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  1. I think so. I’ll double check. I’ve never noticed any controller issues with other games
  2. Vectron-3150 This looks like a fun game. Unfortunately I can only shoot in three directions, straight down, 45º left and 45º right, not the seven directions claimed in the manual. I'm using a flashback controller with a 2600 daptor. I also tried with a modern style controller.
  3. I know. I was commenting on the screenshot. My lasso is out but there is no doggy in range. Sorry for the confusion. I put some time into this yesterday. I even poured over the manual. I'm pretty bad at this game. My goal was to break 1K.... achieved!👍
  4. Stampede seems to be freezing on me. Either that or the game just ends very suddenly.
  5. 9200 Sorry, no screen shot. I spent an hour playing this game. When it was over it briefly showed my score, then it started scrolling over the maze. I didn’t need or want to see it again! I played this one a lot as a kid. I rarely made it to the MPC stage and, like now, didn’t know what to do when I got there.
  6. I should have tried "hard" period. I could have had at least 2 points. I guess it was because I found medium frustrating enough
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