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  1. I'm still trying to figure out how I can steer with all four wheels in the air!
  2. I'm looks for ideas to re-create the missing packaging materials inside the C-64 box. Everything I try turns into a big mess. I was unable to to find any dimensions or instructions to re-create anything to be proud of. Any ideas?
  3. Yes, getting the data to the PC would be perfect. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to scan .d64 images? Would I need to cut/paste from the emulator?
  4. I am looking for the best way to catalog what is on my C64 Disk Collection. I want to insert my floppy disks one at a time and have the program read the directory and build a catalog of the files. If I had a list, I would be able to have a better understanding of what I own. Thanks for your suggestions! MarkSetGo
  5. Nothing is worse than dying with pepper in your pocket!
  6. Soooooo, I spent about 20 minutes on this one game!
  7. Hello everyone, First time participant here! It's nice to see an active group for the T.I.. I played centipede tonight until my hands cramped up. It took about 30 minutes. I need to get back into the coveted gamers shape to be competitive here. Wow, i must really be out of shape. I hit 35,000 points tonight. I'll try again this weekend. -MarkSetGo
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