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  1. I really appreciate your effort to still code on the Atari Lynx but you may reconsider using "Tetris" in your homebrew. The copyright holders of the name "Tetris", Tetris LLC, are pretty agressive against everyone who use their trademark without permission.
  2. If you happen to know German there is a print magazine called "Retro" -> http://www.retromagazine.eu - Other than that "Retro Gamer" UK is already a hot tip given to you.
  3. happy experimenting then! -koj
  4. lights out should be easy to realize!
  5. Chuck goes famous http://www.readers-edition.de/2009/09/16/chuck-norris-und-der-atari-2600/ http://www.superlevel.de/spiele/k-o-chuck-norris It's german, but maybe you still want to see it
  6. excellent remake! and thanks for releasing it on gba. there are hardly homebrew releases for gba these days. it cheered my heart up!
  7. any idea what the final name of the game will be? would make it easier to write about it
  8. Wickeycolumbus nice to see you joining the RAM game fun Just on a sidenote, such games would also qualify for my compo, if they match the theme =)
  9. Well, either, I suppose. ah... just consulted wikipedia. it says teh a7800 is fully a2600 compatible. so i take it as "a2600" release
  10. this is actualy for a2600 or a 7800? still didn't get it
  11. hmm so you seem to be the only one who fights for the honor of the coleco vision...
  12. just thought to give the topic a bounce maybe the one or other did not spotted this yet, and there are three weeks left!
  13. there are more people enjoying this game you might think of at least count me in!
  14. PD indeed stands for "Public Domain" - It actually does not hit the thing perfectly, as Freeware and Public Domain are two different things, but it's shorter and pretty similar - Point is, the software is free Of course the concept can be pre-existing - It's up to you how you implement the logic/puzzle elements. A sliding puzzler would fall under puzzle game. If a game is having an original concept it might have a chance for the 150 us$ cash jury prize, otherwise you can still hope for a regular prize
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