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  1. Does anyone know if there are any photos or a video of the inside of the warehouse? I'd love to see them.
  2. Forgot to give an update. So the 360 seems to be working perfectly. It has more of a high tech feel to it compared to my PS3. Been playing some Sonic Unleashed on it and it's awesome! It took me ages trying to get the controller to work, I had no idea there was a sync button on it.
  3. I decided to open it up just now to see whats going on, the rattling was a blob of solder, I looked around and couldn't see anything that it could've come off, so I'm thinking maybe someone made a repair once and the blob of solder was just excess solder. If that blob of solder had ended up moving into a particular place and making a bridge for a couple of components, the power brick could've been toast, plus maybe it could've harmed the 360 too. Anyway, I've took out that blob, put the brick back together, plugged it into my 360 and it seems to work fine. I'll give the console a proper test tonight by playing some games on it for a couple of hours or more. I'm looking forwards to playing some Sonic Unleashed. So my 360 is the matte version. I'm guessing the 360 that was next to it in the shop which looked like a darker black, wasn't because of lighting or my imagination, and was probably the glossy version which does look more black.
  4. Unfortunately the power brick rattles, I don't want to risk plugging it in to the 360, so I'm going to take it back to the shop and hopefully I can get a replacement.
  5. I decided to get one because I want to play the first Saints Row and Beautiful Katamari. It cost me £39.99, and I picked up 3 games for it too. I didn't get the original 360 as it's meant to be the least reliable, plus I much prefer how the 360 S and 360 E look. I got the S since the E was in worse cosmetic condition, plus the E was £5 or £10 more. There were two S's next to each other, the front of the one that I picked up looked more like a very dark grey than the other S which just looked black. I don't know if it was just the lighting or not.
  6. I always leave a cart in my Jag, but if what you're saying is true then I need to stop doing that. Can any other people confirm or deny that the cart pins stretch over time?
  7. Thanks for the help guys! I've just bought myself a copy of RE 1.5 for the PS1 from ebay. I also bought Goldfinger 64 (total conversion mod of Goldeneye) for the N64 from ebay too, the game looks amazing! Luckily I'm pretty sure I don't have to have a modded N64 for that one.
  8. I think so, because when Googling universal chip, some of the results have the word modchip in them. I'm not sure if there is only one type of modchip, or different types. If there are different types then I'm not sure what type I'd need. I'll have to try and look into this further.
  9. I spotted a PAL copy of Resident Evil 1.5 on ebay. This is not an official mass produced copy of the game since it never got released. I asked the seller if the game would work on an unmodified PS1, and he said "To use the game you need a ps1 with universal chip that also reads backup cd or pc with epsxe emulator." I've tried looking for PS1's on ebay with universal chips, but nothing comes up. I've tried Googling universal chip, but nothing helpful seems to come up. Even Googling how to play Resident Evil 1.5 on a PS1 only seems to give me results of how to play it on an emulator or PC. What exactly do I need to do to my PAL PS1? Or what kind of a modified PS1 should I buy to be able to play this game?
  10. Was just looking around on ebay and found a couple of clear orange cases for the newer model PS1. I've never seen any clear or clear coloured cases for the newer model PS1 before. Here's the links if anyone is interested in getting one. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SONY-PLAYSTATION-PSOne-REPLACEMENT-CONSOLE-SHELL-Clear-Orange-Housing-Case-Mod/363308116189?hash=item5496d9e8dd:g:QOcAAOSwu51gJReX https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SONY-PLAYSTATION-PSOne-REPLACEMENT-CONSOLE-SHELL-Clear-Orange-NEW-Housing-Case/373479485430?hash=item56f51caff6:g:RUsAAOSwUwVgJQ79
  11. 3D printed? No, these were mass produced in the late 1990's in Hong Kong. Interestingly, for some reason the majority of these and PS2 shells that are for sale on ebay are in Venezuela.
  12. Thanks for the suggestions Intellimission. Since you like platformers I totally recommend A Bug's Life and Monsters Inc. Scream Team / Scare Island. It's a shame though with Monsters Inc, that after completeing it there doesn't seem to be any reason in going back to it, as there's no scores or times to try and beat, no harder difficulties to unlock, etc. Unless you just want to play through the whole game again. I'm going to get either a region free PS1 or a Japanese or American PS1. I will get the right model which I will be able to put into this rare third party clear PS1 shell that I have.
  13. I started properly playing games on a PS1 very late (around a year ago), I don't mind the blocky graphics as they have a certain charm to them, and it's a representation of where video games were at at that time, which is interesting to me. I think it's a really great console, it's got lots of great games and I'm having a lot of fun on it, currently playing Gran Turismo and Resident Evil. I think I'm going to start playing the first Tomb Raider tonight, I'm really looking forward to it and I've never played it before, I love The Last Revelation on the Dreamcast so I reckon there's a decent chance I will love this. I think as far as games are concerned, the PS1 is just as good as the PS2, which I also really like.
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