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  1. i have the exact one that K-Rod pictured and I didn't have to do anything to it.
  2. there isn't a Saturn forum so I thought I'd ask my question here. Is there an Action Replay cart for the Saturn that is better then the rest? I have been searching for one for some time, but the reviews scare me off of every one I come across. Can you guys help me out please?
  3. bought some games from Charles. They arrived super quickly and packed with an excellent amount of care. Wouldn't hesitate to buy from again. Thanks!
  4. I just completed a with Chris and it was very smooth. Sent me a batch of enjoyable games at a good price. Thanks!
  5. well an 8.0 just sold for 20k in October, so if its legit- I'm pretty sure you need to send that off to WATA. Not really sure why you posted this in bus/sell/trade tho
  6. he used that museum piece to store toys in? 😆😆
  7. they check the skus on Amazon, it lets them see what the books are listing for real time
  8. i had fun with Speed Devils back in the day. no law suit pending
  9. don't hesitate to deal with Sputnik, just had a great transaction with him..... thanks
  10. i think i had that one too! looks so familiar
  11. nobody else liked Blue Stinger? I loved that game
  12. love my Sears! intelly games have a lot of replay value, highly recommend
  13. just had a great transaction with Austin. Wouldn't hesitate to buy from him again in the future
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