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  1. Btw, there are way too many topics opened on the same subject at the moment, might be good to merge these.
  2. Did you go through Exxos mandatory fixes, including video fixes? It might help.https://www.exxoshost.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1585 Wobbling might be due to OSSC settings too or cable interferences. If your cable is not shielded, you might “wobble” at 50hz or 60hz depending where your live.
  3. So I just tested my cable and I confirm Pin 2 on Atari goes to Pin 20 on SCART. It actually follows exactly this wiring :https://info-coach.fr/atari/hardware/interfaces.php#scart_peritel_cable
  4. Very interesting indeed. I happen to have the same low power CPU from the same source in my Mega STE which freezes. I’ll try to swap with the original CPU over the weekend to check if it’s a similar situation.
  5. I did this using an H5 Atari replica, which provides C-Sync, H-Sync and V-Sync to pins 2, 9 and 12, so I actually need to check the cable. I will have a look tonight, it’s basically a standard Atari cable (not aftermarket) as provided in the box of a PAL 1040 STE.
  6. What you could do is build a version of Ube Switch (https://github.com/planeturban/ubeswitchmk6) with a DIN13 output instead of VGA, should be pretty straightforward. I guess, it could also be retrofitted directly inside the Atari. As for using mono over scart with OSSC, yes it works well, used it a few times.
  7. I’ve had something similar recently on a Mega STE and I also suspect the keyboard or the 6850. One thing, though, I realized the machine is not actually frozen: if I wait long enough (a few minutes at most), it unlocks. Did you try to wait a bit instead of rebooting ?
  8. I thought Mega ST were the first machines to have the blitter fitted by default. I guess your’s has been removed at some point. Be careful though, if you want to add one, some versions of the blitter requires a special patch on the Mega ST. The patch is not too difficult to make, needs a small IC and a few solder point.
  9. Here ?https://atariage.com/forums/topic/320865-my-software-library-a-preservation-effort/?do=findComment&comment=4830371
  10. Hi, Actually I would say that capacitors used by Atari on both 8bits and ST line are pretty good compared to other brands. I’ve a few Macs from the same years and most of the capacitors have leaked everywhere on motherboard and analog board. Same goes for 2 Amigas I’ve had with lot of leakage. On all the Atari’s I have, I’ve changed PSU capacitors to be safe, but apart from 1 PSU, most were running smoothly with proper 5v before recapping.
  11. The confit looks great for gaming, if you only plan games it will be ok for 95% of the games. If you change TOS for an English version you will have problems with the keyboard mapping, it will be mapped to QWERTY while a French STE surely have an AZERTy keyboard.
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