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  1. and it works great, i'm going to put it and use my other systems
  2. yeah was pretty impressed with those when I opened the box
  3. Picked up this lot today for $100. Felt like it was a good deal/worth sharing
  4. I know as an adult that there was a video game crash. never realized it in the moment. seeing that 2 for $1 sticker on warlords is wild
  5. Dr. Destructo is it! Thanks. I feel like it came in a multi pack with Ghetto Blaster
  6. for a grand you can have a package of games that includes 3 duplicates. Missile Command has a .25 cent sticker on it
  7. just had a really great transaction with Ben. Carefully packed and shipped right away. thanks !
  8. side view. you dropped bombs and it would remove 1 square of the ship
  9. Hoping everyone is having a peaceful Easter

  10. I had a game as a kid where you flew over ships and dropped bombs. Your bombs would make a dent and you could keep hitting the same groove until it sunk. Sound familiar to anyone?
  11. I have some loose VIC 20 carts I’d like to trade for intellivision, Atari or NES carts. I do not own a VIC 20 to test them on but they appear to be in good condition titles Adventure Land Alien Cosmic Cruncher Donkey Kong Omega Race Protector Speed Math/ Bingo Math Synthesound Vic Forth 8k Ram Cart
  12. Here are some more photos. If it is that chip, does it make more sense to just buy another unit? and Nick for your cleaning question, I cut the head off of a soft bristled tooth brush and used a little bit of pure rubbing alcohol. And I had a bad feeling that the switch extender would be impossible to find. Thanks for the input
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