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  1. Did you have any problems making an account and buying from the store? That was my main concern, thought it may have some kind of region lock where you’d need a US zip code address to use. Yes I must say I don’t want one so badly as to buy from a US seller, take the import fees and have no seller protection - about 6 months ago there were quite a lot on U.K. eBay (I guess kick starter backers selling it off) but they don’t seem to crop up now, I guess that well has dried.
  2. Do we have any word if the VCS is eventually going to get a U.K. release? The strange thing is I do actually want one (kinda, sorta). I’m a huge fan of the Recharged series and it would be sort of nice to play them with an Atari Joystick. Plus I just enjoy novelty items such as this. That said I’m only going to buy if I can get one within the U.K. as import from the U.S. will cost a bomb (plus I wonder if I will have any problems using some or all of the online features). I found one site saying rather vaguely there will be a 2022 release, anyone got any further info?
  3. I’d be quite interested to know this myself, particularly the Atari ST port of Starwars Arcade 🙂
  4. I’m quite interested to try Primal Rage (though I expect the novelty will ware off as I can just play the PS1 or PS2 version anytime) and I suppose “Where did you learn to fly? 2” but that aside I’m good for the Jag CD - the likes of Brain Dead 13 don’t float my boat and I never got into Myst on PC even.
  5. Just got mine up and running, retro towers here in the U.K. had them in stock for about a week! All gone now. Great piece of kit, it’s worth it alone just to play the home brews - on eBay they are usually asking somewhere around £150 for a bootleg copy of Doom 2, the GD only cost £165. Just enjoying playing all those super rare titles I’ll never own, Rayman for one. I do have a modest CIB Jag collection and I did originally say I’d never sell, but eBay is looking more tempting now, especially as recently I’ve stumbled across a seller who makes repro overlays which I feel is semi helpful for some games. The firmware was easy to download / install I had no problem scanning from my CRT. Do I understand this latest firmware will allow us to play Jag CD from the GD alone, or is that in the future?
  6. Yeah the game has more sound FX’s than the Amiga version - I’m pretty sure one of the enemy soldiers death cries is lifted right from Doom, when Doomguy is killed. its a great port, only problem is the Jag controler isn’t perfect for it, it feels a little clunky sometimes. I have beaten it on the Amiga many years ago when I had a lot more time and patience, but it took a lot of time plugging away at the same save file.
  7. Hi all, Just played Jag Cannon Fodder for the first time (though the game is an old favourite of mine, right from the Amiga 1200 days) all-in-all it’s a great version of the game, it’s got the song which I believe is the only console version to do this, the Jag controller feels pretty good for playing the game (not quite mouse territory but still pretty good) and it’s got a proper save feature, rather than just a password system which doesn’t save anything like ranks of the soldiers you have achieved - generally war has never been so much fun! One thing I’ve noticed, for those unfamiliar with the game (it was developed my a British team and is generally more popular this side of the pond) you take 2-5 recruits into a mission all with their own names, when they die they are replaced by a near inexhaustible supply of fresh meat - all with their own names. The first 2 recruits you get are called “Jools” and “Jops” named after the devs. I’ve noticed in the Jag version, when you loose your first 4 or 5 men, every new recruit thereafter is called Jools, if you kill off enough soldiers you will get an army of just Jools. Is this a known bug with this version of the game?
  8. Incase it’s gone over anyone’s radar Doom 64 is now also available on modern consoles and steam. I spent about 12 hours yesterday on Doom Eternal so didn’t really get much chance to check it out, but it looks solid. I did a full run (including all secret levels, to upgrade the alien gun thingamajig) on an original N64 just last year and suffice to say that satisfied my Doom 64 appetite for the next little while, but some people think this is the best doom game ever made ... they’d be wrong of course, but still!
  9. I love the Konami Arcade Classics Collection, great way to play the Gradius games outside MAME, it does have a couple of dead ducks on there too, but Gradius 1&2 alone, make it worth the price of admission. The Castlevania collection’s are highly recommended too, I’m a big Vania fan and already had access to most of the games, but bought the collections anyway to show support.
  10. Just played through the game to the end today, found the secret level on mission 6 and that has some hella strange random music, I was tempted to put the volume slider the other way again! Great game though enjoyed that, the DOS version is a bit of a slog to me these days (I tend to fire up Spear of Destiny more now) but this kept me playing all day. By the way RREDDWARFF I’m a huge fan - What are we going to do with them Mr Flibble? 😉
  11. Glad it wasn’t just me 😂 I was sat pressing buttons in the startup menu for ages trying to find the sound set up button.
  12. Yeah found it by fiddling about I was just about to delete this topic, the previous owner mustn’t have liked the music and had turned it right down.
  13. Here’s a weird one - I’ve just got a copy of Wolfenstein 3d for the Jaguar in the mail from eBay. It boots up no problem and everything seems to run fine - one problem no music, not on the menu screen, not on the briefing screen and not in game. Now I know from emulating and YouTube videos Jag Wolf isn’t “Silent Wolf” like Doom, so what’s going on here? I can see from the overlay that there is a musical note over the 0 numerical key, but this just seems to toggle sound effects (which are there, gunshots and screams) on and off. I can’t seem to find an options menu of any kind with sound settings. Just trying to work out if I have a bad cart that needs to go back (would be a shame as it’s a beautiful copy) or if I’m doing something stupid. I’m tempted to try cleaning the contacts with isopropyl, but don’t want to give the seller any outs for not taking the return. By the way it’s a PAL version of the game if that makes any difference... I’m hoping Atari didn’t go “Screw those Europeans, they ain’t getting no music!”
  14. Got this working in the end, who would have guessed the controls for the auto tune on this remote were not actually the arrow buttons but the volume control? Tuned her right in, nothing like playing a bit of Super Nintendo doom in 14” composite glory!
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