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  1. So VCS’s are now being shipped with the COVID Vaccine? Won’t the sub zero temperature damage it? (or is this yet another teenage exaggeration of reality?) Chopsus Maximus 23 hours ago @Atari, will all backers have their consoles shipped by Christmas? Your last post seemed to indicate not if the Fulfillment Center is off on the 1st? 8 3 Reply Atari 8 hours ago PROJECT OWNER We hope so, but there's definitely a backlog on the loading dock. Fulfillment picks and packs, but the carriers don't always pick up everything there because they are also obliged to reserve capacity for vaccine and other rush shipments. Mentioning the 1st was just in response to the question about closure days and doesn't reflect any additional knowledge either way.
  2. There was some spicy assplay comments at one point... have they not been deleted? That Jessie girl/boy is a real piece of work going by his/her comments
  3. So it looks like FArtari are going to miss yet another self imposed target with many backers still to receive shipping notification? they could not make a Sunday in an Ice Cream Shop!
  4. I’d also suggest it’s an IGG Fanatic exacting revenge ... Moz is Idiot or one of the Wormy brothers ... it’s why I used a completely different username as these fools are obsessed with extracting revenge on FArtari Heritcs.
  5. ... and why I don’t think I will bother taking mine out of the box ... the entire FArtari censorship and utter disregard and contempt for those that dare question their holy artifact is delusional and not something I want to continue exposing myself to. I just know that plugging the thing in is going to lead hours, days and weeks of trouble shooting with a bunch of asshats too impressed with their own masturbatory skills when praying to their holy artifact.
  6. I was being deliberatley obtuse by invoking Al - Alfred? Artificial Intellegence is A.I.
  7. Who's Al? Does he listen to all complaints, or just ones about the VCS?
  8. Yep - FArtari have become the quintessential Flim Flam Firm of the 21st Century
  9. I think I would prefer one of those to the VCS
  10. Exactly I am pretty sure they have only manufactured enough to cover current demand (Backers and Pre-Orders) if that ... I don't think there will be any stock to liquidate.
  11. I seriously think FArtari is too cheap to manufacture at levels that would bring economies of scale ... they will continue selling by pre-order only, with limited manufacturing runs, unless a retailer with deep pockets orders stock. I am not sure the retailers that matter will be doing that given the Dogs Breakfast of release dates and supply Fartari has inflicted on them up to now.
  12. We don’t know that yet ... but the signs are not encouraging
  13. And Power Dubbs is not an employee of FArtari? He does it for love of it? I have real problems believing he and the other 5 Shills aren’t being remunerated in some way ... they are too prolific to just be fans ... it has to be a bargain basement Social Media Team.
  14. Yep a $400 door wedge LOL: You have been permanently banned from participating in r/Atari_VCS_Official. You can still view and subscribe to r/Atari_VCS_Official, but you won't be able to post or comment.
  15. So the Ryzen processor was designed to be passively cooled - until they stuffed it into their bespoke door wedge and now it needs a fan running at full tilt? fascinating!
  16. You too? LOL It is actually against the IGG Rules for them to do that ... I make a complaint to IGG every time they do ... I get the impression IGG is sick of FArtari’s bullshyte too LOL.
  17. LOL I love how they respond to me and immediately block my ability to post - telling too much truth for these greasy FArtari Social Media Noobs
  18. My thoughts exactly ... the probability of them shipping anywhere near the 11,000 backers units is very, very slim ... my bet is they will hand prick and pack the vocal supporters first in order to make it look like something is happening ... that may be as few as 10 units dispatched given how rah rah the fanboyes are.
  19. Deluded bunch of Fanboys of a Fake Brand
  20. Yo MAMA so dumb she couldn’t complete her BackerKit Survey!
  21. Yo MAMA so dumb she pre-ordered a VCS from GameStop 😂
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