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  1. Your tutor for the day is Mr. Ki ora Hawken https://en.wikiversity.org/wiki/A_course_in_troll_sockpuppets
  2. As someone who makes his living from the written word and you tube you would have thought that when all this kicked off he would have been making a video to clear his name and providing evidence to support it along with legally pursuing those responsible. Buy he hasn't done any of this. All he has done is provide 15 pages of pure bollocks. Now I was always taught to have pride in your work and whatever you do, you make sure it is the very best that you can do. I used to have to write instruction manuals as part of my job and I never put anything out until I was 100% happy with it. If you create it then you should be proud of it
  3. Hmmmmmm. Isn't this classed as false/misleading advertising. False ratings, reviews that aren't on amazon hmmmm
  4. ST version sounds exactly the same as the spectrum version. Amiga version is a long way better
  5. He obviously thinks this is just going to blow over and this will become yesterdays news. So he just ploughs on regardless. But it's not going to go away, there is no hiding from this, burying his head in the sand isn't going to solve this. We are all still waiting for the evidence that exonerates him, and I think we will be waiting an awfully long time. You cant do what you have done and get away with it. I have seen your twatish behaviour with my own eyes. You have shown no remorse, no acknowledgement of what you have done, and you deserve everything you get
  6. More like 2 lying scumbags working towards the same goal which is to discredit George Cropper, a man who"s only crime is to call out both scumbags. And instead of admitting their mistakes and making amends they are focussing thier efforts on bringing George down. A couple of piss poor pantomime villains
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