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  1. Does anyone have an idea why my Lynx 1 only switches on when I'm inserting a game cartridge, but not when pressing the ON button? The OFF button on the other hand is super sensitive and only requires the lightest touch to work.
  2. naujoks

    Dead Lynx 1

    Well, just for giggles I put it all together again, and what do you know, it's working, both with battery and PSU. Curiously though, it switches on only when I'm putting in a game cartridge. I imagine that's what it would have done in the beginning, I just didn't do that. The off button is super sensitive, and the on button doesn't work after I switched it off. Strange.
  3. naujoks

    Dead Lynx 1

    Aha! Putting +5V across C39 worked and it's come to life. Some cartridges work, others don't, but that's for another thread. So what's next after this?
  4. naujoks

    Dead Lynx 1

    I have a Lynx 1, which shows no sign of life whatsoever, neither with batteries nor a PSU. I replaced the original MOSFET with a 2SK2231, as recommended elsewhere on this site. I have an original Atari PSU (output 9v) to go with the unit. I measured 13V coming out of it, without load. Is that correct? I visually inspected the caps, they look good, no bulging, no leakage. I cleaned the buttons/contacts, but they looked good before anyway. What could I try to find the fault?
  5. Attaching a picture of my switch. I think it's fair to say that the white bits is oxidisation, which wasn't there when new?
  6. Is there any way of getting the metal parts of the switches shiny again (short of buying a new set of switches)? They look like aluminium and have dulled over the decades...
  7. I used this AV mod: https://www.thefuturewas8bit.com/deluxe-atari-composite-video-mod.html
  8. Thank you for your reply! I fiddled around with the colour pot a bit, and that fixed not only the colours but also the weird distortion when pressing the fire button.
  9. I've revived a 6 switch 2600. It needed a new 6507, RIOT and TIA chip. I also replaced the 2200uF cap and the 47uF caps, but not the "chicklet" caps yet. I've also done the AV mod. Games are playing find, but there's two problems: Some, but not all, of the colours are wrong. Pink looks brown, for example. On some games, such as Asteroids, when firing a shot, there some horizontal distortion to be seen. Any ideas what might be the problem?
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