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  1. I agree with you. I plan on pre-ordering the Playdate because I love to have everything on day 1 but it would probably be wiser to wait Until user reviews are in but then I might have to wait months to get it. I guess there is a bit of FOMO involved ! 😂
  2. I agree with your post and for me it is a diversion and hopefully one that turns out to be a fun experience . Yes it’s pricy but with COVID and all, I’m not spending much money so what the heck ! It’s an appetizer to the Amico assuming it comes out before the Amico 😎
  3. I want it because it looks cool 😎 I’m not the type to compare and say for 20$ more I could get a switch lite. If I want it and can afford it, I buy it ! It’s the same argument of why buy an Amico when tu can get a switch for 50$ more. Because I want an Amico and a Playdate. Value is subjective. I also agree that it’s overpriced and there is a risk of it being a novelty that may or may not hold my interest.
  4. You do get 24 games which is not bad. Yes it is pricey but seems to be built well. I’m going to pre-order it and take a chance. If it ends up coming out after the Amico I might cancel it. We’ll see ! 😀
  5. I don’t think so but they should include the dock at the 179$ price ! Looks quirky but cool and I’m a sucker for new tech so I’ll probably get it !
  6. I can only do a top 10 and that’s even tough Night Stalker Biplanes Breakout Astrosmash Skiing Cornhole Snafoo Pong Shark Shark Baseball ⚾
  7. Me too ! I’m excited to see that 15 minute presentation. I will probably pre-order it just for fun ! At 179$ For the Playdate It’s hard to complain about 249$ for the Amico. I’m not really price sensitive though. I would pay probably pay 500$ for the Amico if I had too ! Lol
  8. This is off topic but I’m wondering what you guys think if the upcoming Playdate portable. I am a sucker for new, quirky and different. I’m tempted but afraid that this might be overly gimmicky. I also love the idea getting 24 surprise games too ! It just looks pretty cool. Thoughts ? I would have gone for the Analogue pocket but I don’t want to have to re-buy all my favorite gameboy games. They are crazy expensive now !
  9. Honestly if it’s delayed so be it. This console has been my main interest and hobby over the last couple of years and I have been on this board for what seems like years almost 24/7. The only reason that I’m wanting to know ASAP about delays is to prepare myself and not be disappointed. At the same time this board and all the great people and the Amico have made this whole pandemic a lot easier to get through and for that I thank Tommy , IE and all of the great people on this board. We must remember it’s the journey that’s often even more important than the destination in the end. 😀
  10. See the previous post by totalamico and you have your answer. The biggest issue might be manufacturing the console since there seem to be big delays in this area and I’m wondering how they can get this done without having all of the components needed to lock down , get in line , reserve a spot or whatever the correct term is with their manufacturer(s). But what do I know ? Everything might work out fine. It just doesn’t seem possible to me.
  11. Well said . I think my frustration mostly comes from wanting this console so badly, especially being mostly inside my house for the last year+ “The greater the desire for something the greater the disappointment” that’s me !
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