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  1. Just now, Oscar Manuel Rojas Maillo said:

    Hold it! Some might say it was evil PowerA that cut corners instead of them :P

    Some might also believe in fairies at the bottom of the garden ... there is a clear theme of deceit with this project and it always points to FArtari and they always try to blame someone else ... almost as though they have been reading one of Donald Trumps “how to be a success in business” little golden books.

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  2. 3 hours ago, Oscar Manuel Rojas Maillo said:

    Nope. Haven't received "love" from the minions yet. Now Antstream offers Atari VCS users two options(https://www.antstream.com/atari), one free and ad based, and another with a reduced price yearly subscription. One of the mods said that this was Antstream "moving the fence" on them, and this fellow got irate because "How can they do this to the great Atari the greatest brand in history who's making a comeback!!!". And as he fell empowered because he is the almighty "Atari Token Telegram" admin, he went bananas an ranting there and on twitter to Antstream

    LOL ...  Moz or the Wormy brothers in disguise by the sound of it?

  3. 9 hours ago, Oscar Manuel Rojas Maillo said:

    Someone at the discord channel is mad at others because they "moved their goal posts". Man do we know here about that issue here XD

    Are you still on the naughty list over there?


    I’ve decided life is far better without FArtari.

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  4. 21 minutes ago, Stephen said:

    Hey man - chill.  That $3 million they took was not about the money.  It was to gauge interest and build a community.

    LOL! .... Uber chilled here, it’s the Fan-at-dicks that need to chill ROFLMAO


    edit: I think I just got your point ... the Atari VCS “is” a loss leader ... it’s just the backers that funded the loss? LOL

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  5. Most “successful” consoles are loss leaders because the real product (and profit) is the games - this is where FArtari really fails, it was never going to be viable without some proprietary software elements.  Relying on 3rd party developers to do this for them (for free) was never going to work.


    Relying on early adopters to alpha-test is also a failure of a plan.

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  6. 19 minutes ago, Matt_B said:

    You'll be able to run a better class of emulators on the VCS than you can manage on the Pi if you install Windows on it.


    The latter pretty much tops out at Dreamcast/N64 in terms of what's playable, but the former ought to be able to run full MAME, PCSX2, Dolphin and maybe even CEMU.


    That said, the same could be said for a lot of PCs you could pick up for around the $200 mark, and a lot of them will come with Windows, a decent-sized SSD, and have considerable more upgrade potential into the bargain.

    Hmmm ... might still sell it then and buy a mini PC for mame duties ... I have a Raspberry Pi running retro arch, but it’s built into a rather large controller deck and is a PIA to drag out and hook up.

  7. 4 minutes ago, Agillig said:

    Considering how little you can actually do with the system, and playing roms of 40 year old games isn't exactly new or exciting, I suspect so.  But for now they're happy, so good.

    I don’t think Playing Roms can actually be done yet?  Has anyone got Retroarch or similar running on it? FArtari’s love of litigation in protecting (what they claim is) their I.P. would tend toward prohibiting this?


    All in all making Raspberry Pie a better option still. 

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  8. 7 hours ago, zzip said:

    There are probably a good number of people who are interested but were never going to take part in a risky crowdfund campaign.

    The hilarious thing is that this campaign was only risky as a result of the repeated incompetence displayed by FArtari coupled with their persistent hubris. Many other campaigns have successfully met their goals without the obfuscation, dissembling and downright poor project management. No one within FArtari seems to have even a basic understanding of Marketing, let alone the concept of Consumer Loyalty nor Customer Lifetime Value.  All elements of the Goodwill they purchased when they bought the ATARI brand, that they have now so foolishly destroyed.


    FArtari assured everyone that there was absolutely no risk in their use of the IndieNoNo platform ... yet their abuse of it, once they got their funds, was rather deliberate in the end.

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  9. 56 minutes ago, mr_me said:

    I would expect each switch game being discussed to have a seperate topic; but I wouldn't expect every switch game to be discussed.  The problem here is not that each game has a topic/thread, it's that topics are being created but there isn't much discussion, yet.  In some cases, the person creating the topic didn't have much to say to start the discussion.

    If there is little to no interest in a topic, doesn’t it simply sink to the depths?

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  10. 1 hour ago, godslabrat said:

    That's why I'm looking for numbers, because I agree... the chances of IGG backers getting shafted are pretty high, and it would be typical l'Atari to publicly screw someone after giving themselves a big back-patting session.



    I’m kinda expecting it after the hard time I’ve given them ... they are yet to actually meet any of their self determined goals.

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  11. 56 minutes ago, godslabrat said:

    Yeah, that's what I'd heard.  Just wondering if you take the total amount made, subtract the Indiegogo fulfillments... whatever is left is available to sell via Walmart and GameStop.  Then these things are gone.  And is l'Atari going to make more?  They're blowing smoke about announcing games, but what good are future titles if only the same 11,000 people can play them?



    I have the impression they only made enough for IGG Backers ... not even preorders

    it will not surprise me if they come up short on the IGG orders either

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  12. 16 minutes ago, TACODON said:

    Mine shows delivered to its new home. Hopefully it doesn't get stuck in the mandatory download loop upon 1st use.

    Do you think they will actually ship mine? I’m still waiting on confirmation ... the amount of lies that come out of the ATARI mods is amazing ... unprecedented demand for shipping is what is delaying their packing and labeling... what rubbish.

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  13. 7 minutes ago, racerx said:


    So in answer to your original question, I simply don't need a future venture named "Atari." I'm going to buy the most compelling product, whether in be Atari, Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, or anything else.

    One thing for me is certain ... I am going to stop buying products based on a crowd funded promise ... I would pay money to avoid any ongoing relationship with this French Atari mob and will happily take a loss to rid myself of this POS if it ever arrives.

  14. 2 hours ago, GoldLeader said:


    My answer:  The company would have to be sold to someone with a passion for the brand.  The current owners have way too much badwill saved up to EVER earn my trust or faith again (EVER).  How about the fact that almost everyone on this board has had a better idea than the VCS?


    As an example,  THIS VERY WEBSITE is more ATARI than Atari SA will ever be.   So there's an example.  If Al from AtariAge, or (almost) any one of the people posting here bought the company,  Maybe then it could be revived.

    Badwill ... that describes it perfectly and I don’t think I have ever witnessed so much of it.  FArtari’s continued arrogance, hubris, mismanagement and refusal to take any responsibility for their own project simply destroy any remaining Brand Equity they have left.

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  15. 12 hours ago, Atarick said:

    Yeah this caught me too. I doubt very strongly it will lead to any major traction in terms of development, especially considering that a game like Cyberpunk cost $340M to make (every time I type it, it kind of scares me), but what it could facilitate is a few acquisitions of former properties or perhaps a few exclusive titles for the VCS with indie developers. It's small change in the gaming dev world, but if it shows that Atari SA understands that games are a critical missing element in their long-term strategy and frankly, survivability, I suppose it's a start.

    Proves there’s a sucker born every minute ... and some of them have very deep pockets LOL

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  16. 44 minutes ago, jhd said:


    This is actually a legitimate excuse. Many years ago, I needed to ship something and so I contacted several carriers. They were contracted to reserve capacity for their large, regular customers "just in case", and so they were unable/unwilling to handle my small, one-off job even though they were not busy at the moment. I was surprised to discover how the industry works. 

    Yes, that’s fine ... but to claim it’s about Vaccine delivery is a tad fanciful 

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