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  1. Ross PK

    Ross PK

  2. Or does it also happen with the modern HD consoles too?
  3. *EDIT* Sorry, this post kept messing up, I'm not sure what's going on.
  4. It seems that a lot of 3rd party memory cards are supposed to be unreliable for the PS1, and I was wondering are there any reliable 3rd party ones at all?
  5. Ah, Road Rash! Do you know if it's the same as the N64 version?
  6. Hey man, on the day that I had got my Playstation I actually did a search on Youtube for 'Playstation' and 'gems', and your video came up in the results and I watched it. I didn't know you had done a 2nd video, I'll check it out.
  7. In fact it's the first 32 bit system that I've ever owned. Unbelievably it has a years warranty. I don't have any games for it yet (except for a crappy ice hockey game that I don't like). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3el1TXFNDTk
  8. Space Station Silicon Valley. Maybe Glover? Can't remember if I ever played this one but I think it was pretty unique. I'd also say The World Is Not Enough, but I'm not sure if it was that hidden or not.
  9. What does 30 year old rubbish smell like, is it just the same as new rubbish?
  10. If there's no movement on the screen, the picture quality doesn't look too bad, but as soon as I move around in FPS view in a game, the scenery goes kind of blurred and you get traces off things (motion blur?), it's enough to not be able to make things out properly in the game, unless you stand still. I've noticed that if I move more slowly and try to look at what actually happens, the graphics in the game actually loose their detail and clarity and look kind of blurry, and if I stop moving it's as though everything suddenly comes into focus again. If playing in third person, then it's the character moving about in the game that goes blurry and everything else that's stationary looks fine. Does anyone else experience the same? Does it bother you? Do you just put up with it? I'm not really sure if I can get used to it and enjoy playing games this way. So yeah, I've never really heard anyone talk about this particular problem when playing older consoles on HDTV's. So I'm wondering, would an upscaler fix this problem? Or will it only make the picture look better when it's static/no movement? I don't have enough room to have a CRT TV as well as my HDTV. Thanks.
  11. My mum bought a new 14 inch Sanyo TV in around 83 or 84 when I was a kid for the living room, when we moved house in 1986 my mum let me have it in my room, I had it on a computer desk with an Atari 800XL hooked up to it up until the very early 90's when I then had an Atari ST hooked up to it, but then in 1994 I ended up throwing it out since it stopped working. To my surprise I just found the same TV on ebay today, I would love to own one again as it holds so much nostalgia for me. Here it is,
  12. Well, it turned out that the picture quality wasn't that great on the Samsung when watching TV shows either, one minute when I'm watching a show it could look too faded and washed out, and then if the scene changed it could suddenly end up looking the opposite (dark bits looking way too dark, bright bits looking too bright, and the colours looking too strong), I would also notice slight tracers whenever anything moved on the screen too. I messed around with the settings for hours, but could never really get it to look right. I knew if I settled for it I'd never really be happy with it, so I took it back and got a Panasonic Viera instead (which was the one that I really wanted to get in the first place, and they had just got some more in stock), all I've got to say is that the picture quality when watching TV is great, and when playing the older consoles on it they almost look as though they could be on a CRT. There was a temporary offer on the TV (original price £299) and I got it for £249 which is £40 cheaper than the Samsung. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IFsvGp-6JQA
  13. Acorn Electron: Snapper and Killer Gorilla Atari 800XL: Eastern Front 1941, The Lone Raider, and Quasimodo Atari ST: Buggy Boy and Carvup Sega Mega Drive: Sonic The Hedgehog N64: Mario Kart and Goldeneye Dreamcast: Powertone and Sonic Adventure PS2: Gran Turismo 3 and GTA III GBA SP: Pacman Collection and Snoopy Tennis (Gameboy Color)
  14. Driv3r (PS2) Wetrix 2 (PS2) Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation (Dreamcast)
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