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  1. "Should have been two 10's for the cards! Add the 10 of hearts! " And make the queen an ace and you have the 21.
  2. It's amazing the level of effort and detail that you go to just to scam people.
  3. How do you know that the shrink wrap is original when buying retro Intellivision shrink wrapped games?
  4. Just realized why I would prefer the paddles on the right side. Been playing Breakout on my pc sitting close to the monitor controlling the paddles with my right hand on the mouse and the paddles are on the left. This does not feel natural to me. I might not feel this way using an Amico controller.
  5. Tommy, Breakout looks and sounds great. Being a natural right hander like most people it would feel more natural to me if the paddles were on the right side of the screen and blocks on the left. Just wondering if it would be possible to flip the screen to your personal liking.
  6. I've owned lots of computers since my first, the Intellivison Keyboard Component, but by far the best ever was the Comodore Amiga. Waaaaaay ahead of its time.
  7. Loved Earl Weaver Baseball and Front Page Sports Football. The best thing about those games is they were about "the game" and not the fans in the stands, the cheerleaders or the announcers, etc. Please don't waste programming time on garbage side shows.
  8. If you read the articles that you reference, both give you suggestions on how to mitigate the issues you are concerned with.
  9. For anyone with Netflix there is a new 6 part series called High Score about the history of video games. I'm on the 2nd episode. Got some interesting stuff that I was totally unaware of. Worth the watch.
  10. The link to the pdf is listed below. I did find this on atariage and the post below was posted by mthompson and not me. Give all credit to him/her. I thought it might be convent to have all of the game manuals for titles that are on the Flashback in a single document, so I made one. For "unreleased" games (Brickout, Blow Out, etc.) I created some simple manuals from the information that's available. A table of contents lists all 60 games, with the names hyperlinked so you can just click on a game and go straight to its manual without having to hunt for it. If Intellivisiongames.com sticks with text-only game instructions, at least this manual will give people an easy way to access the full illustrated manuals and get the most out of the games and their shiny new console. At 744 pages and almost 90 MB, the file is big, so I've uploaded it elsewhere. Here's a link to the file: http://tinyurl.com/qhqd7r6 Hopefully some people find it helpful.
  11. I have a pdf that contains all of the manuals for the games on the Intellivision Flashback. It's on another tablet so I will try to upload it tomorrow. Not just a text file but actual manuals. I think I found it somewhere here on Atariage.
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