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  1. You are right it is over complicating on a technical side. But at the time, Atari was still fully active, so in order to sell a commercial product for Dual TOS they might have had no other choice than to provide space for 4 ROM chips, all official from Atari. That’s just a guess
  2. Looks like a TOS 2.06 upgrade card:https://temlib.org/AtariForumWiki/index.php/Compo_Software but it looks like the GAL is missing on yours.
  3. Agreed, parallel eeproms are cheap and easy to use. If you want to use SPI flash, you’ll need to use SPI65 which is going to require some extra hardware and the code to manage this hardware. Simplest option would be to use SST39F010, it’s DIP package, flash so you can easily reflash each time you need to change something. I would also strongly recommend the excellent 6502 Primer by Garth WILSON:http://wilsonminesco.com/6502primer/
  4. I’d love to be able to do that, but I know my programming skills 😔
  5. Hi do you think it would be feasible to have some features to manipulate disk images from CONFIG ? Like Delete, Rename or even Move? simple example: you can create a New disk image in your SD, but if you have a typo in the name, you have to take the SD card out plug it to your PC to rename it... or I missed something?
  6. Hi, do you have your port to teensy 3.5 available on GitHub ? I was considering a port to Teensy too (maybe even Teensy 4.x with level converters).
  7. Flashing didn’t work at all before. I tried multiple times, installed the driver for the us to serial, etc...rebooted my Mac a few time until I remembered this thread. After applying the solder bridge it worked immediately.
  8. Nope. Some people are working on 3D printed ones, but it will require a huge 3D printer. There is a long, long, long thread explaining why there isn’t any injection molded case for Ataris and why any attempt to make one failed. Check on Exxos forum.
  9. Got my FujiNet 1.3 yesterday, tried to flash, no luck. I opened it today and was a bit scared when I saw the real size of U2, but bridging pins 5&6 was not so difficult...with a good magnifier. Thanks for all the detailed information and the awesome work you’re doing on FujiNet!
  10. Here it is: https://github.com/FujiNetWIFI/spectranet/releases/tag/TNFSD-2020-10-19 It's the spectra net repo, but you need to go into the "release" to get the binary.
  11. Hi, go to FujiNet GitHub and in the tnfs release you’ll find a Mac binary. Download it, change permissions to make it executable and you can start it from the command line. If you want it to run automatically, you can add it to launchd config. I went so far yesterday but haven’t tested an actual connection yet as my FujiNet arrived only yesterday afternoon.
  12. FYI, it's now available, but strangely I can't manage to find the initial post on this, did I miss something ?
  13. Yes, you’re correct you insert the chip in the leftmost position and end up with pin 1 of the IC actually being in pin3 of the socket. And yes, 66 is LO while 65 is HI.
  14. If you don’t want to solder an adapter, you can also purchase This not sure 8-bit do adapter + this seagull adapter is really worth it though.
  15. You can actually find the schematics here : Genesis adapter
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