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  1. Everyone gets things wrong at some point, intentional or not. Its how we act when we realise, that define the person we are. Fair play to Larry. Not so much to others....
  2. No doubt he will find some reason to get the review pulled. I mean, its written by the master himself, so it MUST be brilliant....any reviews saying otherwise are clearly libelous....
  3. "I have been aware of this situation with between Lairds Lair, An Atari forum, FB groups for awhile. All I can say is that I am staying neautral. I have no time to go through all the postings" Wow, I mean......wow. So, absolutely and utterly no condoning of ANY of his actions? No need to go thru all the posts - just read the bullet points on page 1, and if after reading them, if you insist that what you have seen is not enough to stop you remaining neutral, it really says a lot about the kind of person you are.....
  4. This was stated openly on a well known podcast available world wide. For clarity, I am confirming that I merely stated what I had heard, and others can hear too if they also listen to it. There was no room full of people, where it was hard to hear etc, where it was a case of "I thought X meant Y when they said it", or "Im sure X said Y" - this fact was simply mentioned, clearly, and I stated on here what I had heard, no more, as I'm not sure people were aware of it, and in the context of what has been discussed over 64 pages, I genuinely think it is unfortunately relevant, as it adds to / confirms the character profile of the person in question. I had also heard that the said same person in question had claimed to have "lost touch" with one of his children, but as it was unsubstantiated, I had never mentioned it or claimed it to be true, as it would have made me just as bad as him, but, again, the rumours / whispers / facts seem to be correlating.....
  5. I will quantify my statement by saying I actually heard it said by someone else who has also posted on this thread, and am taking it at face value, as they seem to have absolutely no reason to make any of it up, and their sources for most things mentioned have, so far, appeared to have been exemplary.
  6. Thing is, he is so warped, he clearly doesnt care if his wife or children stumble across his posts. He genuinely needs medical help. I can see why his first partner and child has a restraining order against him - they clearly found out the hard way what this sick sub human is like, and she wants him no where near either of them for their own safety, which the courts clearly agree'd with.....
  7. @Kim JusticeKim, we both know who that picture is aimed at (unless its been pulled), but think its best she isn't told. No need for any duress.....
  8. tomasparks, Ive just seen his Autisticlaird twitter posts. They are........horrific. Honestly, they are......borderline police involvement. Im not going to mention who is getting his wrath, but its a female he has tried to destroy previously.
  9. Retro Gamer are now fully aware of his antics, along with his shoddy cut n paste "journalism", and he wont be anywhere near them again. Naturally, he spun it so that he was taking some moral high ground and was refusing to work with them again - his usual antics...
  10. Having attended many retro events over the years, all in my humble opinion fantastically organised, Im intrigued to find out what a "proper" retro gaming event is. I'm thinking something along these lines? https://youtu.be/r-ZiI3iVgpM
  11. I, hand on heart, was just about to mention today that we haven't had a "Ive been hacked" claim for a wee while, and just like the moustachioed fez-wearing shopkeeper from Mr Ben, out of nowhere, as if by magic, up pops the claim. Couldn't make it up.......
  12. Wouldn't it be amazing if at one of the Play Expo's that will, I assume, start up again at some point, there was a panel / discussion on, eg, "the cancer in the Retro Community", where panelist's could tell all present of their personal experiences in dealing with the devious low life two-faced lying scum element of the retro world, and how it backfired, and actually, on the whole, strengthened and united the community. People could ask questions about how it all came to light, how each dealt with it, how to spot the signs etc, meaning the message could be spread even more, so that all the turds on the pavement of life can easily be spotted and avoided. (apologies Landstalker - your line was too good not to plagiarise, lol)
  13. A lot of good points being made here, and I can see all sides of the argument - a genuine adult discussion, with different points of view put forward very eloquently.....unlike the bile usually posted by our stalker friend.... Oh, Deathray Specs, Im a 60's child (just), so yeah, I'm a dinosaur according to the "young 'uns", lol.
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