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  1. Hope that is true as I do not want to open my FE Amico but I'm not sure how many days I could just leave it sitting there unopened. 😨
  2. Thanks for the tip but my main cellphone is strictly for business so I use a second cellphone with no cellphone service as my podcast phone while I'm on the road.
  3. It's getting really hard to keep up with all of these YouTube podcast as they are coming faster than I can consume. I have started to strip them from YouTube and download them to my "podcast" phone so I can listen to them on the road. Makes for great travel entertainment. Also I want to say thanks to all who provide them as I am sure they take a lot more time to plan, record, edit and post than we realize. Thanks guys (and gals). Oh, and a special thank you to Tommy for all the time he dedicates to YouTube interviews. It's amazing how I can hear him discuss the same things over and over again in different interviews but it always seems fresh, entertaining, exciting and fun! His passion just oozes out of my speakers. 🔊
  4. Tommy, Will the FE and the VIP's ship at the same time or will the VIP's ship later?
  5. Hey Juice, put some ice cubes in that juice and cool it. I am sure there are a multitude of issues the IE team is dealing with as they approach the go - no go production deadline for 10-10-2020 release date. Putting out new video's should be at the bottom of theire list. In case you haven't noticed, there has also been a few issues concerning viruses and demonstrations dominating the news cycles. Not the best time to do a press release. Also, you may have not noticed but no one has been playing baseball lately either. FYI, I am not walking on eggshells and I don't see anyone else here doing that either. I've got 4 Amico's on order and I haven't for one second thought about requesting a refund. I like everyone else am hoping IE makes the 10-10-2020 release date, but if it slips they still have my complete support and understanding. In Tommy I trust!
  6. Unless I have missed something, I haven't heard anything about Space Invaders or Space Armada. Any plans on releasing one of these?
  7. ... and this sums up the reason I quit gaming in the mid 90's. Those predicting an Amico fail don't have a clue. I am so ready for 10-10-2020 and so is the world, they just don't know it yet.
  8. Sport games was the driving force in buying the original Intellivision. Night Stalker Biplanes Baseball Bowling Safe Cracker Auto Racing Breakout Not on list - Tron Deadly Disk!
  9. But what kid would ask for a Switch but no games? I think a typical kid is going to ask for a Switch and at least a couple of games, otherwise what is he going to do with it. Cost quickly jumps to $400.
  10. Tommy, this is not fair. How in the hell did Conan get his signed FE Amico already. I want mine, now!
  11. Why would you spend one dime on marketing when ... 1. Due to world issues the date may slip. 2. Over 10,000 units have already been pre-sold with $0 spent 3. The remaining 2020 production run could easily be sold via one appearance on a show like Ellen. I'd really be concerned if IE was spending valuable marketing dollars 4 months before a potential launch date. That would represent very questionable use of monies at this time. Who cares about the hardware - are the games fun? Why run a press release when the news is 24/7 Covid and public unrest. That not only negates there effectiveness but may look bad for the company doing the release. You answered many of your own questions when you said, "I know things are naturally delayed by COVID-19, riots, murder hornets, you name it and nothing can be done about that." But something can be done about it - you make changes to your business and marketing strategies which Tommy and IE have obviously done. Most of your issues are only relevant to a very, very, very small fraction of the Amico market and will have absolutely no effect on the target market going forward.
  12. Unzip those lips Tommy, it's just us. We won't tell anyone, we promise. 😇
  13. Here's my list of for sure buys ... Auto Racing Baseball Bowling Boxing Football Hockey Back Talk Party Picture Charades Frogger Miner 2049er Safecracker Tron Deadly Discs !!!!!! And I assume I will buy a lot more too. I moved on to the ColecoVision and Atari 400 and missed out on a lot of the later Intellivision titles after about 1982 so I am unfamiliar with a lot of the later games.
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