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  1. After reading the backstory of both Commodore and Atari, I don't think it really mattered what they released, marketed or advertised. Both companies were too small and too fragile to be successful long term. Sorta like 3do trying to compete with Sony and Nintendo. They just didn't have the cash to make the long term investment. Those companies really were living from product to product. IF a company has to hit a home run every time, they will lose eventually.
  2. bump to the top, still looking......................
  3. yep, I would up the price (with the reason why). For some people the price jump is no big deal and just want the product. Its always better to have a high priced product than a product that is no longer available.
  4. Hardware: Soundblaster Pro stereo sound card, VGA graphics, very beginning of cdrom. Software: Anything from origin software (games like wing commander and ultima underworld), Wolfenstein 3d, Doom, and eventually Quake. Played a lot of Doom via modem and serial link. Eye of the Beholder (like dungeon master but with more depth), Xwing, Dark Forces (both very good star wars games). Duke Nukem, Red Baron. I loved the game Magic Carpet. These were the days of big box software with thick manuals. Playing Doom for the first time on a network with 4 players was crazy fun. Biggest impression was just going out to a local best buy and electronics boutique once a week for all the new software releases. Tons of magazines (with demo disks). Looking at all the different types of controllers, modems, vga cards , sound cards, and cdrom drives. There were also local computer shows during this time filled with computers, monitors, tables and tables of accessories and software. To me, the 90's with PC's is what the 2000's felt like with the xbox 360/PS3. More games and demos that a person had time to look at it. Something new to look at each week. Huge games released every Christmas season. Both of these times was very fun to be a gamer with $60 dollars in your pocket and a little time to shop.
  5. There is one one ebay right now. asking $2200 or make offer. That is pretty much the going rate right now.
  6. I think you are forgetting the position that the companies (not the products) were in in 1986. The main reason I didn't buy an Amiga in 1986 is they were not sold locally near me. What apple and ibm had in spades was distribution. As much as I like Atari, at that point, where I live it was mail order only. The best product in the world really isn't the best if it can't be bought. When I switched from Atari to an IBM compatible around 1991, it was the like an explosion of software, accessories, and support available to me.
  7. subject says it all. I have a pdf , but would love to have the real book. thanks, mickey
  8. I have one that has the exact same symptoms. I haven't looked into it yet.
  9. wow, any idea of what you have spent in storage fees across 20 years??
  10. wow, fantastic. I will pm my address to you.
  11. i do know back in the day, to get around this, many people would just use a null modem cable and connect a mac together (could use a pc also) to the ST in spectre mode and use modem software to d/l stuff to the spectre hd partition. I realize this is a ton of work, but it is an option
  12. I have two of these. I would definitely sell one. Maybe both. I didn't even know what they were................... I guess pm with an offer and we can go from there.
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