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  1. I don’t get what makes the “OO” more family friendly than the “U” ? I get the idea with the “F” and the “U” being mentioned but in all these years, it never entered my mind. Maybe I’m just slow 😜
  2. Battle Tanks ! It just sounds a bit more couch coop-ish. In my head anyway 😜
  3. I played it on iOS and 5 minutes was enough and this is their only game announced so far ? I don’t count Atari vault. Not impressive in the least. With what u have seen so far, I can’t remember the bee being so disappointed or less excited about a console launch.
  4. All good. If I pick up 6 extra controllers will I be able to buy the charging docks at a later date if and when they get released ?
  5. I am also wondering if the dual pack of controllers that have been talked about will come with a charging station. Maybe one pack with a charging station and one without ?
  6. Exactly my thoughts ! I prefer shorter games that I will play again and again. Multiplayer , coop , vs , chasing high scores etc .....I’m past the 30,50,100 hour+ of gameplay. Pick up and play type games is where I’m at 😊
  7. Coop and vs modes and especially quality LOCAL leaderboards make all the difference !!!! I’ll try any type of game with these features. I know every game that gets released will be “Amicofied” 😝 gimme ! 😜
  8. I think this game looks fantastic but your opinion is understandable since we all have ideas on how we hope certain games will look. I love the look of all of the games I have seen so far. It’s like a retro-modern style to me !
  9. I will buy every single game and buy all launch titles on day 1 to support the console and because even the games that I might not purchase normally If they were on another console might be very fun with couch coop, leaderboards etc added, and I want to check them all out. For the moment I only buy the occasional switch game so I can afford to buy it all !!!! I’ll take my FE , the bag , 6 extra controllers and all of the launch games on day 1 😜
  10. I did not get an email but I registered my golden ticket 🎫
  11. It will be the same as their other Amico related videos. If you have seen one, you have seen them all 😜
  12. So this is all I have to do to be entered in the contest ? And it applies to us Canadians ?
  13. Night Stalker Armor Battle Baseball Cornhole Safe Cracker Auto Racing Breakout BUT .....I want them all !!!!!!
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