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  1. mickster

    vectrex wraps

    Are there any decal wraps currently available for the vectrex?? I had a YASI / Protector wrap years ago, but its long gone............
  2. Just hoping that someone could point me to or upload a compilation of homebrew and or prototype roms so that I don't have to hop all over the internet to find them all. I have a game drive on the way and I am in the process of setting up my sdcard. I am only looking for freely available roms, I don't want to step on the toes of any cart producers. thanks in advance for any help. mickey
  3. I am very late to the game on this. What is the way to get on a list or order this product?? thanks in advance for a very much a newbie jaguar player
  4. I would like to preorder one unit (most likely basic. Color doesn't matter)
  5. You might as well look for a place to send it off too or not another unit. If you have no experience removing chips, then you have a 100 percent chance of ruining the motherboard. Sorry to be a downer, but removing 8 chips is not a beginners project.
  6. Looking for : The Game Maker's Manual: Atari ST and STOS BASIC by Stephen Hill. I have the pdf, but I would love to have the actual book. thanks in advance for any leads or offers. Mickey
  7. opinions wanted. Ebay doesn't have any history on this. Just curious what you all think its worth. Very good condition, comes with manual and accessories to work with roll paper thanks in advance for any advice
  8. thanks for the input. At that price point, I will probably just keep it. Very cool to actually see the box for the keyboard upgrade. mickey
  9. Full description. The space bar: The metal brackets that slip into the bar itself, one is loose and should be glued in. It works ok, its just if you would hold the computer upside down, the bar would slip off one side. I have two of the missing key decals. I figured the new owner could re glue those. The return key decal is missing. The break key in the corner has a cracked switch. It may require glueing/replacement if a person wants it perfect. It types and works ok.
  10. I have an atari 400 with 48k and upgraded full keyboard in good shape. Any ideas on the value of this?? I want to sell it , but don't know what to list it for. Opinions wanted, mickey
  11. This is a stock 16k Atari 400. It includes an owners manual and power supply. It does have a hole in the top, next to the cartridge door that has been covered with a gold sticker. As far as testing, I hooked it up to a tv and played a few cartridge games on it. It appears to be fine. I also typed on the keyboard and it seems to be fine also. I recently bought out a fellow collector that I have known for over 30 years. This computer and everything else that I post for sale was stored inside his house in a computer room that was air conditioned and heated with the rest of the house. None of this stuff saw direct sunlight and was always stored in low humidity. Feel free to ask for more information or pictures. Price is $100 plus shipping. Please pm me or email at [email protected]
  12. I looked through the packaging and the black disks I have do not say. I do have quite a few new ones in a dark blue, they are labeled as DS DD. So I imagine I will just sell through the blue ones first just to be sure.
  13. These are brand new in the original shrink wrap. They are unformatted. I tested a few to make sure they format ok. I was able to succesfully format them single density in a 1050 drive using sparta dos x Price for 10 is $10 plus $8.30 flat rate priority Price for 20 is $17 plus $8.30 flat rate priority Price for 50 is $40 plus $10 shipping (I will eat the shipping above $10 dollars) I am open to any questions or suggestions on these. There is no way I am going to need them all, so I thought I would list some for sale. I have no problem doing more testing if a potential buyer needs more information.
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