting paid to come up with " lets add some more X's to the name, yeah that should do it" Xbox xseries xtra xxxey 5... I should be a consultant, this stuffs easy. another quick story, back in college when i was broke as hell, and shortly thereafter when I was..wait for it... broke as hell.. I used to do these focus group stuff. Easy 25 to 50 bucks to eat some KFC new flavor chicken, or give feedback on products and things. Well its boring as hell and me being an ass, I would always just screw with them. Like a question after you ate would be ...KFC new extra seasoning chicken is need of.... and they had some multi choice answers or you could choose E) write in, and I would write crap like " Its need fudge".. so yeah I could see myself in an Xbox naming focus group being an ass saying something like it needs more X's..
  5. The entire Nvidia RTX 3080 sellout last week in record time was all due to bots. Funny thing is now ebayers are hitting back with buying bots.. what a world.. https://gizmodo.com/the-nvidia-rtx-3080-ebay-debacle-exposed-a-scalper-bot-1845133050
  6. the issue with games IMHO is the same issue Hollywood has, following the tried and true and ( boring as hell) formula still proves to make money, so thats ALL they do. Most games are so formulaic that I simply cant play them. I can see right through them and see right into the design. Knowing how the sausage is made, it takes something new to personally really grab me. I need a new twist or really awesome art design. It just sad that its seems so much easier to greenlight Boredom part 5 than a new daring IP. So anyway it does allow a small window for indies but the market is so saturated with games, its hard to find anything. Its a tough out there.
  7. I dont think its actual people anymore, I think its reseller bots. Sort of like what ticket agencies and scalpers have done for decades, they get up front in line and buy up all the tickets, now they are doing it with electronics. They then try to flip them during the holiday season on places like ebay.
  8. Growing up me and my younger brother had a favorite car its was the Hairy Hustler. Funny story, a couple years back my brother a very successful bio medical engineer retired at 50, he had had it with the corp world and made a bunch of money so he left, now he has his own car business where he makes custom resto mods. For his retirement party it was one of those deals, what do I get a guy who has everything he wants, well I thought back to this car and our childhood, so I found one on ebay, bought it for him since it was one of the things that likely led him to his lifetime love of cars and gave it to him at the party. He loved the gift. The car now sits proudly front and center in his office.
  9. ahh the sweet sound how I missed you, nothing like having to listen to this for 30 minutes to load and play a 48k game
  10. Could you confirm the range and radius for the controllers since controllers/phones may/will be passed around large family rooms, it will be nice to hear confirmation that angles and distance wont be an issue for the controllers ( im sure its not an issue but some may worry about it, especially since you'll be reaching out to casual gamers and people who have may not gamed in a long time and you are introducing new controller tech)
  11. im sure they will get there asap. That does seem to be the sweet price point IMHO
  12. they make the money up in years 3+. This stuff gets real cheap to make as the tech gets older but the retail console price remains pretty stable. They may lose money early but they make a killing in the later years.
  13. yep, exactly.It is also smart during an economic downturn, and its a smart play for the entry level grade school kids or non hard core gamer who just want to play a certain title or two. Parents asks their kids what they want for xmas.. this gives a parent the alternative to not have to go full bore 500 bucks in for an xseries or ps5 while still keeping the kid happy. Its why the sooner Amico can get to the 199 price point the better.
  14. and you arent an entry level gamer and so you arent the target demographic
  15. but those arent really needed unless you are a hard core gamer playing 3 to 4 AAA titles at the same time. Not many do that, and even fewer less hard core players do. To simply keep a game locally on a drive in case you want to come back in a month or so and start playing it again, you can use the USB 3.0 port just like always. So as we mentioned this looks to be an entry level machine, not a hard core one.
  16. huh? where you buying your memory at? 1tb or even 2 TB of memory is dirt cheap these days. The Xseries is 200 more than the Series s. I would also think microsoft will give players options for cloud storage.
  17. I agree, its an entry level machine, its for those looking to dabble into the more hardcore consoles, its also for the economically constrained xmas consumer. It will likely sell millions since there are several demographics for this. So while it likely wont hurt amico too badly, its definitely not gonna help since it gives young gamers parents another low cost console option. I dont think real gamers will touch this, and this machine is more about marketing than engineering, but if we hit a full blown recession/depression soon, it might just look like a stroke of genius for microsoft.
  18. I agree, currently 4k and streaming dont go together. One of the reason these streaming/digital gaming machines are 1080s. To be honest , 4k and 8k for gaming is kind of a waste, diminishing returns have kicked in, and to be honest the small jump in gaming clarity and so forth just isnt worth the potential hit to FPS IMHO. Sure in the next decade 8k running 120fps will be easily doable, but to be honest in the US, our tech infrastructure is so bad, I dont think we will be able to stream anything close to that reliability for several decades. The internet in the US is kinda sad.
  19. havent used kickstarter in awhile ( I was crazy with it years ago) but this seemed like a good cause, so I backed it. Loved ZAMN
  20. I'll likely wait til the ps5 digital only is available as that and amico will be my next consoles. Im a PC gamer too, so xbox stuff usually comes on there if I really want to play something microsoft exclusive. I dont play twitch/shooters I tend to look for those unique new experiences in gaming. Looking forward to where Sony takes PSVR2 etc. As far as this whole Xbox series 360 box S Series whatever, other than the worst naming convention of all time, I think this is all just to have a product within a price point. This 299 version smells more like a product born from marketing.
  21. or it can be part of the Karma system, you too good, you kicking grandma and the kids ass all the time, how about your now a zeppelin... now grandma is going to get some revenge
  22. I hope everybody is having a great Labor day Weekend. Back in the day of the original Intellivision, Labor day weekend, as we all know always meant two things, the restarting of school and the Jerry Lewis telethon.
  23. yep, thats the misconception of the whole concept. No such thing as an overnight sensation but it does make for a better story. Plus when you trying something new you have to deal with the whole adoption timeline but at least technology adoption is quicker then it was. https://hbr.org/2013/11/the-pace-of-technology-adoption-is-speeding-up#:~:text=It took 30 years for,15 before they became ubiquitous. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Technology_adoption_life_cycle
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