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  1. I tried to work with sprites for creating an intro screen for the updated Dive Bomber game using sprites but running the code below shows only 8 characters on Classic99, any clues? 10 REM 20 CALL CLEAR 25 CALL SCREEN(2) 50 CALL MAGNIFY(2) 100 CALL SPRITE(#1,68,1,40,97,0,0) 120 CALL SPRITE(#2,73,1,40,113,0,0) 130 CALL SPRITE(#3,86,1,40,129,0,0) 140 CALL SPRITE(#4,69,1,40,145,0,0) 200 CALL SPRITE(#5,66,1,64,81,0,0) 210 CALL SPRITE(#6,79,1,64,97,0,0) 220 CALL SPRITE(#7,77,1,64,113,0,0) 230 CALL SPRITE(#8,66,1,64,129,0,0) 240 CALL SPRITE(#9,69,5,64,145,0,0) 250 CALL SPRITE(#10,82,5,64,161,0,0) 1000 CALL COLOR(#1,5,#2,5,#3,5,#4,5) 1010 CALL COLOR(#5,5,#6,5,#7,5,#8,5) 1020 CALL COLOR(#9,5,#10,5) 1100 FOR I=1 TO 5000 :: NEXT I
  2. The editor looks nice, I'll have a closer look at it. Yet, it still leaves the old code unstructured as we weren't forced to a more structured approach but could jump around like a hyperactive kid So, right now, I just re-think what the result of the code was and then re-write it from scratch. For now I got rid of all the GCHAR calls, reading from video memory is such a bad idea when you actually already know what you put on screen before.
  3. Happy Computer, Homecomputer, HC Mein Home-Computer, yes I remember. March 83, wow.
  4. Fighting Spaghetti Code is such am mess, trying to avoid as much as GOTOs as possible..... feeling like an April 1st fool...
  5. Luckily I didn't have to type but got it on tape from a friend.
  6. No, the one that's on my profile picture. This was the original source (https://www.ninerpedia.org/images/d/d8/Dbomber.txt) and I already replaced the bomb by a sprite so that the game doesn't get slower once the bomb is dropped. I plan adding a StuKa (Dive Bomber) mode next where the plane goes down one line and the bomb causes extra damage and after this I'll add defense canons which can be evaded by using an afterburner. And for those suggesting a Basic Compiler to speed the game up, I coded intros for a cracking group on PC later, so digging deeper into GPL and ASM is an absolute MUST for me
  7. Hey, forum, I got my TI back in 84, including joysticks, Wumpus and Tombstone City cartridges. Man, I was jealous with my friends having Extended Basic Modules and one even owning the Speech Synthesizer. Now, 35 years later, I'm back, using the Classic99 emulator. On Ninerpedia (which seams to be dead for a couple of years), I found the challenge to upgrade the old "Bomber" Basic game, which I played hours and hours and hours, so this is my current project to port this to Extended Basic and to port this to GPL and maybe to port this to ASM in the next months. Let the past be the future
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