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  1. I'm looking at a 781220 diagnostic cart to figure out the problem, I think that should be right?
  2. Thank you! I set it up and used a tv using RF instead of the monitor (power cord on monitor is frayed but it did turn on). I never got the basic screen to show up. The TV would just go black when the C64 was on. I did put a cartridge in and got this image to flicker with no sound. Starting to think something is faulty with the C64.
  3. Hey all, I have been collecting games for a long time and finally got my first C64 console find. I got everything pictured for $20 total at a garage sale today. I haven't tested anything out but there is the boxed console, boxed printer, printer paper, boxed floppy disk drive, monitor, controller, tons of bootleg games and about a dozen official disk games. Only 3 cartridges were included. Unfortunately, the wife has been accepting of my large collection but already wanted this lot gone before I even unloaded the car. I think I have everything for the setup (total noob here) but not sure if stuff like the printer and bootleg disks are worth holding/selling/trading or if I should just take them to Goodwill. Any tips for setting it up would be great as testing this seems daunting. Thanks!
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