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  1. I agree ! Discount or not I am buying it all ! It would be a nice bonus to have a small discount 😀
  2. Assuming it happens , I wonder what the discount for “press the button” to purchase all games might be.
  3. Me too ! I wanted this feature so I would definitely press that button hard !!!! 😂
  4. No but I want one too ! Waiting for price and pre-order details as well ! I knew you would be buying this for your collection 😜
  5. I agree with your top 5 !!!! Same but I might add bi planes in there !! I’ll buy them all anyway 😁
  6. I agree. I’m just not a fan of mobile anything and I need the proper controls when I play a game . That’s why space invaders , asteroids , breakout and actually pretty much any game on any console or arcade machine etc loses so much when played without the intended controller . But I get it and it’s still cool 😎
  7. While I appreciate the intellivision team giving us demos , I don’t really have the desire to play the Moon Patrol or Breakout demos on my phone or PC. It’s fun to just test it out a few times but that’s about it. I want to play with a proper controller as it was meant to be played . I think it might give potential customers the wrong idea about what IE is trying to create and give off a mobile phone vibe. Then again the target audience are probably not downloading the demos. Is it just me ?
  8. Nice ! Any link to one you like best that will charge 6 controllers ? That’s a better idea than having 3 charging stations maybe ? As in it will take up less space ?
  9. Hmmmmmmm ..Maybe Snafoo will be the 7h pack in ( if there is a 7th)
  10. same for me !! I’ll have to control myself and not buy a game a month before my birthday !
  11. I want it all !! Lol Assuming I get 6 extra controllers and there are no charging stations at launch, would I have to charge them all on the Amico ?
  12. I am wondering when we will be able to pre-order extra controllers , the case and any other accessories that will be available on launch.
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