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  1. I let one go since I had 2 and am keeping it for the moment. I would just hope for a timeline of release date before the end of the year .
  2. But is is about supply chain to get a few thousand units out or is it about the console not being ready ? Either is fine but if the console is not ready to go with the games they want to launch with then the supply chain is a secondary issue . It seems obvious that it’s not ready so supply chain is probably not the main issue because if they the console is not ready then nothing can be done anyway. If it’s 6 months or a year or more away from being complete I would prefer to know.
  3. Oops on the last post . I’m just dropping by and see there is not really any new Amico news or videos . I have a question. I am not expecting the console to release this year but I think it’s reasonable to ask if we can expect the launch in Q1 or Q2 2022 or later ? I think it’s a reasonable question.
  4. Ok but what about the rest of my questions. This was only part of my post . Thx 🙏
  5. I have a question for Tommy. I assume you would know by now if there is any chance that the Amico will come out by Christmas in ANY quantities. I’m assuming no but it would be nice to hear a definitive answer from IE. if that’s the case, is the launch date completely unknown at the moment ? If it is not releasing before Christmas, will you announce a definitive launch date before the end of the year ?
  6. I’m sure it’s an issue but probably far from the only issue .
  7. But if they were to launch on either of the 2 previous launch dates, the backend should be complete. Is there anyway the six pack in games were really ready to go ? No …..blah blah it never ends so I’ll end it here. I’m just not interested in videos or what games I want to see or new merchandise etc etc . Just get the system out.
  8. I’m not saying it is or was a scam and delays are fine, But I just don’t believe it was ever really ready to launch assuming they had all components needed. We were given the idea that they were just waiting for the final components and they would be ready to go if they got them. I don’t believe that’s the case. It’s as simple as that and it’s my opinion only.
  9. I would say it was never ready to launch even if the parts were available. The games are not even complete. There are too many clues that show that’s it’s not and never been ready to launch , not even close. My opinion. I’ll be proven wrong if ANY console are released this year.
  10. Exactly right. It also seems that the games are not ready. I just cancelled one of my 2 FE and will cancel the other one if it’s not released by Christmas. I’m just losing interest at this point unfortunately and there was no bigger fan than me checking Atariage multiple times a day for almost 2 years. Someone can have my FE. Almost no one in this thread wants to hear anything critical. Logic is out the window it seems.
  11. I’m know this is a Amico fun thread but seriously, there is no way you thought that the Amico was launching on 10/10 last month . I get that you can announce the delay whenever you want to, but seriously ?I am trying to be positive but there is NO way IE thought the Amico might be launching on 10/10 last month . Let’s be real here.
  12. Ok I’ll take your word for it and move on to more pleasant topics that are appropriate to this thread if I drop by.
  13. I got the information info from the funding site . I guess it’s wrong . Anyway I agree I’m off topic but not sure if I’m wrong . All good , I’ll keep my comments off this thread .
  14. When I look at the Fundable.com/intellivision page I can’t help but feel like I was being lied to all along regarding launch dates / delays etc …. 20 games nearing completion ? operating system 90% complete ? Other information I can’t access that might be more bad news …….my point is that I feel I was led to believe that the only thing standing in the way of the launch of the console was the missing components and that is simply not true. It was a lie. What else is there to say ? It was never ready and waiting to launch and the missing components may not have been a problem at all. Who knows ? The first problem is not the missing components , it’s that the console and games are not done or even close to being done it seems . (Back end systems , operating systems , games etc ) I’m disappointed with the company. Maybe I misunderstood , but my understanding was that the missing components were the only thing preventing the launch of the console. Am I wrong ?
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