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  1. Warlords warlords warlords warlords adventure adventure adventure adventure tempest tempest tempest tempest thank you 😊
  2. Awesome !!!!! I really only care about having high quality local leaderboards. The rest is a bonus ! There were even some arcade games that had leaderboards with no place to enter your name 😠 ...makes no sense. I know you guys will do the job right and include everything to make the leaderboards awesome ! and I will be playing all night to beat my own scores and the scores of family and friends ! My name will be everywhere ! Lol 😂
  3. Tommy , you mentioned friends leaderboards which may not be available at launch. I assume the online leaderboards you discussed and more importantly to me, those awesome LOCAL leaderboards will be available on launch ? It’s been back to my arcade days that someone has understood and cared about how important leaderboards are to some people and how it makes you want to play “just one more time” in score based games 😀
  4. I agree ! I used to love Subway Surfers , Temple Run and many other pick up and play games until they added in app purchases which made the high scores useless and meaningless .........
  5. I was under the impression Back Talk Party is the 6th Pack in game. I don’t think the official name of the game has been announced. Some called it the “ice cream game” lol
  6. Yes please !!!!! I’ll pay anything ! 😀 what a great game the original was !!
  7. I would love to see this game on Amico ! It was just so awesome 👏
  8. I love that game !!! Yes please !! The original first appeared on c64 ? Or Amiga ? Not sure 🤔
  9. 1&2 in the same video ! If I can only choose one then 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 !!!!! 😃
  10. That’s what I understood ! Might not be at launch though.
  11. Tommy talked about “friends leaderboards” on an interview yesterday which is an awesome idea ! I’m not very interested in global leaderboards. I love local leaderboards and friends leaderboards sound fantastic ! I like to know who I am beating and that way we can compete with friends and family that are not in our household !! 😜
  12. There are a few card games coming including Spades and I’m hoping to see one of my favorite card games on the Amico ! Please consider Hearts. Super fun card game !
  13. I agree 100% ! People just like to complain and most of those whiners are not even interested in the system I suspect.
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