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  1. Lol, I'm obviously a bit off it after my stream to have not seen that link with a search. I ended up on GitHub looking at python scripts like an utter desk, and there's the function to sodding do it right there in twitter settings... Thank you, I'm gonna have a crack at that and see what happens. Might be a couple days before I'm right in ye olde head to comment again though
  2. Crap. I wanted to post said email to underline the sheer hypocrisy, but I deleted it out of anxiety. Basically, it was slightly patronising and manipulative stuff and a sort of half apology that was not an apology. Then he tried to implicate George Cropper, with whom I'll be honest I don't have any kind of connection aside from some angry exchanged YouTube comments (that I doubt either of us care about any more) as the person behind my harrassment. Mr Cropper and I will never be on each others Xmas card lists, but I don't believe what Kieren said about him. I flicked through this thread and couldn't find the email. But it has been seen by people in this thread. I just wish he would get help. He is demonstrably an unwell person, causing drama and rumours. I would still, honestly, accept a full proper apology. Life is too short. But I won't take back my poor opinion on the Jaguar.
  3. You are kidding me - he was chatting that kind of baubles at the same time as sending me that email? I am floored. Is he ten years old? This is ridiculous. HOW is he a published author when he behaves like this? HOW has he made it this far? Honestly, when people like this manage to make their mark it makes me feel like I may as well not bother.
  4. Hello everyone, In a rare high mood caused by my stream just now, I've caught up with this thread and seen the screencapped DMs of Kieren saying I'm devious but the recipient should get on my side; and I'm not as clever as I think I am. Now, I have got to the stage where this just makes me laugh. And I'm more than happy to reveal to you here that no, I do not think I am clever. And no, I am not devious. I admit, I've got a cheeky bit of mania and have acted like a tool to trolls sometimes. But I'm one of those annoying people who tries to see the good in everyone. Even raging wankers. But, I would LOVE to know roughly what kind of date he was saying that? So that we can put it against what he was saying to me in DMs? In addition, I've just checked and my Twitter DMs with him are gone. He has indeed deleted tweets from his side of the convo before, and proof of that I believe I put on this thread (let me know if I should dig it out). But I was wondering, does anyone know of any way to access Twitter DMs that have been deleted due to being blocked? It's for my own morbid interest, if anything. I would just love to see if him saying that stuff to someone else coincides with him being nice to me in DMs. On a positive note, myself and Retro Princess raised more than a grand for MindUK tonight on a short stream. I bet that makes him seethe. And I expect the sock puppets will find some arsey way to be a prick even about that.
  5. I did indeed agree to do a short piece for the book. I was delighted to be asked, and I felt awful for him when the campaign flopped. But now, after seeing the kind of stuff he was saying about me away from my earshot, I wonder why on earth he would have asked the talentless slut, which he believes me to be, to write for him. It's all very confusing. In any case, I never wrote it. Not because I thought ill of him at the time - I had no clue about all this gubbins. I'm just, to be quite frank, utterly dreadful at delivering stuff because I sit on it for weeks due to anxiety and then it's too late. I was meant to write for Larry's book too, but that never happened for the same reason.
  6. Sorry - I should just add that up until his bizzare manifesto, he was more than happy to have me listed as someone he had "worked with" on his Patreon page, and I believe his LinkedIn profile. Yet the entire time, he was calling me a worthless slut in private. This thread has been enlightening. I had no idea about any of his previous activities prior to my accqaintance with him. I wish I had. I only had rumours to go by. And the Steve Davis snooker thing, which was so bizzare I did not believe it. This man's attack against me was purely misogynistic, because that is all he had. And as such, I do not for a second beleive a sentance of what he wrote about others in his statement. He told me that he had been kicked off forums because they were nasty. They made me not want to come onto places like this. Now I know that was tosh. And the connections I have made on the back of this have been great, so many lovely people. We have already won. ❤️
  7. I appreciate this is as anecdotal as this Martin Robertson fella's claim about how I acted on Twitter (I assume?) is, but I mean during Horacegate I was genuinely in one of the worst places I've been in my life and was rarely if ever online. I never once attacked or blocked anyone (unless they were telling me to kill myself), and this can all be seen in my Twitter history. Kieren's claim my video where I was giving supporters an update that it was took in multiple shots is insane. Yes, I have acting experience. No I cannot cry on cue. I'll be honest, unlike Kieren I am not a good actor. Thus I resorted to being a charicature on a YouTube channel. That video was one shot, cut down from 15 minutes, then further cut down by my boyfriend, because it was mostly me blubbing and wiping away snot. I'm going to go ahead and call that he reckons I bought onions and chopped them in my hotel room. Cos ya know, I just REALLY wanted to feel suicidal at my best mate's wedding. It stands to reason that the people who would align themselves with Kieren would be just as full of shit as the above screenshotted commenter, someone who saw my early videos where I was pissing about for a laugh and apparently thought "ooo, there's a larger female conspiracy here". It's a shame that a lot of people decide that is reason to believe the dross of people like this. I do still wish him the best. But I do have all the conversations proving him to be a two-faced snake, and indeed the entire DMs between myself and the person he so vehemently defends (despite telling me during Horacegate he was entirely against his actions). Stop lying, Kieren. And stop humouring the people you know are lying for you. It WILL come back to bite you. Again, please get help. You deserve happiness. You won't find it on what you apparently consider to be a school playground.
  8. I am in awe. I have been alerted to the stuff Kieren was saying about me, when he was at the same time assuring me he had nothing to do with Horacegate, and that he "liked me immensely" (as a friend obviously). Horacegate really f**ked me up. I understand people think I went about it the wrong way - that's fair. Looking back, I should have been much stronger. But Kieren promised me he had nothing to do with it. He swore. And yet, I was shown a screenshot today of him saying "I wish I had tits." In response to me having a boost in Patreon supporters, which was entirely not expected, around the time of Horacegate. I will be happy to send mods this screenshot. I'm not sure if the person he was talking to would want to be known. Please contact me mods and let me know. Here is how Kieren was with me during that time, attached. Begging me to make a statement that I didn't think he was involved. Bear in mind his side of the conversation appears to have been removed, as you can see from my responses. I apologise Kieren, the other responses from you did indeed reappear after you came back online. And then blocked me. And in his "statement," he tried to make out I was going to cut myself if I didn't release that statement saying he wasn't to blame? Re-read it. I wanted you to leave me alone, so I released the statement as I was in such a bad place I was going to cut myself. And I did, by the way. You can use that with your sockpuppet accounts if you want, really go to town. And as it turns out, at the time you were telling people "I wish I had tits" in response to my videos getting recognition, you were being honestly lovely with me via DMs. I had no reason to think you were a bad person We didn't talk often, but I liked chatting to you. This is why it hurts so much. I believed you. I liked you. I get that Octav1us is f**kable, that's kind of the point. I wanted to make a point that a character can be attractive physically and still know her stuff about gaming. Fine, you missed the point. But to be sweet to my face and then say that stuff on private...you are a snake, sir. Despite all this, everyone deserves to be happy. Me, you, all the people who interact with us. I want you to be happy. I do not take back what I said to you in our most recent interaction, where I urged you to talk to Samaritans when you next feel on edge. Honestly, they did wonders for me. Even after all the lies you spouted, not just about me but others, in your manifesto, I am still willing to accept an apology. We are all in this together. Sarah.
  9. Hello! Welcome to the AA community. I am new myself. I hope you decide to stay. ☺️

  10. Sorry to poke this - but the most bizzare lie here is that I sent screenshots of Kierens Facebook to George Cropper. I'm aware Mr Cropper is on this thread, perhaps he can clarify where this came from? I'm not on Facebook often, and myself and Mr Cropper are not friends on there. In addition, and I don't want to sound disrespectful Kieren, I have zero interest in going around screencapping your feed. You're really not that interesting mate... I joke, but seriously if George told you he got screengrabs from me, I would ask for proof. Because it's not true, and you're being done.
  11. Yeah. I do wonder why he chose to pick me out, the YouTuber he has never worked with save for providing some facts for a Jaguar video. But after reading that statement, I can't help but think that the chance to make some misogynistic statements - which almost exactly echo the ones made by the troll accounts on Twitter - had something to do with it. I did talk to him a couple of times about mental health, and I had no reason to think he was lying about his struggles. And I do believe he has issues. But to say that I pretend to be depressed for Patreon money - that's the age-old statement the troll accounts have made. He has seen my videos, he knows how much effort goes into them. They aren't just me in front of a camera going "please give me money" (by the way Kieren, don't you mention Patreon in every one of your videos with a great big banner? I don't think I've ever mentioned mine, except in passing on recent one?) So that is a low blow, I must say. And also, he did indeed beg me to release that statement about him during Horacegate, and yes; I put up the statement because I was dealing with my own problems at the time, as you would be. And yes, it's embarrassing to say but Kieren has blasted it in his statement anyway, I do have a history of self-harm and I was making plans at the time he was begging me to make that statement. Again, that's a low blow Kieren, to share how unwell I was at that time. But I suppose now knowing what I know, I shouldn't have expected anything less. Kieren - you really are acting like a terrible person. And again I implore you to get help. Despite all this, you do deserve happiness and I do hope you get it - but you most certainly won't find it here.
  12. Alright. I just wrote a massive reply to this statement, because he chose to single me out ( for some reason?) and try to make me look like a liar, a homewrecker (single parents are very much a thing, Kieren, also did you know males and females can be mates), and someone who pretends to be depressed for attention (you have seen my scars Kieren. You have seen me having a panic attack at an event.) But if I published it, I would be feeding the beast. And everyone reading his statement is probably already well aware it's pure lies, so I don't really need to say it. Once again Kieren, I am very much willing to forgive you. I think you are a very sick person, and I'll be honest, when we have discussed mental health issues via DM I had no reason to disbelieve you. I do think you have issues. I absolutely wish no ill-will against you. I just want you to stop this. And be better.
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