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  1. Hi. Any suggestions how to fix the “noisy” image ? Please notice it is modded to composite Thanks Eran
  2. Hi, I am looking for a solution to connect and transfer signals from a Windows or Linux to Atari 2600 console I mean , I would like to send joystick signals like (up, down, left , right , button click) from the PC Windows to the console joystick port (without using a joystick) Any ideas how to produce this functionality ? I understand that the Atari Joystick does not works on 5V of On/Off signals , but closing each time a different circuit. How can I simulate this behavior with other device ? maybe Arduino or other device ? Any suggestions ? Eran
  3. Hi, I have connected my Atari 2600 to a modern TV using a simple Coax to RCA adaptor I have no signal on my TV. I have tried the automatic analog search on my LG TV. I tried channel 2 and channel 3 on the Atari -> same result, no signal I have checked the Voltage Regulator , and it seems that it is the right voltage. Any more suggestions , what should be the next steps ? Eran
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