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  1. These days I've been trying out all of the PS1 games that I have which I haven't played yet, so I can decide which games I want to keep and which games I want to sell. Tekken 2 (PS1) didn't really enjoy this as it feels too sluggish, like the characters are moving through treacle. Stock Car Racer (PS1) not that great. Croc (PS1) very enjoyable platformer.
  2. I loved playing it on my Atari 800XL back in the 80's, it's a very interesting game, I think it's a lot better than the original Pac-Man. The surprising thing is, is that the Atari 8-bit version is a prototype, it never had a retail release, I never knew this back in the day. How I got a hold of it was I just copied my Nephews games that he had on disk, and one of those games was Super Pac-Man, his disks were copies themselves which were copied from someone else. Crazy how the original prototype was in America, and then I end up with a copy of it on disk in the UK.
  3. At first I thought you meant game cases. I have a red one and a blue one. I'm not sure if they're made by the same brand as the ones in your link. I made an unboxing video of them.
  4. Ross PK

    Back to CRT

    Here are my CRT's. A 21 inch Sony Trinitron that I play standard definition games on, and then in the cupboard, another 21 inch Sony Trinitron, a 14 inch Mastui, and then in the box under the Matsui is a 1983 14 inch Sanyo which you can see in the last picture.
  5. Thanks man. At first when I saw someone's Jag in a Youtube video, I noticed the red LED, and I thought 'has his Jag been modified?'. Then I found out that NTSC ones have red LED's and PAL ones have green LED's.
  6. Here's the unsealing. https://youtu.be/LLSe4hm5ds0 I've also been playing the game and I actually really like it, I can't understand all the hate it gets. So far from what I've played the game doesn't seem broken in any way, and while it can be quite challenging at times, I'm not finding it so difficult that it stops the game from being fun.
  7. Might sound like a dumb question, but I take it it's okay to leave a cartridge in the system all the time while it's not switched on? Here's my unboxing video:
  8. Tempest 2000 is on my wanted list, it reminds me of Livewire on the Atari 8-Bit. I've seen rotary controllers on ebay, they're quite expensive though, but I might get one if it does enhance the game that much.
  9. I can't actually wait, lol. I should be receiving it tomorrow.
  10. So I received it yesterday. The console is working perfectly, and the console, controller, and games are in really nice condition. As soon as I fired it up and started playing Kasumi Ninja I was already having a lot of fun, so the console can't be that bad. 😃
  11. I will. I'll probably make an unboxing video along with Bubsy unsealing too.
  12. I just started playing the original Doom for the first time last night on my PS3 copy of Doom 3, so I could then look at some videos of Doom on the Jaguar and compare them both. I did this because I wanted to see if it was different enough on the Jaguar to make it worth getting since I already have it for the PS3. The only differences that I've noticed so far is that the Jaguar version doesn't have music, and I think maybe it looks a bit more pixelated? I think my Jag should be delivered tomorrow, I can't wait!
  13. I know a lot of people say it's a terrible game, and I've heard about the problems that it has, but it still looks like something I would really like to play. So I've just bought myself a brand new and sealed copy of Bubsy off ebay. 😃
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