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  1. How many holiday destinations don't have internet? Where is he? On a small island alone and staying in a straw hut or something?!!
  2. 17000 people subbed to his channel?! That's some HUGE puppet show! Also, at least I know where all the lost socks go
  3. Oooooooooooooooooooooooh! He was involved in creating this April Fools! Of course he was. So Liard, as you are reading this and you a pretty much known as one of the biggest bullshitters on the internet, lets see some hard proof. Maybe you are telling the truth - would make a change, but you never know! Also, had you actually written that article knowing it was an April Fools - wouldn't you have stated it somewhere?
  4. IS that really Kieren? I know the guy is thick as pig shit, but C'mon, no one could be THIS FUCKING STUPID?! Really? Got to be someone taking the piss. I really do hope it is Liard though. That would be fantastic
  5. If you click on the Brett Weiss is with Rob McCallum and 32 others... you get this list...
  6. Oh fecking hell! DreamcastRIP - the joys I had moderating him on the Retro Gamer forums!
  7. The Liar says: 'New projects in the pipeline, one of which is very exciting indeed, but I'll drop more info on those as soon as I have permission from the relevant parties....' Oh dear! He's about to destroy someone's business/project/name by being a part of what they are doing. Time will tell.
  8. There is no way Retrobob is Hawken! I like Retrobob, he’s a nice guy. i hate Hawken, he’s a cunt.
  9. Well, Spector used this term for The Liard on Retrocanteen - but it is perfect for the times we live in... kieronavirus (c) Spector 2020
  10. I realise I am but a minnow in all of this, but I'd like to say I've never actually read so much in my life! I am still amazed that the little Wotsit can still carry on posting his shit videos on Youtube. If only I still had access to the mod section of Retro Gamer... So much was said in there about that little gobshite! Kieran Hawkings (better with that spelling) if you are reading this via with a sock over your head, feel free to re-join Retro Canteen. I'd welcome you with open arms
  11. I'd like to say I remember what that thread on RG was about as I was the one editing and banning people! But I can't... But I will say that at no point was there any sort of covering up going on over there as pretty much every member of the RG mods and staff couldn't stand Liardycuntflaps.
  12. I guess it's something to do with the post on page 28 near the bottom. If you haven't read it... you need to!
  13. Sell them! He didn’t write an article in every mag... and those that he did, you know it’s one of his articles the second you start reading - so just skip it (or rip it out and sell that as there is a shortage of toilet paper currently) 😆
  14. Should hire that skank bitch to give old Liard a slap! Unfortunately those scumbags are in every town!
  15. Why are people leaving the thread? Surely the best thing to do is watch what the little Wankpuffin is posting, find the errors/where he stole it from and then keep it active?!
  16. Hi Mayhem! Family... kids, who'd have them?! Just out of interest, how many other RG contributors have joined in the Kieren project? There are a few that have kept quiet over all of this - that stuck up for the little gobshite over the years. I wonder if they are just embarrassed and don't comment or still, somehow think he is telling the truth?!!!
  17. Oh, and Hi! I'm markopoloman - maybe know to some on here. Used to be the one and only moderator on RetroGamer forums (until I got banned :D) so have plenty of history with old fuckface Liard! My forum is pretty relaxed (and Liard is not allowed on there either)... https://retrocanteen.boards.net/ I'm sure digging around old threads will bring up some great posts involving that turd.
  18. He can't STILL BE GOING?! Surely it's only his multiple pairs of socks bigging himself up by now? I mean, if there actually are real people still defending him, shouldn't they be brought to justice too?
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